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My teacher is sooo unfair!

Got the bad-teacher blues? Bust 'em with a li'l help from GL...
39 Comments | Add Yours

I'm so confused. I auditioned for our schools musical this year, because I didn't do it last year and people were telling me to (including my mom) and i felt pressured and forced to audition... and I got in. At first I was like "Okay that's nice" but after the second rehearsal i felt miserable. I'm afraid to quit because people kept asking me why I quit chorus the year before, and I don't want people up in my face about this either. Should I just stay?

Hey babe,

Try to look carefully at the situation and figure out why you're unhappy. Is it the people around you? Is it because you don't like feeling unprepared when you don't know your lines? Is it because you'd rather relax after school? Is it because you felt like people forced you into it and it wasn't "your" choice? Is it because you're nervous about being on stage in front of people? All of these things, while valid reasons to quit, are easily overcome by putting on a positive attitude and reminding yourself of the benefits you're getting from the musical - a new experience, meeting new people, higher confidence, and being a part of a bigger team working toward a goal. But if the issue is that you genuinely do not like being on stage, you do not have any interest in musicals, and you feel like your strengths/passions are elsewhere (writing, science, history, whatever), then it's ok to quit - because then you would be staying true to yourself. To avoid the people ragging on you about quitting (if you do decide to leave), try replacing this activity with something that is closer to your own interests. Your family and friends probably pushed you into this because they want to make sure you're following your passions, which is sweet! So take their cue and well-intentioned advice and find your own Smile
Lauren C.

by xorangeowlx on 9/15/2011 5:39:15 PM


i posted another question about my teacher marking me down for wrighting about horticulture well i just wanted to clear up that on the sheet he gave us he said we could wright about another shop we wanted and that we didnt have to wright about computer programing but he didnt tell us that we would get 10% off
it rely bugs me cause he said it was ok but he took off for it and if he didn't i would of got a 100
oh and i have another question i feal like that teacher hates the class cause im in a class with a bunch of people who keep on fooling around and talking out and its supper annoing cause if i get bad grades in my shop classes i don't get into my top pick for the rest of high school. Well my question is how can i make him see that im a good student if im not rely good at the class

Hey Sweetie,

This teacher doesn't seem very clear in his directions, so next time he assigns something, make sure all your questions are answered before you start it. Since this class is so important to you, you should sit with other people and concentrate on your work, not socializing. When it gets tempting to fool around in class, just remember that you need a good grade to get into the rest of your classes. If you make your own effort to be quiet and focused in class, your teacher will see an improvement and your reputation will change. If he still seems to think you're a bad student, talk to him after class and let him know that you are making an effort. Here's some extra tips for you. Good luck on scoring those grades!
Rachel N.

by cute.monkey.14 on 9/15/2011 4:51:34 PM


I have an INSANE crush on my BGF. I have been crushing on him for two years. I have a few questions. Is is possible to love someone without actually dating them (other then family),because my friends think that I am in love with him. AND, I want to ask him out so bad but I don't want to lose our awesome friendship. I think that I am willing to take the risk because he likes me back but hasn't made any moves. What should I say and when should I say it? Please answer ASAP!!!


 Hey girlie!

Hang tight. If you want to preserve the friendship you can't rush it.  Next time you see him, test the waters with getting closer than you normally are, like say, cuddling up for a movie.  If one of you is going to make a move, it has to gradually happen.  If you jump in and just kiss him or ask him out, he could get scared, or confused and it could get messed up.

Jordan S.

by emstar on 9/15/2011 4:10:59 PM


right now im going through exploritory at my high school (its a vocational one) and i have computer programing this week but on the first day our teacher asked us to right a paragraph about why we wanted to be in this shop OR why we wanted to be in another shop. so i wrote a nice paragraph with no mistakes or anything about why i wanted to do horticulture but he took 10% off just cause i didnt want to be in computers. i dont feal like its fair cause i did the assignment and he didnt mark any mistakes but i got the same grade as other kids who had a bunch of mistakes on things or handed it in late. He even said in class after he handed it back that he would only give 100s to people who wanted to be in his shop. what should i do i wanted to talk to him but i got nevous and didnt.


Hey cutie!

It's understandable for him to mark you down a bit for that since the question was "why do you want to be in this shop (aka computer programing not horticulture)"

Sorry, babe, there's really not much you can do.  Teachers are tricky.

Jordan S.

by cute.monkey.14 on 9/15/2011 4:09:36 PM


You should come to my school. If you don't have the right last name you are basicly a loser to some teachers. The only good teachers at my school are the ones that have worked at a public school(I go to a private school). I, unfourtantly don't have the right last name. I got a 92 on my progress report in a computer class and I should have had higher! That teacher didn't like my sister or brother. but that class doesn't count towards collage. And on time I made a 84 because I didn't Underline the pronoun in the sentences I wrote. If I would have underlined I would've made a 100....

by Georgie 4 on 9/15/2011 4:00:54 PM


in my Pretty Little Liars fan club, you can get the scoop, take quizzes, and talk about the books. we have over 120 members and growing! all you have to do is click on my username,view my clubs, and click on PLL fan club. its that easy! why not join?

by cutiecayley333 on 9/15/2011 3:24:00 PM


I've missed alot of school lately because I have a terrible immune system and I keep getting sick. Last week I missed school on Friday morning but went back that afternoon. I didn't get my Social Studies homework on Friday because people told me we had none. So when I got to school on Monday, I told my teacher I didn't get it. She told me I had detention during lunch and if I didn't get it done then, I had detention after school. I went to lunch detention and I misunderstood her and I did the wrong thing and she said to do a different part since the top of it was vocab and I did it and she said to set it on her desk when the bell rang. I saw her during study hall and she didn't say anything about after school detention. I haven't been to school since Monday because I keep getting migraines. I'm going back to school tomorrow and I'm worried I'm gonna have a detention. What should I do to calm down? Sorry this is so long!


Hey girlie!

Got any friends in that class?  Give one of them a ring and ask what's been happening in that class.  Then do whatever you can at home. If it's a worksheet, the once you go back to school you can show that teacher that you're on top of things.  If she tries to give you detention again, have your mom get involved.

Jordan S.

by nerdisthewurd26 on 9/15/2011 3:01:05 PM


My science teacher treats us really unfairly...I'm in honors and she likes to rub it in how much less the academic kids have to do, and if we don't write enough down for an answer, she counts it wrong. :/

by IceTigers on 9/15/2011 2:40:43 PM


first comment! My mom's my teacher so my school pretty much rocks

by tabbycat627 on 9/15/2011 10:23:17 AM

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