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Will I have a heavy period forever?

Today, I had my first period, and it’s heavier than I thought it would be...
51 Comments | Add Yours

Mod mod mod (this is continuing from my last post)
I have to actually stick my fingers up *there* ? eww. Is there any other way to remove it? And what's the best position on removing it? Sorry for al my questions. I just do not want that thing to be stuck in me...... Frown

Hey girl! I really don't know how to answer these questions. Try talking to your mom. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by fantastic8805 on 8/2/2012 4:02:12 PM


Mod mod mod
Ok I will try wearing it around to get more comfortable but do u know how to get it out because I couldn't find any articles about that. How am I suppoesed to get it out with out spilling blood (ewww)
Is there an article about menstrual cups on girlslife? Smile thanks a lot <3

Hey girl! I am definitely not an expert on this, but you will just have to get comfortable to remove it.  I don't believe we have any articles about that on gl. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by fantastic8805 on 8/2/2012 3:27:19 PM


Mod mod mod
Hey Smile I googled 'how to insert a menstrual cup' on google and I found step by step instructions. But when I tried to insert it it was fine for like 5 mins then it was painful. The guide said something about it being lower than ur cervix But I don't know what or where that is. Help?

Hey girl! You won't be able to get it past your cervix. Try wearing it around to get comfortable. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by fantastic8805 on 8/2/2012 2:54:10 PM


Mod mod mod
Could u please tell me how to use them though because The last time I used toilet paper it was so uncomfortable and I leaked like 5 times Frown and even if I use a lot. I'm gunna be home alone for like till 8:00 and it's only 11:30 am here Frown

Hey girl! I don't know how to use it but you can probably find info if you google it. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by fantastic8805 on 8/2/2012 2:27:17 PM


Mod mod mod
Okay so yesterday I was using pads but we ran out and i can't run to the store because I am home alone. My mum said that I should just use her disposable menstrual cup. But I have no idea what the heck that is and I don't know how to use it. How do u even use it?

Hey girl! Those can be tricky.  I would suggest using some folded toilet paper in place of a pad for now. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by fantastic8805 on 8/2/2012 2:15:41 PM


my period is so light, that only a few drops come out on the pad, and when i wipe in comes out in streaks!! will it always be this light?

Hey girlie,

It may and it may not, every girl's flow is different and they are very rarely constant throughout your life.
Jordan S.

by iloveballet&singing on 3/5/2012 5:55:33 PM


Okay so I have my second period and I get these like clumps or whatever you want to call it during my period. What is that? They are sort of like a dark blood color and are sorta like globs I guess you could say... Help me!! Is there something wrong with me?!


Thats completely normal! Happens to absolutely every girl who gets their period. Nothing to be worried about what so ever. xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by GorillaGirl14 on 2/14/2012 4:08:29 PM


I have been having my period for 10 days now, and I'm super tired and I get dizzy flashes. Should I see a doctor about this? I'm scared that this is getting dangerous or something... should I go to the doctor now???????


 I suggest you do. Just because youre feeling dizzy. They'll be able to help you out and make you feel good as new. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by horsebackrider12 on 2/7/2012 5:38:50 PM



So I had my period like 5 days then it seemed to stop for a day or two and now its back! Not counting the two days it disappeared I have had it 8 days! Whats going on? Oh and how long can you have your period and still be safe?

PS- I just started my period a few months ago.

by RideBabyRide on 2/7/2012 10:22:30 AM



by RideBabyRide on 2/7/2012 10:16:17 AM


i have had my period a few months, this month I had my period for like 5 days and then it slowed and stopped for like 2 days and now its back! Not counting the days it stopped I have had it 8 days. What is going on? And what is the longest you can safely have your period before going to a doc?

Hey Girl,

When you first start menstruating, you won't have a regular cycle yet! It could be one day or ten days! The average length of a period is 5-7 days, so no worries! 
alicia m.

by RideBabyRide on 2/7/2012 10:15:37 AM


I have had my period for 8 days now and it's still not slowing down. It's my third period. Should I see a doctor now because it's been going on for so long?

Hey girlie,

No worries! 8 days is still totally normal. Your periods will sometimes vary - they'll be light and only 5 days long, they'll be heavier and 7-9 days, then a normal flow for 7 days, etc. It's tough to predict. But don't worry, 8 days is in that "normal" range! <3 It'll stop soon, hang in there!
Lauren C.

by horsebackrider12 on 2/5/2012 11:36:23 AM


Hey kitkate963, mhmm it could've been. Usually brown is old blood. Was there brown stuff after your period?

