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Why do I have boobs in the first place?

I’ve been wondering what the point is…
17 Comments | Add Yours

am only 11 years old and my boobs started growing when i was 9 their huge and i don't wear a bra and scared to tell my mum to buy me one what should i do?

by darkness nerd on 1/7/2013 2:09:27 AM


I come from kinda a chubby family, but I have gained like over 20 pounds in a year, and my thighs and stomach are all enormous but my breasts are kinda small. Is there any way to make them all be nice and proportional? And is gaining over 20 pounds in a year bad?


hey! don't think about dropping pounds to meet a deadline. instead focus on having a healthy lifestyle year round with moderate exercise and a balanced diet. You may not drop weight in two weeks, but that's the way to maintain the right weight for your body. at girl's life we promote the idea that a healthy you is the most beautiful you there is. That being said I'm gonna direct you to our fitness page for all our info on healthy living Smile http://www.girlslife.com/category/health-and-fitness.aspx 

Helen S.

by nerd_girl_lotr on 1/5/2013 4:20:18 PM


Mod Mod Mod
I'm twelve 5 foot 5 and I have a pretty large chest (34C). I'm really self-conscience is there anyway I could make my boobs look smaller?


Hey girlie! 34C is exactly what I wear, and it's a pretty average size once the rest of your friends start to develop... you'll see! If yours are just earlier than everyone else's I encourage you to wear softly lined bras, avoid push-up and padding! Most bra stores offer fittings and will work with you personally to discover which bra best suits your body and needs so don't be shy to ask them for help!

Jenn S.

by Nattyj<3 on 11/23/2012 3:51:54 PM


Im only 8 years old and i have a huge boob problem! im not expeiriencing anything to due with puberty at all! i have gotten a few zits and thats it! i dont know what im suppose to do i have a huge cup size and im really scared. im even to scared to ask an older relitive like my mom or sister! i just dont feel comfortable talking about that stuff to my grandma or mother. they make a big deal out of everything. i dont feel right getting a diary because i would feel like a dork telling my feelings to a book. i just dont feel right. i read the book head to toe guide to you about puberty and it didnt help me that much. i think im a early bloomer for the chest growing.

Hey girl,

Everyone develops differently, so it is perfectly normal for you to develop breasts before your peers! You'll get the other stages when you're ready, so be happy that you don't have acne! You are perfectly normal, and there is nothing scary or weird about your chest size Smile

Meghan D.

by bella038 on 9/9/2012 12:29:42 AM


I have a club where you can ask any questions you please. Everything is taken seriously so NO joking please! Don't make fun of people also. You can also post Q's on my profile!

by flowergirllova on 6/15/2012 8:23:25 PM


O..... good to know Tong

by usmcbratknc on 3/12/2012 1:45:59 AM


come in my club and i will give idvice about boys fashion pets clebs ask or any thing else join pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by sandra 2 on 2/21/2012 8:14:17 PM


Hey i have been wearing bras for about a year but im a little confused about the size order... what is the smallest to the biggest? Thanks in advance Sophia

Hey Chica,

The good thing about bras is that they go in alphabetical order, so A is the smallest and D is the largest (they do go bigger than that, but A-D is basic), and that measures your cup size. The other measurement, the number, is how wide your chest is, so 30 is usually the smallest, and they go up in increments of two (32, 34, 36, etc). Check out how to find your perfect bra! 
Rachel N.

by sophiabest1 on 2/10/2012 5:32:52 AM


Hi lovelivelax15, yup you're perfectly fine girl. You're so young and your bod is still developing, so you will continue growing. Give your body time to come into it's own. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MOD MOD MOD MOD ! okay so im 12 and i am 5'3 and i weigh around 96 pounds is this normal what is the norm weight for a 12 year old! Lynae P.

by livelovelax123 on 1/25/2012 7:32:08 PM


ok i have bad aces and pains a little below my belly button. they really hurt please help!


Hey girl, I would check with your doctor to see what's up.

Colleen K.

by mlennon on 1/23/2012 9:37:21 AM

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