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My 'rents won't let me take a date to the dance

Am I supposed to turn down guys who ask me?
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Well, the situation is that There is a party on Saturday... Now, my twin sis, one of my best friends and I play volleyball... There is a volleyball tournament on the same day and we might be a little late or even super late... My mom wont let me leave because we made a commitment which I know is right, but it is just a tournament, right? On top of that, like every1 in my class is going and it sounds super fun... What do I do?

Hey girl,

Just be fashionably late to the party! It really won't be as much of an issue as you think Smile You'll make an entrance and I'm sure you'll still get to enjoy the party!
Lauren C.

by Danielle:)3 on 10/20/2011 9:31:44 PM


MOD! MOD! My parents says I can't have a bf or anything. they think i will get pregnant or something. I'm only in 6th grade! I am responsible but they dont think so. Introducing him to my parents wont help because my parents tend to overreact. my mom says she would leave me and kick me out of the house. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

Try talking to her one-on-one about how you feel regarding dating and ask her about her feelings. Address her issues and ask if there is any way you guys can compromise.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by torrie55 on 9/28/2011 12:43:16 AM


If your parents wont let you there isnt much you can do. My parents were against me having a bf but they gave in and now I am amazed by how much they let me do. You little sister is probably obsessed with you having a date because she thinks about having one, just try not to think about how she ruined things for you.

by luckykel on 9/24/2011 10:04:12 PM


MOD MOD MOD! My parents wont let me go on dates until after *college*! i mean, isn't that wayyy too late? they say that I have to keep up with my studying and schoolwork, and I don't *need* a BF. (That's what they said to my older sis i think) I know that dating isn't something stupid you do so casually. I've gotten pretty much straight A's my whole life. I see myself as a responsible girl, and I wouldn't do something with a guy that I'd end up regretting later. (you know what I mean, right? :-/) I think they just don't trust people very easily, but idk. What should I do? Thanks!!!!!


Hey girly, this a toughie. If you find a guy you like, introduce him to your parents, so they can see that you've chosen a nice responsible guy. That way they'll see they can trust both you and this guy. Even introduce your parents to his, so everyone will know everyone. Hopefully this helps ya girl!!!!!!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by ninibo on 9/24/2011 7:56:54 PM


MOD MOD MOD in your opinion, how young is too young to date? just wondering! thanks

That's an interesting question--I've never thought about it! Hmm let me get back to you on that one ;)

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by tori1016 on 9/24/2011 11:51:29 AM


My mom is a teacher at my high school, and i think she scares away any guy who might like me becuz i always have to be like, "You do know my mom is Mrs. ..., right?" and they're like "Oh...umm...nevermind..." and my mom says that shes just fine with me having a BF, but she also feels like she needs to look him up on the school's computer and see what grades he's getting and if he's "respectable" or not.
What can I do to convince my mom that i should be allowed to date a guy without her going all FBI on him?

Try talking to her one-on-one regarding how you feel and the reactions you've been getting from guys. If you keep things non-confrontational, she should understand Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by tessi13 on 9/24/2011 9:49:06 AM


I like this guy but he likes my bestie! He wants to ask her to the halloween dance. The problem is she doesn't like him, she likes his best friend who is also asking her. Shes probably going to say yes to him and the other one will be crushed! She needs help. Waht do I do?

Hey sweetie! 

This is such a tough sitch to be in! You can always swoop in and be the date for the guy your BFF doesn't take (if you're close to these guys), but if you feel like that would be awkward, why don't you go to the halloween dance with a big group of friends? It could be tons of fun dancing around with your girls (and meeting guys!) Let your BFF know how you feel about this guy - maybe she can talk you up to him! Good luck and have fun at the dance, chica! xoxo 
Devin A.

by loveurmusic on 9/23/2011 4:01:02 PM


I like this guy i met at camp and i think he likes me too Smile we have texted and talked on fb a lil bit but how do i get the courage to txt him myself also how much is too much thx sry for so many questions


Hey girlie,

Try one text, then wait for him to respond and figure out how interested he is in the conversation, before you text again. And there aren't many tricks to getting up the courage - sometimes you just have to shut your eyes, press "Send," and enjoy the confidence you get after you prove to yourself that you can do it!

