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Early bird period

My period seems to be getting earlier and earlier every month! I just got mine today and it's about a week earlier than last month.
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I agree.

I think we need a period section and gyno update too! There used to be so many more. One of the most popular things we talk about with friends are things having to do with our periods and down there issues.

by luckykel on 2/16/2012 8:34:42 PM


When ate you gonna update the periods period section on here? I miss seeing new articles

Hey Girl,

Stay tuned! We promise we'll be better at updating them regularly! 
alicia m.

by Girlzrock123 on 2/7/2012 12:18:02 PM


So I had my period like 5 days then it seemed to be gone for a day or two but now its back! Not counting the days it was gone I have had it about 8 days. I just started so I know it can be irregular but what gives?

by RideBabyRide on 2/7/2012 10:09:49 AM


We found out on Christmas that my sister is pregnant! I'm so excited! The baby is due around my birthday which is in August, but it's the same time school starts Frown I don't know if I will get to see me sister this summer since she lives in another state and moneys a little tight. Im kind of bummed because I'm pretty sure I will not get to see her. I really miss her, I haven't seen her since August and I haven't talked to her since Christmas. I'm kind of sad because I really want to see her. What should I do?

Hey girlie,

Aw, congrats to your sis! That is so, so exciting!! I know it's tough - we're all having rough times because of money and not being able to do all the things we want. But you have ways to stay in touch! Call her on the phone, Skype so you can see the belly grow, send her little care packages with trinkets and clothes for the baby (and a note from you, of course), etc. And if you miss her, talk to your parents so you can support each other! It's not easy having a loved one living far away, but you're family - you'll be there for one another and when you give her a call, you can pick up right where you left off Smile
Lauren C.

by Girlzrock123 on 2/2/2012 9:38:54 PM


I get my periods twice a month like every 14 days but they only last for 3-4 days so should I be worried?
Thanks <3 Peyton

I don't think you should be worried but I do think you should probably see your docter so that you can just check for sure that everything is ok. 
Amanda P.

by Girlzrock123 on 2/1/2012 7:28:48 AM


Mod Lauren C.
I googled irregular periods and it came up with causes one one a hormonal imbalance, I googled that and it came up with a list of symptoms well I have almost all the symptoms...what should I do? I don't want to tell my doctor, and my mom doesn't know that I have been having periods every 2 weeks. I don't want to tell my doctor because Im scared of the test. I told my best friend about my irregular periods and she said that it's not normal. Please help
Thanks <3 Peyton

Hey again,

Sorry girl, but you gotta talk to your doctor. You might be a little nervous, but this is your body we're talking about. You only get one shot to keep it healthy and happy! Treat it well and be honest about what's going on - to yourself, to mom, and to your doctor. I agree with your friend - having two periods each month (aka less than 20-25 days apart) is not healthy. Take a deep breath and face your fears - talk to your mom and doctor about this NOW!
Lauren C.

by Girlzrock123 on 1/29/2012 10:41:01 AM


I got my period again today!!! Frown I know that they can be irregular for the first 2 years or so, but I have been getting 2 periods a month for the past 3-4 months. What gives? Is it normal to have idregular periods like I have? Please help.
Thanks <3 Peyton

Hey Peyton,

It's normal to have irregular periods sometimes, but your period should still come about every 28 days on average. If you're having periods every 14 days over and over, you should talk to your doctor! It's a hassle and uncomfortable (not to mention a little dangerous to be losing all that blood without taking a vitamin supplement or anything), so it's worth chatting with him/her to see what you can do to get it under control <3 
Lauren C.

by Girlzrock123 on 1/29/2012 10:10:43 AM



Hey chica,


Here is a link to info on treating diarrhea. 

Krupali D.

by guitargirl7321 on 1/24/2012 2:27:50 PM


Thanks Lauren this helped a bunch!

by Pinklife on 1/8/2012 2:04:06 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! Can you please give me some tips on how to sneak pads to the bathroom at school without a purse?

Of course! The classic way is with a hoodie. Wear a sweatshirt that has the middle pocket area. Slide a pad in there when you're at your locker - then you'll have it on you at all times when you get a free minute to go to the bathroom. You could also start using a makeup case that is large enough to hold a pad. If it sits on your desk in class or falls out of your locker, people will assume it's makeup! You could tuck the pad into your pair of tall boots or in the zip pocket of your sweater. Get creative! Smile 
Lauren C.

by kammiemay on 1/8/2012 10:32:23 AM

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