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6 easy ways to become a better runner

Tired of being left in the dust? Here's how to speed cross the finish line.
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by Marceline1 on 9/10/2011 6:51:45 PM


ok so i know its still a few months off, but i want to join my high schools winter track team. i believe that, in track theres a no cut policy so its not making the team im worried about, its the fact im not good at running right now. currently i can run about 2 miles w/ one or two 30 sec. walking breaks inbetween, which i do about 3 time a week. ive been told by adults tht run, tht apperently i have a good, fast sprint so thts kinda wat i want to focus on, but i would also like to try distance. do u have any exercise/workout tips tht could help me build stamina, strength and distance tht i can start ASAP and contiue to use till the season starts? thnxx

Continue to do what you're doing and slowly increase the distance you run Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by iheartu? on 9/10/2011 11:08:23 AM


I am going to try running like this. i am a good long distance runner but when it comes to sprints I'm dead.

by devann8 on 9/10/2011 10:16:21 AM


Awesome tips! On Thursday I ran 1.5 miles, and 1.75 miles on Friday. Its really good exercise- I'm torching calories really fast. Here is something that sucks though- when I speed up, i get a really bad stitch.

by basketballcutie11 on 9/10/2011 6:16:44 AM


i joined the cross country team at my school this year!! its kind of hard but it will get better with more practice!

by kaalaa on 9/9/2011 11:25:09 PM


I HAVE HORRIBLE SHIN SPLINTS! and I am on the cross country team. Most of my team mates wear compression socks. I was wondering do you know anything about them? Or ways I could get rid of my shin splints?

Ouch, girlieeee! That hurts my legs just to think about it. I'm not the person to ask about this though because it's a medical condition that needs to be treated very carefully (and I haven't been trained in medicine!). Ask your school's trainer, a school nurse, or your own doctor to explain shin splints to you and then tell you how compression socks work/if they're worth it, how you could ease the pain, etc. The only "cure" is rest, but there are definitely tricks you can learn to make it a lil easier! 
Lauren C.

by MakeItOrBreakIt:)) on 9/9/2011 10:43:50 PM


MOD MOD My guy friend runs cross country but the guys on the team came up with a stupid rule that they couldnt talk to cheerleader when in their uniform. I am a cheerleader and its really annoying what can I do?


Hey girl,

UGH, boys can be soooo silly sometimes! I wouldn't even bother with him while in uniform if he goes along with nonsense like this - just say "Hey" and continue on, like you're too busy for him and the rest of the CC team. If you return the favor of ignoring them, they'll start to realize this isn't a great idea. Who wouldn't wanna talk to the girls if they have the chance? Silly, silly, silly!

Lauren C.

by olympians on 9/8/2011 4:49:17 PM


I went to softball camp...we ran a lot the first day to the point were I physically couldn't run anymore but the others were too hot. But I was still better than i used to be.

by beth_elbow123 on 9/7/2011 10:11:58 PM


this will be soo helpful for volleyball practice Monday when we run laps around the gym again and again and again. Time for me to start running! maybe even try cross country next year?

by cece-marie on 9/7/2011 10:08:57 PM


we have two weeks of two-a-day practices in soccer before school starts and all we did was run. we ran the mile 5 times and you have to improve your time or you have to sprint for a while. also we probably sprinted/ran 7 miles during conditioning so it was pretty much run hard or keep running. lets just say i got in really good shape, really fast.

by luve2cheer on 9/7/2011 9:12:57 PM

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