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5 ways to feel less awkward at the gym

No more uncomfortable workout moments.
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Ok so I'm not the "perfect" weight for my height and age, and I really want to play field hockey. Im seriously scared of the fact that i might get made fun of. Im actually fit on the inside because i passed the fitness test at my school last week. Anyway, my mom always tells me "go for it!" but i always feel like i cant because im not an uber-skinny chick.

by *Kailey* on 11/5/2011 12:14:40 PM


MOD MOD MOD I'm 11 years old and I weight .... pounds. I'm 5'8 and I used to be a swimmer so I kinda have a wide frame but not huge. Do you think I'm over weight? All of my friends are like 4'10 and weight only like 70 or 80 pounds. I don't think I'm fat just when ever my friends friends ask me how much I weight, I always tell them that I don't know because I'm too embarresd to tell them how much I atcully do weight. Also could you please give me some good workouts to do to loose weight if I'm overweight? Thank you so much!

Hey girlie,

I don't think you're overweight at ALL. You're comparing the number on the scale to your friends who are a lot shorter than you, which is definitely not the right thing to do. They're naturally going to weight less, but that doesn't mean that you are automatically overweight - you are a healthy size according to your height. If you're concerned and want another opinion, ask your doctor for professional advice. But trust me girl, you can't compare yourself to their 80 pounds - you're nine or ten inches taller, so you're going to weigh more even if you look just as skinny. That's just the way proportions work! It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
Lauren C.

by macypup on 10/9/2011 12:44:04 PM


Okay,there is this guy that is a couple years older than I am. I realy like him but I'm a bit socially awkward when it comes to introducing myself,but the rest is easy. Once he asked me a question and I had no problem answering,but when I have to make the first move,there is the problem. How can I get him to talk to me without looking weird or immature? Please help!

Hey babe,

Do you have any mutual friends? Sometimes, having someone there really helps to ease the tension and helps you make a bold first move! You should also remember the time he asked you a question and things went fine - you've proven you can hold a convo with him, so there's no reason for you to get nervous about starting another one! You don't need to have everything rehearsed when you go into it, so just give some thought to how you'll start of (a question for him, maybe) and trust your instincts from there!
Lauren C.

by MadMaddie911 on 10/7/2011 10:55:18 PM


So recently my one friend who I'm not really close with told a bunch of girls i was a lesbian and that got everyone believing I was one. After that, a girl who I have been super close with for a while decided to be a meanie and not talk to me anymore. I was silently bullied and never got a response from her and she yelled at me and called me annoying when should would talk to me. On top of that a boy who's my locker neighbor keeps on teasing me calling me names and pushing me around. I hate it so much! And to top that off, I tried to get help from my school guidance councilor and she never let me talk to her. I feel very alone and invisible right now and I need help so badly because I've tried committing suicide. Please Help Me!!!

Hey girl,

PLEASE don't think this is a reason to end your life! You might feel sad, lost, alone, or hopeless right now, but it gets better. If people don't believe the truth about you, it's their stupidity to blame. You need to be true to yourself and find the things that make you happy. It's sad that bullying is what makes them happy, and you're so much better than that! Please read this article about this subject and take its advice to heart. 1-800-SUICIDE is a really useful place to turn when you feel like no one is there for you. You can talk it all out with them and you'll finally feel like you've connected with someone. But please remember that there are people who love you and who would really miss you if you were gone. And it's not going to be like this forever! You're a great girl and have a lot to offer the world, so try to spend your time finding things you love to do in order to really pull yourself out of this <3
Lauren C.

by alison99 on 10/7/2011 9:50:09 PM


This helps so much! My friend and I want to go to the gym but we were so scared to because of all of the other big people!

by nerdisthewurd26 on 10/7/2011 6:21:43 PM


Hey girlies visit my blog. Give me your opinion!!!

by BritterBug76 on 10/7/2011 5:51:59 PM



To "spot" someone at the gym is to supervise them while they are doing a dangerous exercise, in case the weight gets too heavy for them to lift or put up, you can help them so the weight doesn't fall on them. You usually have a spotter when you're lifting weights, not biking or doing the treadmill.

by fallsb-ball on 10/7/2011 5:26:18 PM


Okay, a few questions.
1. What does spot mean? I've heard my dad say it to a lady at the gym and I was wondering.
2. Why does my eyeshadow fade during the day? And how can I prevent it from fading? Thanks(:

Hey babe! 

I'm not sure what your dad is talking about. And as for your eyeshadow - unfortunately, makeup tends to come off when you sweat or touch your face. Instead of preventing it from fading, try carrying around a compact so you can make touch-ups during lunch Smile xoxox 
Devin A.

by EgirlH.97 on 10/7/2011 3:47:54 PM


I have this friend and she is the biggest flirt. She is know around the school for being one. She tells boys she only wants to be friends and then she ends up kissing them the same day. Multiple people have approached me about her. I am like the total opposite of the way she acts and i don't want people to think that i am like her just because we are friends. Any advice?

Hey girl! 

I think you should just make an effort to be yourself and to be friendly around other people at school. This way, people will see that you're not like her and you can still maintain your friendship with your BFF. Good luck! xoxox 
Devin A.

by meganz97 on 10/7/2011 3:17:51 PM


I have this friend and she is the biggest flirt. She is know around the school for being one. She tells boys she only wants to be friends and then she ends up kissing them the same day. Multiple people have approached me about her. I am like the total opposite of the way she acts and i don't want people to think that i am like her just because we are friends. Any advice? 

Hey chica! 

There's no reason to stop hanging out with your BFF, as long as she doesn't encourage you to do anything you're uncomfortable with. I'd make an effort to be friendly and be yourself around other people at school so they see that you're nothing like her. Good luck girl! xoxox  
Devin A.

by meganz97 on 10/7/2011 3:17:24 PM

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