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AN HOUR AGO Celebs like @rowblanchard and @Raini_Rodriguez have us *so* thankful this Thanksgiving:

1 HOURS AGO The best (and worst) foods to eat this #Thanksgiving:


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Mod mod mod. Okay well I found a white bedspread but it is around 70$ and I know my parents won't want to pay that, how can I earn money from my parents and doing different things? Also in the video she has these cool like flowers on her wall and birds from the ceiling that I luv!! How can I recreate that? Thanks Smile


Hey girly! I'd talk to your parents about ways you can earn the money. Maybe do some extra chores, or offer to babysit for some families in your neighborhood. And, she may have used wall decals. They're super cute! I'm sure you can find a bunch online.


Becca G.

by Amyluv32 on 9/18/2011 5:02:18 PM


Thank you so much! You guys are so helpful!

by Amyluv32 on 9/18/2011 12:26:40 PM


I find it kind of offending how a lot of people feel that if your skinny your unhealthy. I'm naturally pin-thin but that doesn't mean I'm not real.

by Altagagracia Gibbes on 9/18/2011 11:43:56 AM


Mod mod mod. Okay hiSmile I am new to girlslife but I think I can find my way around;) I really want to redo my room, and I want to make it look like Victoria justices room in all I want is everything music video like the colors except I have a small room. Do you have any ideas on how I can recreate it? Thanks SO much!!

Hey babe,

It's totally fine that your room is small! Luckily, her room is totally white with colorful accents so it'll be really easy to recreate in your own room. First, start with a coat of fresh white paint on the walls. If mom/sis is good with the sewing machine, head to the fabric store to look for sheer white fabric to use for curtains. While you're there, look at a baby blue cotton fabric as well. She looks like she has two colors on her curtain rods, which is a great idea to add some pizzazz to a normal decorating trick! If they aren't handy with the sewing machine, you can find fairly affordable white sheer curtain panels at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other home stores. Her bedspread is also totally white, so try to save up your allowance to buy a white comforter at Target or Wal-Mart, the two most affordable places for bedding. Now comes the fun stuff - the accessories. Keep your eyes peeled for cheap interesting lamp bases at the places I've listed above, or try going to antique shops with your parents and search for old ones there. Then, from Home Depot or Lowes, grab a can of brightly colored spray paint (for Victoria's look, go with lime green or a medium pink). Take your new furniture finds outside and give 'em that color! You can also keep an eye out for similarly colored pillows, a throw rug, and even old sets of drawers/shelves that you could revamp with this bold color treatment. Finish with some cheap black picture frames with pics of your fam, friends, pets, etc. along the walls. Do it slowly so you don't get overwhelmed and you'll have her awesome bedroom in no time!
Lauren C.

by Amyluv32 on 9/18/2011 10:47:08 AM

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