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Lonely homeschooler lookin' for friends

How should I make new friends in my small town?
22 Comments | Add Yours

I'm homeschooled too. I know how you feel. I mostly just focus on getting even closer with my family. But, if someone invites me out or invites me to hang with them I'll go.

by mschultz8 on 4/17/2012 8:29:16 PM


You guys forgot to mention 4-H!!! Laughing

by fluffychicca92 on 9/24/2011 9:00:21 PM


I'd say that you should get back together with him if you still really like, but if not move on. there are plenty other fish in the pond.

by tennisstar101 on 9/17/2011 5:33:48 PM


MOD MOD MOD I'm wondering, am I Bisexual? I've had bf's before and I've kissed them, too. But, sometimes I meet girl (especially older ones since I'm in 7th grade and this happened last year when I was in 6th grade and some girls were in 8th) I'd think they were all like super pretty and I'd want their attention (like girls do when they see the guy they like) but that's all I've never really wanted to date a girl, but I have wanted to impress them and have them think I was cute. What should I do? I used to stalk this one girl named Ariana's Facebook page who was an 8th grade last year and I was a 6th grader. But I don't really think about her that much anymore. They all seem to be older girls, too. None that are really my age. Please help! Jordan


Hey chica, I'm super busy right now trying to answer all you guys! Hit up some of your gal pals on here like facebooker1240 for help! I'm sure they'll be willing to lend a helping hand! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by cheerrox1111 on 9/14/2011 7:13:29 PM


MOD! One of my school's health teachers passed away a couple weeks ago, and I had her last year for a semester. She was a good teacher, but not my favorite teacher. They're having a memorial service later today at my school since funeral services are not in town, and I'm not sure if I should go. I feel like I should. What should I do?


Hey chica, things like this can be really hard for some people, so if you don't think you can handle it don't go. But on the other hand maybe you should go to pay your respects. Just decide what's best for you. Smile

Lynae P.

by smileysevvie on 9/10/2011 3:50:09 PM


i can totally relate im homeschooled but i got new friends by joining some clubs and im really active in my church (this girl i kno in church is my bff!)sometimes i feel jealous but i get over it

by pinklol56 on 9/5/2011 10:47:08 AM


mod,i have the same-ish opposite-ish,there is a girl who doesn't like me.i got in her face and everyone hated me.i want her to like me but i've tried every thing.should i let people mot like me?but then the mean girl does things like give me advice and run tho the 9th grade bathroom.i'm confused.(i don't want to name names for privacy)

Hey girl,

The only thing you can really do is sincerely apologize to the girl who doesn't like you and try to move on. Sometimes you can't change people's opinions of you but, with an apology and a changed attitude, you can try! 
Lauren C.

by divachick422 on 9/3/2011 11:14:32 PM


Hey girls!I'm looking for advice and I'm trying to get as many perspectives as possible, so please tell me what you think I should do on my profile! Here's the problem: Me and my BF broke up the first week of school because he wanted to hang with his friends and he told me about a week later he wanted to get back together later in the year. Well that "later" is here because he's been hanging out with me a lot recently. My friends say I should move on but I'm not so sure,I kind of have feelings for him. What do I do?

by baibeecakes on 9/3/2011 10:57:37 PM


I'm home schooled this year and i hate it. My old school stopped at 4th (yes, it was a private school) and the school my mom was gonna put me in was to full and she didn't want me behind. Sucks for me!

