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Guy texts decoded!

At last, we get guy texting lingo translated.
116 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok so there is this guy that i am totally in love with!!! i know that going to love is a very strong feeling but it is truly the way i feel!!!!!!! so he had liked me for 3 months and i had liked him for the same amount of time but when i learned at a football game yesterday that he likes my best friend instead of me i was holding back tears so i texted him and said
"so i heard u like so-and-so shes nice!" and he replied "........" so then i didnt reply and then he winked at me and said he thought i was mad at him (when in reality i am but i would but i would never tell him that) i am trying to get over him because i know we will never have a future together now and i am really confused at the same time!!!!!! the worst part is that 2 guys i dont like like me and i dont even know 1 of them!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!

Hey girlie,

First off, well-played. You did exactly the right thing here - you were mature and pleasant even when you found out bad news. That's great!!!! Who did you find out from that he likes your bestie? Because the way he responded to your text is a little odd - it could mean that he likes her and didn't know how to respond to a text about it, OR that he was confused where you got that info, OR that it was totally wrong. Since he winked at you afterward and made sure you were happy, he seems like he's at least still interested in being friends. Hang in there and let this one play out - you'll figure out over time if he really does like your bestie and not you, and you'll also come up with ways to be his friend even while all this is going on. As for those other two guys, it's always smart to keep your options open! Who are they? Are they cute? Smile Get to know them better and see if you might click with one of them! Who knows! 
Lauren C.

by Balletgirl1198 on 10/16/2011 1:14:01 AM


this goes along with my friends question from before:
he finally text back, they talked for a little while (p.s. she told him she liked this other guy shes been crushing on forever) shes freaking out... what should she do? she is so the opposite of hard to get... she is super flirty and texts him a lot.. what should she do?
thanks so much
BHE and her friend Smile
Lauren C. PleaseSmile

Hey again,

Ooo ok well then, she told him she liked someone else...that's different! He could've been feeling awkward because she admitted she liked someone else! Or he could've not known how to go back to talking normally with her after going into such a personal subject. Either way, if he's texting her now, that's awesome! She just needs to relax and take it one day at a time. Don't text him too much without him responding, give him his space, and see what happens! I'm sure the next time she sees him in person, it'll be fine as long as she acts normal (not awkward!), warm, and happy Smile
Lauren C.

by BehindHazelEyes on 10/15/2011 11:18:28 PM


mod mod mod
why didnt my last post get a respond. my posting has been off for awhile. i dont know whats up with it

Hey girlie,

I'm not sure! Did it get a response yet? If not, I don't see any other unanswered questions here from you. Try posting again, possibly in a different web browser to see if that works <3 
Lauren C.

by BehindHazelEyes on 10/15/2011 10:47:37 PM


Hey, i am with my friend right now and she has a question:
"I like this guy and i have been texting him a lot lately, i asked him who he liked and he wouldnt tell me, i told him though, ive been trying to text him for the past day but he wont text me back, but he texted my friend. is he ingnoring me? Am i texting him too often? (i text him a little more than a few times a day) but he is the type of guy who likes to text a lot, im just not sure why he isnt texting me back, help!" -BHE's friend Smile

Hey babe (and your friend!),

If you told him you like him and he doesn't feel the same (or he does but he doesn't wanna admit it), it might make him feel awkward to know that you like him. So he might not be answering because he isn't sure how to answer! Definitely stop texting so much (especially since he didn't answer) and play a lil hard-to-get for a while. Be busy and let him talk to you. If he doesn't, the next time you see him in person, talk to him and say something like - "Hey! Is everything ok? You seemed a little weird the past couple days." Then let him explain for himself <3 
Lauren C.

by BehindHazelEyes on 10/15/2011 10:04:15 PM


mod mod mod mod
so i have a bf now for like a week since yesterday. hes my first bf and hes a year younger than me.the past couple of days or so ive been kinda confused with my if i actually like him or not..i like him but idk if i really like him as a bf? or if i just like him in that cute little boy way instead?? should i break up with him??
im soo confused!! please help!!!

