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Dude dilemma: Help a real guy rock Homecoming!

Billy from Michigan needs help making his big night perfect. Are you game?
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BIlly should go to the florist or wherever he plans on getting her corsage, and ask which of them are the most popular, and ask the florist's oppinion on what goes best with a black dress. I would stay stick with something fun and light colored, to really stand out from the dress. Stick with a simple rose and some fun small flowers to decorate the outside. Also, don't shy away from leaves! Depending on which kind they can really make the corsage one of a kind and beautiful!

by littlemissdrama on 10/12/2011 2:07:10 PM


red or/and white or/and purple

by Swimgirl96 on 10/12/2011 1:54:52 PM


My brother got his girlfriend a blue corsage because it was her favorite color and she loved it!! Laughing So get it in her favorite color but if its like orange or something i would not pick that color try light blue or pink, but you could also use red or white.
i would choose white and go kind of classic, black clothes and a white corsage. white or red would stand out the most. Oh maybe if you got a white one and put some red ribbons in it! that'd be cute
Hope I helped! Smile

by NeverSayNeverGirl on 10/12/2011 1:49:48 PM

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