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How to get guy friends

'Cause it's actually fun having a BGF without feelings involved.
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Ok so I have this friend and he's really quiet and rarely ever expresses what he is feeling and I'm not sure but I think he may like me. Whenever I'm standing with a friend he comes up and says hi and then just stands there. And he's always like secretly smiling when I'm around. Also today I put my hand on a table to reach for something and he reached over and put his hand on top of mine and just kept it there but I quickly pulled away. Anyways I don't like him for anything more than a friend but I was just wondering. thx soo much!! Smile You guys are awesome!

Hey babe,

It definitely sounds possible! He goes out of his way to touch you, talk to you, and you make him happy. It's possible that he's just an awkward friend, but it sounds like he might be crushin' Smile 
Lauren C.

by theatreluver26 on 10/7/2011 10:48:21 PM


There's this guy. I don't like him and he's dating someone already but sometimes he says hi to me and gives me a hug but sometimes he completely ignores me. How can I get him to say hi to me or me say hi to him without looking like a dork when he doesn't respond? Thanks so much!

Hey girlie,

Just be friendly! It's ok to say hello to him and it's silly if he ignores you for no reason. So just be bold: when you see him, say "hey!" loud enough for him to hear, give a lil wave, and continue on your way. All you have to do is reach out to him without being too "desperate"/intense about it. But if he still goes back and forth like this, it's almost not worth trying to make him be consistent. This might just be his personality - a lil unpredictable!
Lauren C.

by ilovepiano15 on 10/7/2011 10:26:42 PM


Thanks for answering my first question, but now i have another one.
So i like this other guy and he just FBmsged me. he does that kinda often, nd he talks to me in school and stuff. So he msged me asking who i like? And when i asked why he said his mom asked him who he liked and he was thinking bout it. Does he like me???
Thank you sooo much!

Hey girlie,

Usually when guys ask you who you like, it's either one of their friends or him who likes ya. They rarely just ask outta the blue! So try talking to him a little more, having convos like this one where you talk about personal stuff/crush-related things, flirt, etc. Over time, just like with any guy situation, you'll get to know him and his feelings better! 
Lauren C.

by pottergirl135 on 10/7/2011 10:06:32 PM


So i told my friend, Kaitlyn, that i like this guy, Barstow. Then she accidentally told him that i like him. I'm not mad about that, but when she told him, apparently all he said was 'oh ok'. He doesnt act any different to me. Its not like i was good friends with him before, but i talked to him occasionally. He treats me the same. Also, he told this other boy, Quirin, that i like him. Do you think he likes me? I'm really confused.
Thanks! Smile

Hey girlie,

It's hard to tell just based on this if he really likes ya back or not. It's great that nothing changed between you though! Just based on what you told me, it sounds like he's a laid back kinda guy who sees you as a friend and isn't bothered by the fact that you have feelings for him. But to know whether he's crushin' too, you'll have to try a little harder. Talk to him a little more (not obsessively, but just gradually start talking more and more), flirt, and see if he's interested or if he tries to "get away." Then you'll have a better idea Smile 
Lauren C.

by pottergirl135 on 10/7/2011 9:23:02 PM


Hey girls!
If you need advice on ANYTHING I'm here for you! I'll answer any questions fast and as helpful as I can be Smile I've been through a lot so maybe I"ll be able to relate!
Just post the questions you have on my advice queen page or my profile and I"ll post them back on your profile! I'll reply as soon as I can! And I check everyday so it will be fast(:
Don't be afraid to ask about any problem you've got about anything! I'm here to help!

by rellim on 10/7/2011 6:59:26 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
My friend told me that one of the guys in my class was going out with a girl, but he didn't really like her and was going to break up with her for me. (I'm not friends with his gf, but she makes bad choices:/) She said that he wasn't going to break up with her unless I said "yes" to going out with him so he doesn't have to face the word "No." He's super sweet and nice, and idk why he even went out with her in the first place...I kind of like him and we do have some stuff in common and were friends...I said yes...was that a bad decision? My parents would never allow dating..I'm planning on keeping this a secret...HELP please! thanks

Well maybe you two can talk and get to know each other for now. Give it a chance and see what happens. As for the dating thing, you might not be able to go on solo dates. Maybe only group dates. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by SummerButterflies on 10/7/2011 6:53:44 PM


I have a guy friend and i like him and he likes me and whenever I hang out with him and his friends, his friends always say stuff like "So when are you guys going to make out?" or "You guys are destined to be married". Whenever they say something like that it makes me feel a little uncomfortable and I think it makes him uncomfortable too just by the look of his face. Should I stay away from him and his friends so they would stop? What should I do?

Maybe next time they say something ask them to stop. It may not work. But its worth a try. Also just try to ignore it, because im sure you want to hang out with your crush. It may be annoying, but if you ignore them eventually theyll stop. xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by paulene809025 on 10/7/2011 6:39:53 PM


ok...i really like this guy but him and my friend like each one really likes me... but i really like him!!!!!!!!! what shuld i do??????sos!!!!

by allys_pig on 10/7/2011 6:33:59 PM


Hey girlies visit my blog. Give me your opinion!!!

by BritterBug76 on 10/7/2011 5:54:26 PM


I like one of my BGFs, and some of my BFFs and a couple close guy friends like he likes me. He flirts with me all the time and always sits with me. At the football game, he hugged me for at least 3mins. He knows I like him, but do you think he could like me? We sit in almost every class together, so we talk a lot.

I think he might. Keep flirting and see if it goes somewhere! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Soccagurl on 10/7/2011 5:32:34 PM

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