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Guy texts decoded!

At last, we get guy texting lingo translated.
116 Comments | Add Yours

mod mod
so I finaly asked my crush (of 7 years) for his number! Smile im so happy so anyways we started texting & first off he didnt know who it was which i understand cuz there are 2 of us with the same name so yah anyways but we started talking and i said what up he said eatting i said me too he said "yum stuff" and i said yup he never replyed i dont want to text him again and seem like obsesed or anything so i really like him we are in 8th grade and I really want to become closer so idk what to do plz help... I mean he is the guy of my dreams he is a football player, on swim team, track, cross country, and he is super smart and hes cute... so anyways how can I get closer to him, when I talk to him at school I get nervous, and have butterflys in my stomach, so yah I dont know how to get closer to him please help! I feel like I need a Taylor Swift song to explain this lol Smile thanks mod
Luv, Peyton

Its hard to reply to a text that says "yep" so try responses that will keep the conversation going. Say yep and then ask him a question. That will keep the convo from dying and youll get to know him better Smile xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by girlzrock123 on 11/4/2011 8:21:24 PM


MOD MOD MOD! Please help! I really like this guy and people said that he likes me too. But hes 18 and I'm only 13.Right now hes off at collage and theres really no way I can talk to him or any thing except through facebook.(but we never seem to be on the same time) Any who... am i to young for him? and how can we talk to each other? Oh yeah we have never talked to each other. Thanks it really means alot.

Hmm that does seem like a big age difference. Plus I'm pretty sure there are laws about people over 18 dating kids under 16. Im not positive though. It depends on the state. So be wary of that. Plus if you two never talk how do you expect to have a relationship with him? Just be careful. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Ndadgirl on 11/4/2011 5:08:00 PM


How can i flirt with a guy in public places without too many ppl noticing ??(: Thanks

Hey girly! Dont be to obvious about it because guys can be really shy when it comes to feelings. with out being all over your guy just let him know you are there by touching his arm or holding his hand every once in a while  
Ana D.

by lilgymnast11 on 11/3/2011 10:39:13 AM


Ok so my crush and I text sometimes. I usually have to text him first. He always says"sup" when I say hey. And what are some cute things to say and what are some questions I could ask him?

by GotDance13 on 11/1/2011 10:43:04 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I really need some advice! So a boy at my school said that he liked me on text... then he asked me if i liked him...i said kinda. Then the next day he gets a GF. They only lasted for about a week. the next day he says that he loved me. I told him that love is a big word and he was positive that he loved me. Then the next month he gets another GF. Before he had a GF he said i was beautiful and amazing. He asked me if we could have a relationship.. but i said no because im too young. He wasnt too happy. We r still good friends but its starting to get awkward. He is really sweet but he is flirty to allllll girls. when he breaks up with one girl he has another GF the next day. idk wat to do if he ever asked me out. i dont just want to be one of those other girls. but i want to stay as friends.. what should i do?


Hey honey, your intuition is right about this boy. He seems like a player. I'm not sure if you should get involved with someone like him because he could end up hurting you. He may be doing this same thing to another girl. You can be his friend but as far as a relationship, you deserve better. 

Amalia E.

by basketball911 on 10/30/2011 6:23:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have a question! I have a guy friend I really like,if u know what I mean. I would really like to work up the courage to ask him out. I'm pretty sure he likes me back. I am scared to ask him because if he really doesn't like me I don't know if we could go back to being friends. Another thing to complicate all this is that my other BGF has an obvious crush on me and has even asked me out. One part of me really wants to date the guy I like, the other part is confused and muddled up. I need your advice! Thanks

Hey girlie,

Listen to your heart on this one! Don't let that confusion get to you - you have a crush, so try to focus on pursuing that and don't let the stress of it ruin the experience Smile Since you don't wanna ask out your BGF before you know for sure (I wouldn't either!), try flirting with him and hang out with him more to see how he acts towards you. Compare that with how he acts around other girls. And the more you get to know him, the better you'll be able to judge the vibes you get from him (if there are any) Smile 
Lauren C.

by ktkittykat11 on 10/29/2011 9:47:21 PM


i HAVE A REALLY CRAZY SITUAION. I've liked this guy since last year and he knows I like him. I know he liked me last year, and we even dated for like two days. Sometimes he texts me but we never get as far as "hey whats up nothing u same cool g2g bye" this morning he texted me saying "very" and i said what and he said "idk u tell me" and it continued to be a very strange convo. the problem is i dont even know who's using his phone. And I know he likes other girls that are actually VERY different from me. By a lot. and I still really like him but it's SUPER awkward to get even 2 feet away from him, no way would i talk to him....everytime I try to find a new crush and i tell myself "i don't like him anymore" i will always love him!!! please help!!!!!!!!! i am soooo lost. also everyone thinks he's weird. :/

Hey girlie,

It is a little odd that you keep having these strange convos, but just because everyone thinks he's weird doesn't mean he really is. Personally, I would try to see if I could turn those convos into something. Instead of just letting the convo die, ask him questions! Open-ended questions that he can't just answer with one word. That way, you encourage him to communicate with you, show you're interested, and also learn something about him. Pretty good, right? It'll feel awkward at first to do something different like this, but just take a deep breath and go for it. The more you push your comfort zone, the easier it'll be! But he could also just be "That Guy," that one crush that you never truly lose feelings for. But over time, if you stop talking to him so often and try to force yourself to think about him a little less, he could end up being a nice memory - and not something that holds you back from connecting with other crushes <3
Lauren C.

by skinnyblonde99 on 10/28/2011 7:33:50 PM


okay. so my best guy friend(crush)switched classes.
some girl i know likes him too. the thing is, he always talks to me and says shes ugly and fat and says im much prettier...idk what to do!!!! agree or tell him to knock it off???

by fuzzmonkey on 10/27/2011 7:49:02 PM


Okay, so there's guy I like and he's a couple years older than me. All of my friends think we would be really cute and even my mom thinks we should go out. We text a lot but whenever we text he always talks about this girl Amanda that he likes and I mean ALWAYS. He says he really likes her and they're eventually going to go out. I thought that he liked me because he flirts with me a lot. He calls me pet names like smurf and we had a "sword" fight. He even let me sit in his lap one time. One time when we texted I said something about what if he liked someone else and he replied "sorry but you're too young;)" ad he texts with winky faces all the time. Does he like me or not???

Hey cutie!

This is reeeallly tricky.  If he likes that other girl, then there's really no way to deflect that interest back onto you until he's done with her.  For now, I'd just play the faithful best friend who's always there for him.  Then, when he seems to lose interest in this "Amanda" you can try testing the waters, and weighing how many signals you're getting.
Jordan S.

by Bornagain on 10/27/2011 4:27:13 PM


MOD MOD MOD! ok so theres this guy that i've been talking to for a few days and so far hes really awesome we've been texting non stop and he been asking me why i don't have a boyfriend and what not so he i know he likes me, its just he's a senior and i'm only a sophomore and he kind of has a bit of a reputation but he hasn't been going out with anyone in about a year so has he changed? one of his friends says hes a lot nicer now but i'm not sure if i should go for it or not...


Hey missy, sorry I can't answer your question right now! Check in with some of your other gal pals on here for advice, I'm sure they'll be willing to help you out. Thanx a bunch for understanding!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by allisonkrum12 on 10/26/2011 5:58:49 PM

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