Lauren C.

by sportchic97 on 9/22/2011 9:08:55 PM


Im a little chubbier than most girls, does this make guys not notice me as much?


Hey girlie,

Not at all! At times, it might seem like guys only go for the skinny, gorgeous girls - and to be honest, some guys are shallow enough to do so (but would you wanna be his GF anyway? uh, noo!). But there are TONS of great guys out there who will find you attractive, pretty, and interesting because of your personality/likes/hobbies/clubs/values. If you ever feel insecure about your bod, remind yourself that nothing takes away the amazing personality you've got. So be out-going and let people get to know the YOU inside! Smile

Lauren C.

by imposible2 on 9/22/2011 7:53:26 PM


I am also not allowed to date, and I have been asked to homecoming. I just told them "I would love to, but I'm not allowed to date." They just shrug and say that's too bad. Smile

by pinkydood on 9/22/2011 10:42:29 AM


Please answer! First of all, my dad hasn't really been himself. Lately when I try to talk to him about my day he looks so bored and distracted. I don't think he cares at all what I have to say. Also the other when my aunt and grandma were here he was like "the dogs are the only ones that greet me anymore". He's also made some mean comments about me being a teenager. It was kind of awhile ago but it still sticks out in my mind. So I've vowed to myself that I am going to stop talking to him about my day for awhile, since obviously he doesn't care about what I have to say.
And then my brother is soo talented. He can pick up just about any instrument and know how to play it even he's never taken lessons. All I can do is sing. My mom is bragging about how amazing and talented he is. The thing is I have the same relationship to music as he does but my talks about him allll the time. I get so jealous but I try really hard not to show it! Help!

Hey girly! Maybe you should try sitting your parents down and having a real talk with them. Be careful you don't whine though, try to have a civilized conversation and talk to them seriously. Express how you have been feeling and let them know that you think they have been unfair. They will never know until you tell them.  
Ana D.

by kikidee12 on 9/22/2011 1:58:41 AM


awwwww the girl in the pic looks so sad Frown

by loveTC247 on 9/21/2011 8:10:51 PM


Hey girls!

Do you need advice? Well, I’m the girl to go to for help! I can give you advice on just about anything, 1-2 days and I’ll answer you! So, post your comments please!

Also, please join my club “Amazing_Quotes” to read and post all your favorite quotes!


by facebooker1240 on 9/21/2011 7:30:18 PM


no offence but what makes you think guys are gonna ask you? you sound oretty full of yourself if you ask me

by sammy8550 on 9/21/2011 6:19:57 PM


I think this advice is great!

by RaceTiger7 on 9/21/2011 5:34:54 PM


that stinks! i think parents are being unreasonable when they won't let girls go to a dance with a guy.

by tswiftluver13 on 9/21/2011 5:34:01 PM


MOD MOD MOD Would it still be against your parent's rules if you just danced with a guy at the dance? Like if you go to the dance stag and then some guy asks you for a dance?


Hey chicas! I'm so sorry I haven't been responding, my computer has been acting up and I didn't have an internet connection or another laptop to log onto. So sooory about that. Re-send your questions and another MOD or maybe some of your peers will be able to get back to you! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by emma4may on 9/21/2011 4:13:24 PM


Honey, homecoming sucks. If you can't go with a date, then go with friends~ and it's not like you can't go and meet guys at the school dance. Even all girl schools invite over guys to their dances~
I skipped it this time around and went partying w/ my good friends. & We could do whatever we wanted...
Anyways, don't worry and just try to have fun.

by i_luv_devin on 9/21/2011 2:58:48 PM

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