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Are my eyes really changing color?

Is it possible for eyes to change color? Whenever I cry, my usually blue-gray eyes change to a really bright bluish-green color. It also happens when I...
34 Comments | Add Yours

I had dark blue eyes when I was a baby but now I have hazel eyes. I didn't even know that till my mom told me yesterday! I didn't notice it in my baby pics either.

by Casey_cookie on 8/14/2013 3:03:20 PM


That happens to me! But like its different.. whenever I'm sad or angry my eyes are dark blue and whenever I'm happy, my eyes are crystal blue!!

by Nialler_4_ever on 8/13/2013 4:46:15 PM


Almost a month ago my dad and I were on a camping trip and there weren't any mosquitos but the first day I forgot bugspray and my legs got bitten by flies. The bites appeared, itched, and generally acted like mosquito bites, but it's been a month and they're still there! Now they are flat, and just like dark spots on my lower legs and they don't itch, but I'm wondering if they'll ever go away! If you have any ideas I'd be grateful.



Hey girl,

If you scratch bug bites too much, you can scar the skin. They'll likely go away, but talk to a doctor (or a dermatologist, more specifically) about it. They'll be able to help!

Caroline C.

by dragonsrox1000 on 8/12/2013 2:45:44 PM


Alright, I have color changing eyes, too. I was born with blues eyes but then I got a green eye color. Now, My eyes are diagonally split in half- one half blue and one half green. So my question is- how do I have a split eye color? eyes are only meant to be one color. Everyone I know has 1 eye color all of the time, but I have 2. Does it have something to do with me being colorblind? Or having eye therapy (yes, there is such a thing and I have been doing it for a while- while my eye color was still shifting)?


Hey girl! I'm honestly not sure. Your eyes sound really interesting and unique! An eye doctor would best know what's up with them, though, so be sure to ask them if you're curious. Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by supersunshine506 on 8/12/2013 1:49:04 PM


my eye color is multiply my friends say when I'm tired my eyes are blue, when I'm just enjoying myself their green, and when I'm super hyper my eyes are gold. But when I show and feel no emotion my eyes are all three colors at once.

by becs4413 on 8/11/2013 8:07:08 PM


@Colierox same with me! When I was younger I had blue eyes. Then green and now turquiose with green rings and dark blue. I also have brown spots that are freckles on your eyes. My friends think they're really cool.

by fashiongirl43 on 8/11/2013 7:59:38 PM


At my youth group, we always have a color war at the end of summer. All seniors are team captains so me and a couple other seniors are captains of the Blue Team and our theme is Cinderella's Glass Slipper. I was wondering if you had any ideas for cheers, costumes, or silent chants that have to do with Blue and Cinderella. Thanks!


Hey girlie, girls on your team can wear blue tutus like a princess or Cinderella. You can wear blue tights and blue socks. Dress up and go all out! 

Lauren T.

by superstarlala on 8/11/2013 5:55:36 PM


My eyes are bluish- green and get really bright when I'm crying. (Like in the article) But sometimes one of my eyes randomly looks totally green while the other looks totally blue. It's weird! Tong

by mogo13 on 8/11/2013 2:00:05 PM


Ok, so i know this is an old article but my ? really relates to this. My eyes always start crying when I laugh (the tiniest bit even!), my hair is pulled, I sneeze, and sometimes if the lighting suddenly changes. HELP!!!


Hey girlie, unfortunately there's probably not much you can do about it. Your eyes are probably just sensitive. Ask your doctor about it the next time you're there. 

Lauren T.

by hhj on 5/19/2013 8:25:13 PM


My eyes are normal light brown eyes, when I'm mad, sad, or bored it turns darker like brunette type...weird...there's a girl, her eyes is sometime grey, hazel,and greenish light blue ish.... Laughing

by Susmita24 on 8/16/2012 9:04:26 PM

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