Hey girlie,

You're probably just freaking out because the whole "relationship" thing feels so new to you. And you don't wanna get trapped with a BF you don't like. But that doesn't actually mean you don't like're just doubting yourself. Stick with it for a little while and make sure you hang out, chat, flirt, etc. so you get to know him better. That's the point of dating - to enjoy your time with someone and to get to know them even better to see if you might be able to spend a long time with them. If you can't, that's ok! But don't give up so early on in the game. Get to know him first! 
Lauren C.

by athena1006 on 10/15/2011 11:27:09 AM


Mod Mod Mod
Ok so I've already asked a question asking if my crush likes me and the mod who answeres said probably. Lately he has been acting different though. He looks at me fairly a lot (from afar) but he is always sorta hiding when he is looking at me. Like for example he he will look at me but stand behind his friend and look over their shoulder. We did a scene together and he got really close. I mean like our faces were less than inch to touching, but with the other girl who played the same part he was llike two feet away from her. The day was the last time we talked but he still looks at me. We don't have any classes together since he is a grade ahead of me. Also I asked my friend who is a boy what the hiding and staring thing meant and he said that the boy doing this didn't want his friends to know me. Do you think he still has a crush on me or has moved on? I'm so Confused. Thanks in advance.

Hey girlie,

It's possible that he is still crushin' but, like your friend said, he doesn't want his buddies to know about the crush. His behavior during the scene with you compared to with the other girl says a lot about how he felt - getting that close to you means he's definitely interested in you in some way. But he might not be comfortable with having a crush (especially one who is younger) or might feel awkward after feeling like he might have come on too strong. Try smiling at him the next time you catch him looking! Look interested in him so he relaxes a little and see how it goes Smile 
Lauren C.

by tikidance354 on 10/14/2011 11:13:22 PM


MOD MOD MOD! There is this guy I like who sits across from me in a class. He is always joking and smiling at me or starting staring contests and smiling. Sometimes he kind of kicks me under the table, but never in a mean way, just joking. I am not sure if he likes me or if hes just a funny guy...

Hey chica,

Does he do this to other girls too? Or only you? That's the best way to guess if he's crushin' or if he's just a clown-around kind of guy. If the playful footsie and jokes are for you alone, it's a good sign he might like ya Smile 
Lauren C.

by soccerreb on 10/14/2011 10:48:21 PM


UGGGG so i have a sortof major delema. I reallllyyyy like this one guy, but i think my 2 best friends like him too. I want to ask him to dance (just for like one song not like the whole night) but my friends can be a little judgemental with my crushes. I don't want to hurt their feelings but i know ill get upset if they start dancing with him. Oh yeah and i forgot to mention this but i think he likes me back Smile im just super confused so thanks sooo much!!!!

Hey girlie,

It might be smart to chat with your friends and, first, try to agree that you're all friends first and you'll put boys second. Friendship lasts longer, after all! But this guy must have feelings too, so maybe you all could try to figure out who he likes - that way, if some of you don't have a shot at dating him, you don't hold a grudge as if the other one "stole" him from you. Dating is a two-way street, you know? It takes two people mutually liking each other to make it work - so it's not like it's totally your decision! 
Lauren C.

by sunshinestar106 on 10/14/2011 10:30:26 PM


I asked out my crush last year, and he said yes. He was my first boyfriend and vice versa. Because of that, we didn't talk, and we broke up after a week. I still like him though. This year, we don't have any classes together but when I see him in the halls, I catch his eye. I got his number, and we started texting. We've had some pretty long conversations. I see him when I walk home, but I never really talk to him face to face. I have maybe once or twice, but I always start the conversation. My first question is do you think that maybe things could work out and we might end up going out again? My second question is why won't he talk to me face to face? Thanks!


Hey girlie,

Challenge yourself to smile or even say a quick "hey!" in the hallway when you pass by him! You're already talking via text, so saying something in person isn't anything crazy. So start there - stop waiting for him and, instead, YOU take it to the next level and slowly go from a passing "hey" to "hey what's up?" to full convos in person. Then, once you're more comfy with each other, take it to the next level by flirting - or even apologizing for how things went while you dated. Be honest and explain that you were nervous, inexperienced, and are now disappointed that you might have messed up a good crush situation. He could have a hard time forgetting your relationship and could also be worried that you'll fizzle out again like you guys did before. So just try to assure him that you're happy, laid-back, and a good friend - and then take it from there <3

Lauren C.

by crazydreamer16 on 10/13/2011 5:38:16 PM


One of my best guy friends and i ave been texting alot lately. Almost every day. We have some funny conversations and out of the blue her said "your pretty." Confused, I said "huh?" And he goes "I just wanted to see your reaction." Im confused now. i keep getting mixed signals from him. Hes really outgoing person and im not sure if he was just being himself. occasionally he hugs me. PLEASE HELP.

Hey babe, 

Since this guy's sending you such mixed signals, why don't you call him out on it? Next time he tries to flirt with you, playfully tease him and see what he does. Good luck! xoxox 
Devin A.

by GrEySoNxFoReVeR on 10/10/2011 1:31:24 PM

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