Mod I'm adding on to my previous question. Does this mean that having brown stuff about 6 months ago was my 1st period? Lynae P.

by kitkate963 on 2/1/2012 7:42:32 PM


Hey busybee99, yep that's completely normal. The bleeding doesn't stop when you use the bathroom. Xoxo

I have my period right now and whenever I use the bathroom and the i wipe its bloody!!!! i dont wear a tampon only pads! is that normal! please hurry Lynae P.

by busybee99 on 2/1/2012 7:37:09 PM


For the past 6 months once a month I had a week of my period except it was brown. Then for the past 2 days it was brown. Then all of a sudden today it was blood and HEAVY! is this normal? o and when you have heavy flow will something happen when you go to the bathroom? please help ASAP!!!1


Hey chica!


The flow being irregular and brown is completely normal and happens to everyone. When the flowing is slow, which happens quite often, the blood oxidizes and turns brown. You shouldn't have any problems using the bathroom. Smile

Krupali D.

by kitkate963 on 2/1/2012 3:50:23 PM


This is not my first period, it's my 4th. Usually it starts off brown for 2 days, then turns red and continues for 6 days. This time I was with my friends and I felt a gush, and it started out bright red. Later on that night it slowed right down to almost stopping! And even at night time I barely got anything and it's only the second day and my period usually lasts 7 days. Do you think it will speed back up again? Or... am I having a super short period?

Hey girlie,

It's possible that you're having a super short period, but chances are it's just a little irregular this time and started quickly. Keep using a light pad for the next couple days because it'll probably come back - even if it's lighter than usual when it does. I wouldn't worry about it! Smile 
Lauren C.

by horsebackrider12 on 1/29/2012 8:25:19 AM


Hey maddiescar97, the may be hurting because they're the wrong size. Try going down to a smaller size and see if they feel comfortable. Hope this helps! Xoxo

it's a little embarrassing to ask, but are tampons always supposed to hurt when you put them in? i've tried some a couple times but i really don't like to use them because they kind of hurt. is there any way to help them hurt less? thanks! Lynae P.

by maddiescar97 on 1/28/2012 5:17:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD ok so I just learned how to put a tampon in and it hurt trying to put it in but when it was in it didn't hurt so is it bad for tampons to hurt when u try to put them in and 2. im only in grade 6 but i had my period for a year is it bad for me to wear tampons i heard at my age u shouldn't because i do allot of sports so should i not wear tampons ?

Hey girl,

There's no one age that's okay to wear tampons, so talk to your mom about whether it's right for you!

Meghan D.

by mozilla10 on 1/28/2012 8:38:28 AM


Hey Rosalie2996, it's completey normal for it to run in the shower, especially if you have a heavy flow. Mine does all the time, so no worries. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Hey! It's me again. So I've had my period for about three years now, and every time I'm on it, I never EVERtake a shower. I know that's probably bad, but when I first got mmy period and took a shower, it was like dripping down my leg and it just felt and looked so wrong! Is that even normal?! R u supposed to use a tampon when going in the shower or something? I've never used a tampon and my period has always always ALWAYS been super super heavy, I just don't know what other girls do, and I really need some advice. Thanks! Frown Lynae P.

by Rosalie1996 on 1/27/2012 7:45:07 PM


Hey Natalie1996, sometimes water can stop or slow down your flow. For some girls it kinda stops when they're in water. If that's not the case with you, you can always keep your tampon in. If you period is really unbearable and if you don't feel comfortable on it, then I wouldn't go on the trip. Hope is helps! Xoxo

MOD MOD MOD! Hi! Okay so I really need your help. We are going to the ocean for spring break with my friend, but I'm extremely extremely extremely worried and scared that me being my lucky self, will get my period then. I started like three years ago Frown it's not really completely normal yet, so I don't know exactly when it will come... I don't use tampons yet, and I really don't plan to either... My period is SUPERheavy almost always and I'm just scared that if I do get it, I really won't have any idea what to do. Please help or give some advice! It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! Lynae P.

by Rosalie1996 on 1/27/2012 7:36:59 PM


I am almost a week late on my period...I have been having it pretty regularly for 8 months now. Is there something wrong? I have never EVER been intimate with a guy. Please help


Hey chica,


Sometimes periods aren't punctual and are tardy, but that doesn't always mean someone is preggers. Stress, medication changes, weight-loss are among the many factors that can cause irregular periods. If it continues to happen constantly tho, you should talk to your doctor. 



