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Discharge: What's the right color?

I'm curious about what's normal and what's not...
88 Comments | Add Yours

I've had discharge for about 1year now and it went away 1 time and then i came back.and is wrong to have discharge at 10. please help. thank you

Hey girl,

No, that's perfectly normal! But it never hurts to talk to a doc to be sure Smile

Meghan D.

by iluvkp on 9/1/2012 11:52:09 PM


I've had discharge for about 8 months now and sometimes there's a lot and it sticky and super uncomfotable but sometimes there's almost none. I haven't gotten my period yet but will my discharge be heavier (as in will there be more that usual) as my first period nears?

 Hey girl, usually your discharge is a li'l heavier right before your period, and you might notice it changing to more of a pinkish color as your period comes on. But it should only be like that for a couple of days - there won't be a super long buildup to your period or anything.
Carrie R.

by cookiemonstah123 on 8/14/2012 2:23:49 AM


For a while my discharge was green with some GREY in it! But I started to shower more often because I got my first period. Once i started to shower more often, my discharge turned white! So you should check in with your doc to see if u have an infection. If not, u probably have to just shower more often Smile

by pokemonchic on 8/3/2012 11:19:36 PM


I don't think I know what discharge is, but I think I had it once? What is it??

by Littlepuppygirl on 8/2/2012 4:27:47 PM


I think I have white discharge, but sometimes it's chunky or gooey, and I think it's sometimes yellow. Should I see a doctor? 

Hey girl, 

If it's consistently yellow, you may have to speak to a doctor. If not, you sound perfectly normal. Either way, you can bring it up at your next doctor's appointment to get your doctor's advice and ease your mind. 

good luck!  
simone s.

by cheetah#1 on 7/31/2012 4:33:57 PM


I'm 11 and I really want to have sex ,but I really want to see how it feels like. Could I have sex at my age. If my mom thinks I can't even have a boyfriend. That's all i want to do is to have sex. I'm sexless. help

Hey girl!  You are very young and sex and relationships are pretty far away for you.  There is no need to be thinking about sex right now, but I can understand your curiosity.  11 is the perfect age to be making stronger relationships with friends and family members.  Sex is a very important decision to be made only when you are ready, and 11 is way too young.  Spend time with friends and family and you'll get some close relationships Smile xxoo 
Maggie P.

by Selassie on 7/19/2012 3:29:44 AM


MOD MOD MOD Plz answer ok so I just turned 11 and Ive had my discharge for 10 months I'm very moody I get cramps and I get. A lot of discharge And it feels wet down there when I get it do u think my period is coming plzzzzzzzz. Answer

Hey girl, those all sound like the signs of a period. If they've been going on for a while in the same way, though, your period might not be coming right away. If you're worried, try putting in a small pad for few days, and then if your period hasn't appeared, you don't have to worry about for a while still.  
Carrie R.

by nina20017 on 7/16/2012 1:13:41 AM


my discharge, it hink is like a brownish color im ALWAYS itchy down there and yes i do have hair there too. i told my doctor and she didnt say anything is that bad or should i try looking for a new doctor?????....HELP!!!!

by tianaxbiddy on 7/8/2012 7:25:08 PM


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by chloe4137 on 6/20/2012 1:14:00 PM


I have a white-ish discharge that I've been getting for about 7 or 9 months. I've been getting cramps and I have pubic hair down there,(for about 4 years now). I've been kinda moody lately. I turned 12 April 3rd. Are these signs of me getting my period? PLEASE HELP! Also, my friends tried this pressure point by the ankle and if you press it for a few seconds every minute, you get your period. They tried it and it worked. I want to know where the pressure point is so maybe I can try it. Help! Lizzie

Hey babe,

I've never heard of this pressure point, I don't think that's accurate.  It's likely the girls were already on their period when they did it.

But, there's no way to force your period.  Your first one will come when it comes, and there's no problem with that.  None of those are an exact indicator of your flow coming soon, since you can experience cramps and mood swings without being on your period.  All you can do is wait.  Sorry I couldn't tell you what you wanted to hear!
Jordan S.

by neonroxursox on 6/12/2012 12:48:31 AM

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