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Host a fab fall fete!

Take the fun indoors and relax with your girls by having a low-key, fall-themed sleepover. Who misses summer now?
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when i have friends over i dont know what stuff we should besides watching movies and stuff...please reply quickly and thx for the help(:

by lovin.life5253 on 1/21/2012 3:23:07 PM


Thanks So Much!

by audz1199 on 12/9/2011 7:29:52 PM


Hey audz1199, give your parents all the details on the day you're having it, people coming, and activities you guys will be doing. Let them know you will be responsible and make sure your friends act properly as well. To get some fast cash you can babysit, do chores, borrow some from a friend, have a yard sale or donate clothes to an orphange. Hope this helps! Smile Smile

by Lynae P. on 12/9/2011 7:26:43 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!! How do i convince my parents to let me have a sleepover? And how can you earn money REALLY quickly? PLEASE REPLY FAST!!!!!

by audz1199 on 12/9/2011 7:21:16 PM


During the christmas time with that warm fuzzy winter feeling and my 3-4 besties are going to sleepover! But i have no idea what fun things to do other than the regular stuff like truth or dare or making cookies! Any cool ideas sense theres nothing online?! Smile

by sunsetmelon44 on 11/21/2011 7:59:34 PM


MOD MOD MOD I really want to make my own short films, but every idea i come up with has been used, and i don't wanna look like im copying. Also, would it be easier to make parts if the movie at a sleep over? If you have anything else that might help please let me know. Thanks!


Hey girly, well just because a movie has the same plot doesn't mean it has to be done in the same way. For example, you could have a movie about two people falling in love, but how and what the go through to be with each other could be different from another movie. Make a list of all the things you'd like to see on film or stories you think are interesting to get some ideas. Some of the best movies actually happened, so talk to friends and family about things that happened in their lives. I think filiming a movie at a sleepover would be easy if it's about a sleepover. Hope this helps! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by lemonade.mouth.luver on 11/12/2011 8:36:33 PM


Only prob for me? i get embaressed about people knowing when i try face masks (still have yet to try) and that becomes major when working out and stuff. Big prob w/ 3 sibs to bug me. All older too. Any advice? Thx in advance. Smile

by flyaway99 on 10/29/2011 3:05:29 PM


I'm so using these ideas for my fall party. Fab!


by indesicive1 on 10/19/2011 6:05:41 PM


MOD MOD MOD I'm in 6th grade and my birthday party is in a few weeks. I'm having a sleepover and idk wut else to do! I don't really want to spend a lot of money because my parents didn't even want me to have a party. My friends are super fun, wild and crazy so not to clam or else it wouldn't last to long! Thanks!

Hey girl! 

Have you thought about having a themed sleepover? Then you could plan lots of activities and serve lots of foods based on that theme. Let me know if you have any ideas! xoxox 
Devin A.

by macypup on 10/7/2011 3:53:57 PM


I need a good fall/Halloween movie for a sleepover but I have netflix so It's hard to find good movies! any ideas?


Hey girl, there's Halloweentown,  A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Night of the Living Dead and The Poltergesit. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by greeknspooky on 9/24/2011 6:39:57 PM

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