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Sensitive nipple solution?

Are my nipples supposed to be so sensitive? When something touches them, it feels really weird.
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my nipples keep changing! sometimes they will get puffy, then 1 minuit later, it will feel crusty and started last december, and before that, they were crusty and small all day.
what is going on? i am in the middle of a puberty traffic jam! Smile
xoxo- iluvsqrls5


Hey iluvsqrls5, you really are in puberty traffic girl! I think this is just a result of your developing, so no worries. Just be sure to keep yourself clean and moisturized. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by iluvsqrls5 on 4/16/2013 8:20:23 PM



Hey girl,

It's normal to experience some pain while you're growing, but if it's lasting you should probably see a doc to be sure.

Meghan D.

by CherryDream on 4/6/2012 9:55:32 PM


Thanks so much!

by JerJer6 on 12/20/2011 8:42:53 PM


MOD MOD MOD! My discharge is kind of thick and yellowish-white. I don't know how thick discharge is supposed to be but it seems really thick from what everyone discribes it to be like. Is this bad or normal?

I think it sounds normal. Dont stress about it too much Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by JerJer6 on 12/20/2011 5:56:33 PM


Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod
Okay, so a week ago, i had this weird white stuff sticking out of my nipple, and it kind of looked like skin sticking out. I got tweezers and pulled it out. When I pulled it out, even more came out. I got all of it out, but then it really hurt. Is that normal? And what was the white stuff?

Hey girlie,

It could have been any number of things - normal nipple discharge, a hormonal change, lint from your shirt, an ingrown hair, etc. Or it could be something more serious, like an infection. If it continues to happen and continues to hurt, def ask your doctor soon about it. But discharge every now and then is relatively normal Smile 
Lauren C.

by wakeboardchick7 on 11/24/2011 7:19:16 PM


QUESTION!!! It's maybe been a year now since it started but my left nipple hurts whenever I put pressure on it!!!!! Just the slightest bit of pressure and it hurts. I don't think this is normal and I'm too embarrassed to tell my mom! What do you think I should do??????

by MyRoses101 on 11/18/2011 7:07:05 PM


MOD!! If I push on my boobs it hurts,why? And im almost 11 and my boobs are the size of an apple, is that normal?

Hey girlie,

That's a totally normal size. We all develop at different speeds so, whether your boobs are flat or more voluptuous at age 11, you're still normal! Smile And if they're tender, it could be that they're growing, you're in the week before your period, or any number of other normal things. Don't worry Smile If it bothers ya, feel free to take a Tylenol to ease the pain! 
Lauren C.

by Sunblue45 on 10/8/2011 10:05:44 PM


MOD! My nipples are always one inward and one outward and they keep switching. Is this normal?

Hey girl! I would love to give you some help but I am really not sure. It doesnt sound drastically terrible and not an emergency but you should ask your mom or a doctor for some advice and get it checked out.  
Ana D.

by BriannaM911 on 10/4/2011 7:44:43 AM


I feel the same way now I can't just go lose because it feels so weird and I hate it.

by NJessicaN on 9/23/2011 8:02:50 PM


*** MOD ***
Okay, so today my XC team had a meet and we were on a bus. My ex crush was sitting at the front of the bus. My friend, on the team, who does not know I used to like him, I think might like him bc when he got on the bus she yealled "HI BOB (let's just say that is his name)!" And then she told me she had to go to the bathroom and as a joke I said "You seem to alwyas want to talk to Bob, why don't you tell HIM that. ;)" But then she stood up on in the bus and screamed "BOB STEPHANIE(Me)HAS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!". I was mortified. I don't like him anymore but I don't want him to think I am weird like I told her to say that! Do you think I am overthinking it, or should I tell him I had nothing to do with it. Thanks!

Hey babe! 

I think you should talk to your friend and tell her that her actions really bothered you. The guy probably doesn't care - but it's not fair for your friend to treat you that way. Good luck! xoxox 
Devin A.

by Hitomi_W on 9/23/2011 2:47:42 AM

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