Krupali D.

by littleducksis on 1/24/2012 9:14:12 AM


Hey alireburt, ah the stress periods bring. You can't live with them and you can't live without them. You are def not the first girl to feel she's going to bleed through her pants with a pad on. Constantly bleeding just makes you feel self-conscious, especially if you have a heavy flow, and you just have to remind yourself you're okay. Be sure you're wearing a supporting pad and remind yourself to let go of these thoughts. I'm not sure if cycles become lighter as you have them more. My flow has always remained the same and yours might too. If it gets to be too much for you to handle talk to your doctor. Hope this helps. Xoxo

Modmodmod! I really need your help. So I got my irregular period on Tuesday and it's so heavy! I am also 14 about to be 15 in a week . I went to school yesterday but had to come home because I felt awful and today I didn't even go to school because I felt terrible. Because of my period my stomach has been hurting. I also hate pads because it's such a heavy flow it feels like it always goes through my pants but doesn't. I tried to use tampons today but I freak out!!! How can I get over this fear? & do you have any suggestions for this months gift. And how long can heavy periods last? I guess I covered everything.... Well thank you and please help!!! Lynae P.

by alireburt on 1/13/2012 4:26:30 PM


Guys and Periods---

Why are guys terrified of knowing anything about our periods? Not only does my bf not want to know, its like he almost is avoiding me and he sometimes does it even when I'm not on it, he just thinks I am. My friends say some of their guy friends have admitted they hate even thinking about periods or even the thought of us getting them. Does anyone know what I am saying, have you had the same problems?

by luckykel on 1/12/2012 10:51:24 PM


Okay, so I also started my first period yesterday. This really sucks, and if this is mother natures "gift", then I want a refund. I keep feeling like everybody can see it, or notice!! It's a really heavy flow, and I haven't noticed any spotting before this. Is that normal?? Also, I want to know when I can start wearing tampons, because pads really bother me. SOS?

by xoxomaddie on 1/12/2012 9:49:25 PM


Hey RainKisses, I think you should ask your doctor what's going on. I can't really tell what it could be, but a doctor would defintely have the answer. Hope ya feel better! Xoxo

okay so i've had my period since june 2009 (so like 2 1/2 years) and i read somewhere that it should start getting regular after 2 years. My period was pretty regular but then it never came in november and again in december. Im not pregnant or anything but im worried something is wrong with me. It wasnt bothering me last month but it's starting to get to me. I've been like getting pre-period symptoms for a while (sore boobs, discharge) as if my eriod would come normally but it hasn't.I know im one to worry and stress myself out. Advice? Also, I think my cycle is every 5 weeks or something so it comes like 1st week of one month, 2nd month of the next...and so on. Lynae P.

by RainKisses on 1/7/2012 5:16:39 PM


Hey girl,

Not everyone gets PMS symptoms, so it may be your period. But if you're not sure, talk to mom or a doc!
Meghan D.

by shelbychristine333 on 1/7/2012 12:28:50 PM


Today i had my first period and i have a pad on but there is nothing on the pad but if i wipe it is there it would go on the pad it is just staying in place is that normal cause i am freaking out.

by Rose2112 on 1/3/2012 5:51:09 PM


Hey kpriest, mhmm sounds like yours is a little irregular. I know it's a touchy subject, but if you don't let anyone know your period won't get any better. No worries, they're there to help you. Let your mom and the doctor know, i'm sure you'll be fine. Hope this helps!! Xoxo

by Lynae P. on 12/28/2011 6:17:25 PM


I just started my period for the first time at the first of december which was about 4 weeks ago.And i would like start then quit then a few days later start and then quit again. I know that normally for when you first start, but iv now been on mine for 18 days straight and its kinda scaring me. I dont want to talk to my mom or doctor about it because i feel uncomforable talking to them about it. Is it normal to be on it for that long cause im kinda scared?? Thanks!! Smile

by kpriest on 12/28/2011 4:36:18 PM


Okay so i've missed my period by like 5-6 days. Im kinda freaking out. Ive had my period since the end of 7th grade (im in 9th grade now) and its been very close to being regular this year. it's usually only off by a day or two. Im not sexually active (heck, i dont even have a boyfriend!) and im not pregnant. Im totally freaking out!My period shouldve started by now! What should i do?!
Thanks. (:

Periods are dumb. Theyre irregular and strange. Im almost 21 and mines still unpredictable. So dont stress Smile it will come. And it if never does then maybe talk to your doctor. But give it time i bet it will come really soon. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by whatsupbay on 12/27/2011 1:07:06 PM


Is a 9 day period normal? It just stopped the other day at the 9 day mark!