by kaykayrock on 9/3/2011 10:31:38 PM


yeah girls scouts is a great idea ive gone forever and its a lot of fun and i made tons of friends and im pretty sure i got into my high school imgoing into now because of firls scouts

by coly33 on 9/3/2011 9:41:12 PM


Theres a girl in my sisters grade and she was home schholed til last year we already knew her dance class, and she talks like an adult does it weird, shes not very good at talking to other kids

by 526love on 9/3/2011 8:32:32 PM


Hey girls! Need advice on anything? Please post a question on my profile! I will answer within the next day, I guarantee it. What are you waiting for?? START ASKING! XD

by flutechick101 on 9/3/2011 7:43:06 PM


I'm home schooled and i felt the same way so now i'm a member of a Boys and girls club Laughing

by Princess Keziyah on 9/3/2011 4:33:41 PM


MOD MOD MOD I used to love my friends, but lately they have been acting like they hate me! I know they're mad at me for hanging out with my best friend (who's a year younger and just came to our school), which doesn't make ANY sense, and because I play basketball with my crush at lunch sometimes. They were freaking out because they think I flirt too much (because apparently talking to a guy is flirting to them). Now they're excluding me from parties and ignoring me during school. Talking about it just makes them angrier, so I have no idea what to do. Please help! Thanks so much (:


Hey chica! I'm soo sorry but I'm super busy trying to respond to everyone's comments! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! In the meantime ask some of the other GL members who offer advice help! I'm sure they'll be more than happy to dish out some advice! Thanx for understanding!!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by thecupcakequeen on 9/3/2011 4:19:56 PM


MOD MOD MOD ive been homeschooled all my life . im in 10th and never going into public. i have the same problem. no kids live where i live. i have some church friends ut we only see each other on sunday . it gets boring. any ideas?


Hey chica! I'm soo sorry but I'm super busy trying to respond to everyone's comments! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! In the meantime ask some of the other GL members who offer advice help! I'm sure they'll be more than happy to dish out some advice! Thanx for understanding!!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by butterflygirl14 on 9/3/2011 3:00:30 PM


@privygurl123 ugh! I know how you feel )`:

by horselover408 on 9/3/2011 2:45:10 PM


I'm sick and tired of the bad rep that homeschoolers get. They're even treated like dirt sometimes in books and on TV. It's not fair! They have such a strict stereotype: Home-schooled people are either behind the group or so far ahead they get called "nerds", they wear unfashionable clothes all the time, they're weird, and can't get along with the rest of the world. NOT TRUE!
Sure, you may have some bad apples in the basket, just like in every other group in the universe. But even if you meet a strange homeschool kid, don't assume that's how they all act. I wish more people knew the truth instead of what the media is telling them.

by shannonmusician on 9/3/2011 1:27:13 PM


Hey girls!

Need advice? Well, I’m here to help!
I can give advice on just about anything,:
And much more!

Also, if you love quotes, go check out my new club “Amazing Quotes” on my profile, and join!

Thanks! Smile

by facebooker1240 on 9/3/2011 1:17:56 PM


hey there! i have been homeschooled all my life until now, i am transferring to public school! it was a shocker when i only had 3 friends at my birthday party!!

by margo1211 on 9/3/2011 11:48:41 AM


ok so i'm on the cheer team at my high school, and im one of the youngest girls. I have friends on the team, but i feel like during practice they arent my friends. Whenever our coach has us circle up so she can tell us something, i make sure that no one is standing behind me outside of the circle cause i dont want them to feel excluded. But when i'm that person i'm stuck on the outside, and it happens fairly often. Even like during school i feel like none of my older cheer friends care about me. I feel like i'm a loner. What can i do?

Try talking to them about how you feel--if they're truly your friends, they'll hear you out Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by privygurl123 on 9/3/2011 9:44:57 AM


I've only met one home-schooled kid. She was super sweet, and all the stories about home schooling kept me fascinated for hours. So, try talking to some kids!

by basketballcutie11 on 9/3/2011 8:27:23 AM


I've been homeschooled since 5th grade (in 8th) and it ain't that bad. I'm actually ahead in my classes and will be able to graduate a yr early cause of it. The only reason my mom took me and my bro out is cause the education were I live is horrible. I hate it when people think heschooled kids are sheltered and all cause that is such a lie. I've only met a few really sheltered kids since I've been homeschoolin. I still hang out with my old friends from my school and my other ones and I'm pretty well socialized.

by deedles1621 on 9/3/2011 1:33:51 AM

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