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I think I have too much hair around my privates

I know it's normal to have hair down there, but...
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Whenever i where a swimsuit my hair down there sticks out. What should i do about it?!???

by call-me-cricket on 7/12/2012 4:22:44 PM


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by chloe4137 on 6/20/2012 1:14:35 PM


mod mod mod
soo i notice my stomoach has hair on it...should i take it off

Hey girl,

Everyone has hair, so don't worry about it, because it's completely normal! If you do want to remove it, the strategies are the same as for other hair removal (waxing, shaving, etc.), so just be careful!

Meghan D.

by cutiepie14231 on 4/27/2012 9:36:57 PM


I know this is weird but does anyone ever wonder why shaving 'down there' is so important for us to do. You see ads for brazilians and bikini hair removal and how poplar it is, even for people our age and its the guys with all the hair and you dont see the ads for them to get rid of their 'down there' hair. Oh well, I guess that is just the way it is.

It wont stop me from shaving but its just one of those weird thoughts.

by luckykel on 4/13/2012 3:13:37 PM


Hey Kawaii Panda, your def not the first girl to have that itching sensation. What do you use to shave? Nair? Shaving cream or soap? The problem is most likely the product you're using to shave. It could also be the temperature of the water or the razor. Try switching up your shaving method and see if anything improves. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Mod mod mod!!!
I don't know how to explain it, but after I shave, it itches and red bumps appear 'down there.' Lynae P.

by KawaiiPanda on 4/7/2012 1:09:08 PM


Mod mod mod I have hair down there. But, I have started growing some like on the front under my belly! Why? Ps the new ones are like an inch long and black and I haven't had my period yet but have had discharge for a little over a month.

Hey girl,

A lot of chicas have a bit of hair on their tummies, so don't worry! It's not related to your period, it's just part of being human!

Meghan D.

by cuddlebug143 on 3/3/2012 10:09:23 AM


i have a hairy down there

by sarahrose on 2/24/2012 2:15:35 PM


For some reason my comment are not showing up on the other convo! But I have a really important question.
First Ill see if this even posts!(:


Well hello! Go ahead and ask and ill try my best to answer your question. xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by anonomysyeaa on 2/14/2012 8:25:49 PM


Mod mod mod!!
Is it normal to have period cramps so bad you pass out? Because that happened to me the other day (and I'm 100% sure it was from cramps btw). That's never happened before! Usually pain medicine works but should I be calling a doctor?


Ive had pretty bad cramps and gotten close to passing out but i think if that happened to you, you may want to ask your doctor whats up. They may be able to give you some advice to help lessen the pain. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by needtobreathe on 1/3/2012 7:35:59 PM


ok so over christmas break i've noticed that it really iches "down there"... it itches A LOT and its really embarassing!! i cant help i HAVE to itch it! i shower every night and sometimes i shave down there but what should i do? i want it to stop itching before i go back to school!

Hey girlie,

If it itches on the outside, it could be irritation from shaving or dry skin from the harsh winter weather. (Yep, the dry air affects "down there" too!) Try to stop shaving for a bit and moisturize down there with body lotion once or twice a day. If it itches inside, it's probably a yeast infection. Yeast infections are no big deal and happen to all of us, but def give your doc a call so they can diagnose you and recommend a cream/pill to treat it. If it itches as bad as you say (and as bad as yeast infections normally itch), you'll feel so RELIEVED to treat it!!! <3
Lauren C.

by girliegirl99 on 12/30/2011 11:59:40 PM


TMI but i used nair on my bikini line and some got on my vulva, which i didn't notice until i washed it off and it was stinging. now, it stings and itches whenever i close my legs. i put some cream on to help with the itch, but it still really stings. plus, it's getting uncomfortable to sit with my legs open. please help fast!!!!!!

I would ask your doctor what to do. Im not gonna be able to give you the best medical advice. But you should ask your doctor or your mom to get some advice. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by karimcann on 12/4/2011 6:48:06 PM


I have dark hair and the hair on my legs is really dark black, and long and thick. It looks really bad and i want to shave it off, but my mom opposes. She said that once you start, you can never stop and that it takes too long to do it regularly. But some of my friends say that they only have to shave their legs twice a week! What can i do to make my mom let me shave my legs?


Hey girl,


Try talking to your mom about why she doesn't want you to shave -- maybe you can agree on what age is appropriate? If she won't compromise, it's never good to go behind her back, though. Your hair is probably less noticeable than you think, but since it's winter you can always wear tights or pants to stay warm, and no one will see your legs!

Meghan D.

by Pinklife on 12/3/2011 2:39:10 AM


Maybe its TMI but its sometimes difficult to get all the hair 'down there' that is farther back. Some of us do shave all of it and the hair 'farther back' you are talking about is a pain to get to. I am not hairy like some of my friends but I still like to shave, and I only imagine what some of my friends have to deal with to get that area shaved.

I think that area thats farther back, just behind our vagina is called our perineum?

by luckykel on 11/28/2011 3:13:51 PM


i have the same problem dont worry about it i wasnt shure either Smile

by jooloop on 11/4/2011 11:53:49 AM


It itches so bad down there and I seem to have a forest Frown
In public I can't help my self from itching and it's really ebarass! Please help me! I hate my forest D:

Hey girl! 

First of all, have you changed your detergent recently? Have you not showered for a few days?  It could be either of those things - or something else! If there's a fishy odor or an unusually heavy/chunky discharge, call a doctor to help figure out what's going on. As for your forest, to shave (or not to shave) your hair is a decision for you to make. What you choose to do with your bod is your business. 
Devin A.

by AdeleMakesUsShine on 10/17/2011 3:14:39 PM


mine is itchy sometimes with that fishy odor what do i do? help

by queenra on 9/30/2011 6:54:08 PM


i think somethings up down there.... it really itchy & irritate & dry , it hurts sometimes .... i looked up yeast infections but i only have one or two of the signs what else could i be ?? what shoul i do ?

Hey babe,

If the itch isn't accompanied by a fishy odor and unusually heavy/chunky discharge, it's prob not a yeast infection. It could just be irritated! Have you switched soaps or detergents lately? Did you go a couple days without showering? It could be any of these things - or something else! Try to pay attention to your own bod's signals and, if it sticks around for another few days, call your doc to make sure it's nothing more serious Smile 
Lauren C.

by prettyprincess55555 on 9/29/2011 9:03:02 PM


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Oh yeah and if you are just totally boy crazy and can't go a second without thinking or talking about guys...join my club Boy Fever where we always have boys on the brain!

BOTTOM LINE: Whether u need advice or just want someone to brag about your bf or crush too...I'm your girl!



by maggie183 on 9/24/2011 11:19:14 AM

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