Thats perfectly fine! Periods are often very strange and may last past a week. If it lasts a looong time past a week then theres probably a problem but just a few days is nothing. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by hermione&ron on 12/27/2011 10:55:23 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD! I started my period on..Monday? Tuesday? I can't remember. Anyway, the first two days were heavy, but now it's friday and I'm not discharging at all, except whenever I go to the restroom. So NOW, i have to go a lot. Is this normal? [its not my first period]


Hey girl, I'm actually not sure. Wait and see if the discharge comes back after your period, if not maybe you should see what your doctor says. I'm sure it's nothing serious but just to be on the safe side. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by pinkzebra97 on 12/23/2011 7:09:12 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD I got tampons last night, i started yesterday and idk how to insert them!?!?!?! Help me!!!! Please tnx, O yea, Im Scared!!!!!!!


Hey girlfriend, I'm super busy trying to respond to all your questions. Unfortunately I can't get to everyone, so ask some of your gal pals on here for help. There are so many chicas who are more than happy to give you advice. Thanx a bunch for understanding. x0x0 Smile

Lynae P.

by dancer8608 on 12/23/2011 11:16:43 AM


MOD MOD MOD! do you have any tips on how to sneak pads to the bathroom?
thanx a bunch!!!<3


Hey girl,


You can always do the classic carry your purse to the bathroom trick, or if you have a zipper/snap pocket you can try that. Backpack pockets also work!

Meghan D.

by kammiemay on 12/21/2011 4:40:03 PM


I got my first period TODAY... But, I'm 10... Is this abnormal??? I'm scared! My BFF has it but shes 4 inches taller than me and MUCH more developed. Am I a weirdo???

Thats not weird at all! Everyone develops differently. Getting your period is never something that makes you weird Smile dont worry hon! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by hermione&ron on 12/18/2011 6:38:52 PM


I had my first ever period November 10th now it is December 15 (almost 16th) and I still haven't gotten it yet!!!! Should I be scared?!!??!?! My mom knows that I had it in Nov. but not now Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey girlie,

You shouldn't be scared just yet! It's totally normal for your period to be super irregular, especially during the first year. You can expect it to come every 28-30 days...but that doesn't mean it will come that regularly. Just because it's a little late doesn't mean you should panic! Just try to hang in there and go with the flow. (No pun intended.) Remember that it's totally normal, so don't stress! <3
Lauren C.

by dancer8608 on 12/15/2011 11:18:34 PM


Ok so if i get my period at school should i go to the nurse even though i keep 2 pads in my locker in case. but should i go to call and tell my mom. also if i get it early in the day i dont think 2 pads are enough. what would you do?

Hey girlie,

If you get your period, I would probably go to my locker to grab a pad, then go to the nurse (if she has a bathroom in her office) so you can take care of it/clean up without any pressure. Take your time, gather your composure, then go back to class. Getting your period can feel a lil stressful, but it's no reason to call your mom/go home in the middle of the day! You can get through this - we all have done it before and, though sometimes it's not fun, it's no biggie! And if you need more pads, try bringing a couple extra to stash in your locker or go to the nurse to ask her for one. She probably has plenty to lend you! Smile
Lauren C.

by winxclub37 on 12/4/2011 12:37:42 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!! Today at the school play i bled through my light blue jeans and everyone saw! it's only my second period but i dont feel safe with pads. are tampons any better and am i ready to use them??


Hey girl, it depends on you. I am personally more comfortable with pads, but try tampons out and see how you feel. Just be sure you are constantly changing them as needed. Hope this helps! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by sarag on 11/19/2011 8:17:41 PM


MOD !! (;

I've had my period for 3 years now (I'm fourteen) but I still have a few questions.

1. My period is super painful. I take pain killers, but they don't help all that much. :/ Any tips on ways to make my time of month less miserable..even just a little?

2. Also, my periods have always been pretty regular, but now that's starting to change which is kind of scaring me...Aren't they supposed to become regular over time..not irregular!?!?!?! I think it may be because I'm super stressed & I've recently lost weight, are these possible reasons to irregular periods?

3. I'm on my high school's soccer team, and our uniform shorts are white :/ when it's my time of month I freak out...I don't want to leak during a game! My period is very very heavy...& if I have to wear that uniform for 4 hours per's kinda concerning to me Laughing Any way to make my flow less heavy or even tips to get myself to not stress so much over one silly thing?!?!

