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Am I too young to be in love?

I say I love my crush all the time, but my mom says I'm not old enough to mean it. Is she right?
67 Comments | Add Yours

MOD *Please Reply* Ok so I know that 13 is a little young to be "in love", but how young would you say is too young to have a BF. Nothing serious or anything, just holding hands and stuff. Maybe a hug or two. That's about it though. So what do you think? PLZ ANSWER!!!


Hey chica, yea I think that's okay. There's nothing wrong with hanging around a guy you like. As long as you guys aren't getting too serious you're cool. Smile Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by xXMissBehavedXx on 9/7/2011 5:08:50 PM


I disagree. I think any age is old enough to be in love... maybe some people have different views on what love actually is, but as I always say.. Age is just a number

by icecreamsandwich13 on 9/7/2011 4:50:30 PM


Possible? Yes. Likely? No. If your friends are anything like mine were back in middle school, it is SO not love, lol.

But i think there's different types of love. You can like someone sooo much that you kinda do love them and you list off all the things about them you love and think they're so perfect (or maybe perfect for you). Then I think there's another type of love, and this one is more real to me. You feel something totally different from anything else about this person, and you might not realize it at first. You'd do anything for this person (not just say it) and their friendship is really important to you, like if a relationship doesn't work out you'd still care and want to be there for them. You really care about them and notice all the small things about them, and things like i'm not saying I've ever been in love, but from what I know, well, this is what I know, lol...and I think I'm falling into some sort of itSmile

by pinkandlime on 9/7/2011 4:49:45 PM


MOD MOD MOD ok so i have a little guy issue. so there this guy in both my french and p.e. class and hes been acting kinda strange wen ever i c him. like wen im walking w/ my friends and i pass him and his friends in the hall he seems to stop talking and jst gives me this look and seem kinda dazed. he will also touch his face, ear, and itch his neck(at 1st i thought he really did have an itch-now im not so sure)flip his hair and straighten his shirt in french wen ever i look at him. i will also catch him giving me quick glances and he'll sometimes smile at me (he doesnt really smile. only wen he w/ his buds) and kindaturn red. ive kinda had a crush on him for the past 3 yrs now and he is pretty cute. my bffs say hes prob intrested but im not so sure. do u think he is, and if so how should i respond?! thnxx! Smile


Hey missy, HE IS DEFINTELY INTERESTED IN YOU!!!!  Just think, he always stares at you, fixes his clothes, and gets nervouse and akward. If you like him you should try flirting and starting a conversation with him. I'm pretty sure he'd like that lol. Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by erynn14 on 9/7/2011 4:45:21 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD**************PLEASE ANSWER Ok me and my boyfriend have been together a little over 3 months and he's kissed me a few times. The thing is...I don't really like kissing him...I mean, I want to kiss him but it's almost as if one of us is a bad kisser. I don't know who it is, but I don't like it. I do really want to kiss him but I want to like kissing him. I don't know what to do. And yes, I'm 13 and I love my boyfriend and I don't want anyone telling me I can't because you can't set an age for being in love like you do for driver's liscences and voting. Anyway, can you please help me? Thanks! Smile


Hey chicky, kissing can be a mature and tricky thing. You're soo young so that's why it's a little akward. Maybe if you guys take a break from kissing, and come back to it, you both will be more comfortable and it will get better. Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by nobody25 on 9/7/2011 4:22:25 PM


I thought this was the perfect page to write this: Even though you barely know me....... I LOVE YOU DALTON! hopefully he never gets on this website.....

by softballismyBFF on 9/7/2011 4:04:58 PM


Hey chicas!!!

Do you like quizzes? Then join my club, Club Quizzzz! You can take AND post your own quizzes! And every Wednesday, I, the club president, will post quizzes for YOU!!! And there are job openings!!! So visit the club, join, and then ask for a job! If the position you want is open, I'll give it to you! HAVE FUN!!!!!

by xXMissBehavedXx on 9/7/2011 3:58:37 PM


MODMODMOD so I really really like this guy in my class and have for a couple years. He asked me out and is currently waiting for a response. He's a total sweetheart, funny, caring, and smart. The only problem is that he's an athiest and I'm a Christian. We never had a fight or conversation about it but it does kind of bother me. My last ex-boyfriend was an athiest too and we'd fight about it all the time. I want to say yes soo bad but its holding me back because I'm afraid it will turn out the same way my last relationship did or give me problems down ther road. Is it harder to date someone that doesn't share your same beliefs? Should I not date him? Help!


Hey chica, religious beliefs can become an issue in a relationship. It can be avoided, but if it's really important to to each person than it can start to be a problem. However I still think you should give this guy a chance. Every boy is different, so your religious views may not be a problem with him. You'll never know if you don't try! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by incognitogirl95 on 9/7/2011 3:55:08 PM



I totally agree with you. There is no age.

by Meeshmeesh on 9/7/2011 3:54:42 PM


i disagree. i think its okay to love someone just as long as you dont do anything crazy for him or change yourself to be with him. if you love him then get him to notice you for you and as long as he loves you for you and you love him for him nothing can go wrong.

by FairyKari on 9/7/2011 3:52:55 PM

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