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My buds are busting on my bod

I try to be happy with my body but they keep making me feel more self-conscious!
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I know I probably should not be up this late but I can't sleep. We got shots at school today, and I ended up getting 5. 2 on my left arm and 3 on my right. Whenever I turn in bed (which I cannot control I always end up turning) my arms are so sore. What should I do?


Hey girl! Ouch, no fun. To tone down the pain, ask your parents for some ibuprofen. Feel better!


Katie L.

by Swifty#1 on 11/28/2012 3:10:19 AM


Well, here goes nothin' :
Can girls on GL become a mod? If so, how?
Thank Ya!


Hey babe, unfortunately, you can't become a Mod, but you can become a GL Advice Queen and dish out all your great tips! Get started on your Advice Queen page right here:

Jess D.

by ShirleyFeeney on 11/12/2012 3:20:36 PM


I SOOO know how that feels. People always say that I need to get some 'meat on my bones' or gain weight.

by ShirleyFeeney on 11/12/2012 3:18:20 PM


im 13 in 7th and im really skinny and i hardly have any boobs and my friends make fun of me. is there any way that i can bring my selfestime up

Hey babe,

You gotta remember that everyone has stuff about them that they don't like. Some girls think they're too tall, some thing they're too curvy, some think they're too skinny, some think their race isn't pretty or their hair is too curly....we've heard it ALL. But that doesn't mean you aren't beautiful! Every time you feel bad, look in the mirror. Challenge yourself to find two things you love about yourself: 1 physical thing and 1 personality thing. For example, you're having an amazing hair day and you're a good role model for your younger sibs. Each time, make them different things. You might feel sad or totally insecure, but you WILL find those strengths/skills if you search for them. <3 You're awesome!! 
Lauren C.

by cutiepie14231 on 1/26/2012 6:28:24 PM


My friends do that to me too. I am 11 and I weigh (edited) pounds. Is that a healthy weight?? They always say I am to skinny. I know how you feel. And I am flat chested and they make fun of me when I wear a trainer. Last time I checked... They are so you can get used to wearing bras...

Hey girlie,

We mods can help ya with all kinds of situations, but we aren't qualified to judge whether your weight is healthy/overweight/underweight. (Neither are your friends.) That's a question for your doctor! So if you're concerned or even just curious, definitely ask him/her the next time you're at the office. You can trust their advice!!!!
Lauren C.

by SydneyAnne000 on 12/11/2011 12:05:15 AM


I am very tall and thin with a super flat chest so I know how it feels, but be thankful of who you are. Many girls have to worry about gaining weight but we are the lucky ones who dont have to worr about it. And if your friends are making fun of you they are probably just jealous and insecure about their own bodies, so dont take it personally.

by may__flower on 10/24/2011 6:17:02 PM


i'm skinny too, but i am popular, so no one makes fun of me Tong

by Melah's Life! on 10/15/2011 5:18:41 PM


I am skinny and flat- chested and my friends call me annorexic sometimes, even though I'm not! It makes me mad, and then I try to tell them that my whole family is like that, but they never even listen, and do it again. Also I know of some people talking about me behind my back, because I'm so skinny. Its seems like everyone in the school but me has boobs!! I also know some guys who dumped their girlfriends because their boobs weren't big enough. Does anyone have anything that would help me?

by rileytibbles on 10/12/2011 9:35:38 PM


MOD MOD MOD!I've never had a bf or even kissed a guy.How do I get one?

Check out this section for great tips: - Get a BF Smile

Brittany G.   

Brittany G.

by Colors_Of_The_World on 10/12/2011 12:18:15 AM


MOD? (Sorry, I'm a bit new to this Tong)
First of all, let me say that I think this is a very well run website. You guys give really great and supporting advice. Smile
Now it's my turn to ask a question I guess... I'm 15 years old, pretty skinny, and seriously flat. I'm sure 10 year olds have larger chests than I do. I can never really fill up fancy shirts or dresses (the shoulder parts keep falling) , so I end up wearing t-shirts most of the time with a bra that fits me alright, though they all seem to be a bit roomy. A dance is coming up at my school soon and I really want to go, wear a dress, just fit in and have fun, but I just can't seem to find a nice, inexpensive dress that actually fits me and accentuates what little curves I have. I don't want anyone to think that I have none, even if they are microscopic. -__- If I wear a bra with the dress, the straps show and I would rather that not happen. Are there any tips you have to suggest for me? Smile Thank you very much in advance! Laughing

Hey girl,

Welcome to GL! I'm so glad you're loving your experience so far - we're glad to have ya! Smile Now to your question. Try going for drama with your dress - a low-cut V neck dress with a padded push-up bra underneath will give ya the chance to fake some curves, while also accentuating the ones you've got! You could also wear a cropped jacket over the dress you choose, to give your upper body a little bit more volume. You should also try gathered bustlines, bustlines with details like cascading ruffles or a bow, lace, sequins, etc. They'll call attention to your bust while also giving it the illusion of more volume. The most important thing though is to find a bra that fits you and feels good for your everyday style - not just on special occasions! So try to going to a department store or Victoria's Secret and asking their staff for a padded bra that will help a flat-chested gal. They'll totally know what to recommend!
Lauren C.

by cherry_berry on 10/9/2011 2:52:41 AM

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