Thanks so much!<3

by smiley.<3 on 10/19/2011 5:37:00 PM


im 13 , & i have not started my period yet, I have hair down there, & under my arm pits. & there is discharge am i starting soon?

by Volleyballchick15 on 10/19/2011 12:20:07 AM


My mom says that when you have your period that you have to go to the doctor to check for cancer and stuff. I am kind of freaking out because I am not sure what they do, does it hurt? Thanks!

Hey babe! 

When you're sexually active, you should start seeing a gynecologist - a kind of doctor who specializes in womens' bodies. The doctor will give you an exam and check for cancerous cells, but you don't have to go when you start your period. Don't worry about it, it probably won't happen for a while! xoxox 
Devin A.

by LAS625 on 10/14/2011 11:35:05 AM


I've had light periods since I started and now all of a sudden it's super heavy, why does that happen? and is there something wrong with me?


Hey chica! No, there's nothing wrong with you. Your period may not be the same every month--this is normal. As you get older, it will start to be more consistent. When you are bleeding heavier, be sure to take the proper precautions, like changing your pad or tampon more frequently. 

Amalia E.

by tabbycat627 on 10/10/2011 2:05:00 AM


Okay, so I have had my period for like, er, about four months. Whenever I get it, there is always a funky smell coming from "down there." I wear pads and liners, but no tampons. Anyways though, is there a way to get it to stop? Thanks! Smile

Hey girl,

This is totally normal! (Gonna be gross for a min, sorry chickie...) - It's the blood coming out and sitting there in the pad/drying on your skin that gives it a funky odor. Just make sure you bathe regularly and, if you need a lil refresh, wipes of feminine cleanser (like the body wipes from Playtex Sport or Always Cleansing Cloths) can help keep you feeling clean in the middle of the day Smile It's just a few days a month, so try to get through it! <3
Lauren c.

by FashionistaFreak on 10/6/2011 3:48:08 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!
I get a really heavy and painful period, and i even take pain killers and they don't do the trick. My mom is considering anti pregnancy pills, to make my period lighter. Is that a good idea?

Hey girlie,

I went on birth control pills to lessen my cramps, make my periods lighter and, most importantly, to make them more regular. I went from having periods off and on (once I had one for a MONTH straight!), to knowing exactly what day it will start. It really helped me! Discuss it with your mom and your doc, then decide if it's right for you too Smile 
Lauren C.

by ColosalMascara on 9/29/2011 6:02:52 PM


Hi! Hey, every month, for a few days, my lower right side hurts. My mom says that it's just because I'm ovulating, but why does it hurt?

Because right below that your ovaries are releasing an egg. It takes a bit of effort and muscle work, so it hurts a bit. Dont worry about it though! its a nice sign that youre gonna get your period soon Smile xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by uni301 on 9/23/2011 7:05:57 PM


Mod MOd MOd
I have my period but every month it's coming at leat a week earlier then the month before. What's going on??


Hey girly! It's totally normal to be irregular in the first few years after you start your period. I wouldn't worry too much about it!


Becca G.

by cinder3lla on 9/18/2011 9:35:00 PM


Mod mod mod!!!!!!! Ummm I was just wondering, is your first period always going to bethe same lenghth as as all the rest? Thanks Smile


Hey girlfriend, for the first year your period can be irregular, meaning it's lighter sometimes or last longer other times. Check out our period page on here to learn more about your cycle. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by toostie82 on 9/14/2011 6:07:04 PM


take a deep breath
2.think of someone you like f10 five times
4.send this to five pages
5.look at your background

by puddincup12 on 9/13/2011 10:21:02 PM


My first few periods were heavy, too. But by now (about a year and a half later), they aren't as heavy. Either that or I've gotten used to it!

by IvoryPiano on 9/13/2011 4:35:17 PM


Hey girls!

Need advice? Well, I’m here to help!
I can give advice on just about anything,:
And much more!

Also, if you love quotes, go check out my new club “Amazing Quotes” on my profile, and join!


by facebooker1240 on 9/13/2011 2:44:47 PM


MY period was super light at first, just BARELY enough to make me freak. I only had like 5 tiny dots of blood. But suddenly, at the beginnign of summer, it got MUCH MUCH heavier, and it's getting even heavier now! is this normal????

Hey girl! Don't freak out to much, this is pretty normal stuff going on. Check out our info on periods for some extra help. Also, it is always good to check in with a parent or doctor about this just to let them know what is happening and see if they can offer some more advice. 
Ana D.

by Nikichic on 9/13/2011 4:45:34 AM

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