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9/11: The first 24 hours through your eyes

Just a few hours after everything went down on Sept 11, 2001 our website went up...
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I was only about to turn eight months when it happened but I remeber that we were talking in class about it and my teacher had been teaching at my school a long time. She said that our secertary had come in and said to not turn on the tv because if she did kids would see the horrible tragedy going on! My dad told me that he was feeding me a bottle and started to break down in tears because he was sick and he is a pilot. He was spoussed to be flying one of those planes today! I am really happy that he didn't go that day! I love him and I am really glad I have him one more da!

by iryry18 on 4/6/2012 2:45:07 PM


i only remember a little of 9/11. my dad was going to actually be flying that day but had to rescedual due to a meeting so we were lucky,

by NerdyOne on 3/18/2012 11:47:59 AM


reading this article, I, literally, cried. Just quiet sobs because of the e-mails. I saw a documentary ( a man and his friend with a firefighter to the World Trade Center that day)about what happened, inside and out. It changed my perspective on life. On everything. Nothing has looked the same since. I get scared more easily, cry a lot more easily, and more. It takes me a lot of force to smile. I will NEVER forget what happened. Typing this now I am about to burst into tears.

by happyone123 on 2/29/2012 10:51:41 AM


I turned 3 months the day after the world trait centers collapsed, so I don't remember anything. But I have seen the horrible videos and am very sad for people who died. Atleast osama Bin Ladin is dead

by Mgirl12 on 12/30/2011 4:59:27 PM


Osama Bin Laden has been defeated and the souls of those who passed away on 9/11 have had there vengeance. We will never forget this day but the souls of who perished have found justice and we should houner them and praise those who have helped and rejoice. We shall thank the heavens that Osama is dead.

(a poam written to Patrick a family friend who died on the 19th floor. His very last call was to 911 on 9/11)

by smartpaws on 10/26/2011 1:47:29 AM


I am about to cry. I don't remember 9/11 cause I was only 2.

by flyaway99 on 10/4/2011 8:33:38 PM


i was barely gonna enter taht was 4 or 5? well, anyways i am sooooo sad for those who lost their loved onesFrown makes me wanna cryFrown i don't remember a single thing about the twin towers falling

by on 9/15/2011 8:26:20 PM


I was young when it happened, only 3. So i dont remember much of it. But last year we watched a video on it in class so I learned more about it. It amazes me that someone could be so heartless as to kill thousands of innocent people. I watched something on tv about it last sunday and it just changes the way I look at things in the world. Even though I can't even remember 9/11 it makes me cry. RIP to all the victims of 9/11 <3

by ktgurl1201 on 9/15/2011 7:53:23 PM


My friend's dad could've died when the Pentagon was hit. He luckily had the day off. When I was watching a video for 9/11, some kids laughed at the screams. The terror. I have never yelled that loud and that long in my life. Until today.

by TheMentalistgurl on 9/13/2011 8:21:00 PM


On 9/11, I was only two years old, or about to be. My birthday is on Sept. 17, only six days after the tragedy. One of the only things I remember is listening to my mom, on the phone with her friend, and her fearful exclaimations as she turned on the radio. At my birthday party a week later, it was almost a solemn silence. I hope that I can always feel safe in my Taylor Mill, Kentucky home. I send my prayers and sympathy to the families of all those who lest loved ones that fateful day, whether in the Towers, the Pentagon, or the brave people on the plane that crashed in the Pennsylvania field.


by emathmind98 on 9/13/2011 8:00:11 PM

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