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5 natural beauty brands we heart

For your most gorge glow without the icky chemicals.
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I really need help! I always have trouble finding a good mascara for my sensitive eyes. I naturally have sorta long eyelashes, so I don't want a mascara that makes them look SUPER long and spidery. What is a good drugstore mascara that works really good and is great for sensitive eyes? Please help! Thanks Smile

I dont know a whole lot about mascara for sensitive eyes. Maybe try to find organic mascaras at a local drug store. They might be more natural. Also bare minerals might have a good mascara for you. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by soccerpiggy2 on 12/18/2011 7:47:03 PM


Physician's Formula <3
The only makeup I use.

by Superleigh50 on 10/4/2011 3:21:33 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
I am tired of my eyeshadow creasing but I don't want to spend $19 on eye primer. Do you know any good,cheap eye primers or ways to makew it myself? Thanks!!

Hey girlie,

I just take some of my foundation or concealer and put it on my eyelid as a primer. Works like a charm! 
Lauren C.

by fuzzchick on 10/2/2011 11:25:39 AM


I'm gonna try Burt's Bee's

by RainbowSherbert5 on 9/25/2011 12:14:46 AM


mod mod mod mod i hav red hair pale skin and blue eyes. whats a good color for my lips/ i always look so plain with ou any color on them!


Hey chica, you have such a pretty hair/skin combination going. A light pink gloss would look great on you. Also try nude, red, and  light burgundy. Hope this works for ya! Smile Smile 

Lynae P.

by courtney6620 on 9/24/2011 5:20:15 PM


Burt's Bees is very distracting to me because of the tingly feeling. It takes a while to gain the tingly feeling, but the scent freshens your breath, which is the only thing I like about it, because I don't like chewing gum. I say if you really want the Burt's Bees, get a tinted one to make it more worth the buy.

by gigglygal99 on 9/24/2011 4:21:41 PM


Burt's Bees smells weird.

by Scorpio1027 on 9/24/2011 1:51:56 AM


i want to try all of them!

by tswiftluver13 on 9/23/2011 5:33:21 PM


I only make double my age in bucks once a month, and I am a frequent spender. Any advice on how to save up really fast.
P.S. my current allowance is 24 dollars. Help!

Hey babe! 

Every time you get your allowance, put a little bit away for something expensive you really want. Hang a picture of that item in your room so you always remember what you're saving for! And every time you go out with your friends, take only as much money as you need! Good luck! xoxox 
Devin A.

by flyaway99 on 9/23/2011 4:50:14 PM


I'm not allowed to date until I'm in graduate school. I'm serious. I'm 13 now, and wanted to start dating when I turn 14. My 17 year old sister never was allowed to, either! It's also really awkward around my parents when someone says the word date, and that's a problem because I'm the kind of person who loves romance! What should I do?

Hey chica! 

You need to talk to your parents and let them know you're concerned. Bring up examples about how you've been sensible and smart, and how you would make good judgement in choosing guys. Make sure to hear them out too - try and figure out why they've made this rule. Hopefully you can come to some kind of agreement. Good luck girlie! xoxox
Devin A.

by starkidette on 9/23/2011 3:46:28 PM

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