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Negative Nelly

I have a strange problem (or so I think)...
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What age of girls read GL? thx

Hey girl, 10-15 is our main demographic we aim for, but girls both above and below that range read it too!

Alyssa B.

by mesuchrecarpendaes on 9/19/2011 7:26:24 PM


ModModMod So I was reading the artice about addiction in the most recent issue. It was talking about how you can be addicted to things other than alcohol or drugs. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about volleyball. I am a starter and I LOVE to play. If I could play 7 days a week, I would. I am constantly thinking about how to improve my game and how to make my coach happy with me. Recently, my coach moved me to a different position because she didn't think my hitting was consistent and I started crying because I had tried so hard to impress her with my hits. When I'm not on the court, I am always thinking of new workouts to try to tone my core, arms, and legs. Plus, we have practice everyday. If I make a mistake, I loose sleep over it. Last week, we skipped a day of practice and I was nervous and restless. Also, I have a shoulder injury but I don't tell my coach when it hurts because I don't want to get benched. Am I addicetd to playing volleyball? Sorry this is so long!!!


Hey chica, I don't think your addicted, I just think you have a strong passion. It's people like you who excel at sports because you're dedicated to making your life better. Just be sure there's more to your life than just volleyball. Try to branch out and think about your other interests. What other hobbies do you have? So no worries chicky, you're fine. Hope this helps you!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Girlie77 on 9/17/2011 5:30:41 PM


OK so my bff and her boyfriend broke up the next week or so he asked me on a date i said yes and we've been dating since so my bff has been spreading rumors that i lost my virginity to him now I'm called a ho please help it's getting worse and worse


Hey chica! First off, this girl does NOT sound like a BFF, or a friend at all for that matter. I'd confront her about it and ask her flat out why she would do that to you. It sounds to me like she's angry at you for dating her ex. Still, that doesn't make it ok to start rumors about you. Make sure to surround yourself with other friends to lean on for support until things die down...


Becca G.

by honeygirl99 on 9/11/2011 5:33:45 PM


Hi,my name is Claire. Looking for a club where you can get outfits and makeup ideas,advice,express yourself,AND JUST CHAT??? Well,♥club♥girly♥girls♥ is for you! You'll get to know others and yourself better! And no one HAS to be a huge girly girl to join Smile! Just bring yourself and your questions and answers.**************************************

by iluvmusic♥ on 9/10/2011 11:24:40 PM


modmomdomodmodmodmodmodmod I kinda got a prob. So I am in middle school and I was walking up the stairs with a friend, and this hot guy came up to me with one of the most popular guys in my grade and asked ME out. I kinda freaked out, so I played hard to get and said, 'You, no thanks!' After that was over I keep replaying it in my head.I began thinking it was my friend who they were talking to. this happened about 3 days ago, and if I tell any of my friends, they think I was lying, cuz boys don't usually go for me... HELP!


Hey missy, don't fret you can still fix this. If the guy was looking directly at you, he was probably talking to you. And you said boys don't usually go for you, well maybe this guy saw something in you! The next time you see him, you could walk up to him and say something like "I didn't mean what I said the other day when you asked me out. I think you're really cool and cute and would love to go out with you." He'll still probably wanna go out with you. Hope this helps!! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by buzzingbee on 9/10/2011 6:39:15 PM


Its sounds like me!!! Thats why my mum calls me bipoloar

by 526love on 9/10/2011 6:33:16 PM



Hey missy, if there isn't any other irritation going on down there, then it's probably not a yeast infection. Sometimes we girls have different odors going on, so try using a different stronger soap. It could also be food that you're eating that's causing the smell, so try to eat healthy! Hope this helps ya!!!! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by iluvmusic♥ on 9/10/2011 6:28:35 PM


mod mod hey im so stuck im a freshman at a school were just a few days ago i knew no 1. and since then i made some friends about 6 new friends. and last friday this older girl acme up 2 us in lunch while we were eating and she told use about these 2 clubs newspaper and mock trail. I have no intrest in mock trail. But when the girl left my friends kinda acted as if they wanted them 2 join geek club they asked me and i said maybe 2 newspaper cuz i wasnt sure and they said i shouldnt take a club and tht they arent takin a club bt im in no sports and no honor classes. i just met these ppl so they dont now tht i love 2 write and its the only club were i can write cuz i didnt want 2 join book club. thnx for the advice


Hey girly, you should defintely go out and join the club! If it's something you're interested in, go for it! And if these kids stop being your friend because you joined a club, they weren't your real friends from the beginning. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by coly33 on 9/10/2011 2:10:50 PM


I think many of us feel that way. I dont think it would be good if we always thought very positive about ourselves or always felt always negative. Its better to always be positive but sometimes feeling negative gives us a chance to change things about us. Now if it goes from feeling very very great to feeling very very bad I dont think that is good.

I am not sure if this makes any sense but that is how I feel about the subject.

by luckykel on 9/10/2011 1:17:43 PM


Hey girls!

Need advice? Well, I’m here to help!
I can give advice on just about anything,:
And much more!

Also, if you love quotes, go check out my new club “Amazing Quotes” on my profile, and join!


by facebooker1240 on 9/10/2011 10:53:37 AM

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