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Dude dilemma: Help a real guy rock Homecoming!

Billy from Michigan needs help making his big night perfect. Are you game?
93 Comments | Add Yours

MODERATORZZZZ!! I have a bff whos bf just dumped her over a text, and he was going to take her to formal which is soon. now she has no date, and i do, but she made me promise her we would both go alone. im worried that if i tell the guy thats taking me, hes gonna think i dont want to go with him, which i do! i know its sisters before misters, but i really dont want him to misunderstand! help please mod! And btw, ive posted this question 6 times and nobody has answered, and formal is NEXT WEEK. so i need help now!

Hey babe! 

Since you've already promised this dude that you've go with him, I don't think you should back out. Instead, ask him to set her up with one of his close friends! Then, you can all go together and have fun. Good luck! xoxox 
Devin A.

by tessascuzin287 on 11/28/2011 4:53:46 PM


He should get her an orchid. purple or pink, but dark pink (not hot pink!).

by tkdhannah on 11/25/2011 6:08:14 PM



by TIARAG556 on 10/27/2011 6:47:30 PM


MOD,MOD,MOD,MOD!!!! I am elementary school 5th grade.There is a homecoming dance coming.There is this guy that sort of remembers me from 1 grade.And so at recess i played jumprope with him and he kinda of knows me a little better,plus i was with 4 of my friends.I really want my crush to ask me out.I plan to keep on playing with him till we becomes friends again but i rarely get to see him.Only like 2 times a week.We do get to see each other at lunch but only a glance.What is a quiker way to be friends with him so he will get to know me better to ask me to the homecoming dance?

Hey girlie,

This is a great start to your plan! You could also try getting his number and calling him (or texting if he has a cell phone) to "ask a question about homework," or hanging out with your friends and his friends after school to grab a snack/play on the playground, or try moving your crew's lunch table in the cafeteria to be near him. Get creative! Smile 
Lauren C.

by tana500004 on 10/23/2011 12:17:48 PM


Ok, so i kinda sorta have a huge crush on the guy with the locker next to mine. When other people are around that he hangs out with more, he's kinda mean. But when its just us and like one other person, hes really sweet. We texted a lot, and now he won't answer his phone, and I know he reads them. That is one thing that really gets on my nerves! What do I do? help?

Hey girlie,

If he's not answering your texts, definitely don't keep texting over and over! That'll look like you're coming on too strong, which is not what your goal should be right now. (It'll freak him out and make him even more unlikely to respond.) Instead, try to play it cool and take advantage of those times when he's by himself at his locker. Talk him up, ask him questions about class or his hobbies (basketball, chorus, trumpet playing, etc.), and enjoy his company. Give it time and try to talk more and more! Once some time passes and you get to know him even better, try texting him again and asking him an open-ended question (so you can avoid those annoying one-word "yes" or "no" texts, or him totally ignoring you all together). You just have to be patient and take it slow!!
Lauren C.

by katiebell929 on 10/22/2011 12:47:51 AM


Lynae P.

Hey! I told him that I liked him and he said "Oh... that's cool but I dont feel the same way." :'(

by horsebackrider12 on 10/19/2011 9:57:30 PM


MOD MOD MOD I really like this guy. He's my ex-bf. We broke up because for a while people were sort of teasing us in a way. I have known him since I was 4 and I'm 14 now. We broke up a year ago yet I still have feelings for him. How can I let him know that the feelings haven't disapeared?


Hey missy, I think you guys should get back together! If people teasing you broke you two up, ignore them. People are always going to have something to say, sometimes negative sometimes positive. I know he still has feelings for you, so talk to him. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by horsebackrider12 on 10/19/2011 8:44:12 PM


ok me and my bf have been going out for about 2 months (its coming up soon) but i dont know if i totally like him that much anymore. im thinking about breaking up with him...possibly tomorrow so please help me!

Hey girl, breaking up isn't that easy. Try to pinpoint why you've lost interest. Is it something he's doing that you guys can fix? Remember, ending a relationship means ending it for good for a while. It's not likely you'll be able to jump back into friendship that easily.

Alyssa B.

by mysterygirl17 on 10/17/2011 5:29:54 PM


as many people said..
black or white or try to compliment her eyes!

by EQC123 on 10/17/2011 7:06:20 AM


White or red rose. Maybe a black band. Or try and compliment her eye color or skin tone.

by Aislinn120 on 10/16/2011 6:25:51 PM


do not get a carnation! Smile what color shirt are you wearing? get a white flower you pick out and the wrist band to match your shirt is its colored. if not just get a black band with a red or white rose. Smile

by livi23 on 10/15/2011 10:40:31 PM


Mod... Most of the girls in my grade have like 6 or 7 girls that they hang out with. For me tho, its 6 or 7 guys... I get teased about liking them and girls are always like trying to get me to hook them up with my friends. I really have, tried to be normal and b friends with girls, and its not that i dont get along with girls i just feel more...comfortable with guys, i think. My friends know that i wish i had more friends and it makes them hurt, bcuz they can't provide everything for me. im like thier little sister...they're always trying to look out for me. but i'm accused of doing innapropriate things with them, just trying to get them to like me, etc, and its not like that at all. bsides, they know i don't like them like that. i always tell them when i like a guy or something. they dont like me like that either. i have a few girl friends, but i just like my guy friends better. What can i do to stop the bullying and uncomfortable comments? Plz and thanks

Hey chickie,

Read this article about having only guy friends - it sounds like you have great guy friends who care a lot about you, but it's totally normal to want girl friends too! As for the bullying, you need to be firm about your life. It's your life and is not anyone else's business. But they're you're friends and you're not a matchmaker, or a slut, or anything else. You are a person and these are your besties. Tell the people who judge you about this to get OVER it because none of it bothers you. Tell them to stop wasting their energy trying to make up lies that aren't there. And then walk away. It's ok and normal to have guy friends - you're not doing anything wrong!
Lauren C.

by bananaeater345 on 10/15/2011 12:43:45 PM


Well, black does go with anything.
Maybe get one that matches her eyes. She'll be touched to know that you pay attention to these things, and it'll be a nice accessory for her.
If she has brown eyes, get something that will compliment the color. Or something that will stand out nicely against the black.
Good luck!

by 5jellybean on 10/14/2011 9:35:04 PM


Black band, white and red roses. Go classic!

by kk25225 on 10/13/2011 8:58:04 PM


Like everyone said, black goes with everything. If I were you, I would get her favorite flower in her favorite color. If you don't want to go that route, then just go to the place where you'll be purchasing the corsage and look around. Something is bound to catch your eye. Let us know how it wentSmile

by Stargirlcandy3 on 10/13/2011 8:43:56 PM


I think you should just go with a white rose. :]

by Lauren68 on 10/13/2011 8:10:54 PM


Well, black can go with pretty much anything. If you know what color her shoes are going to be, or if she's carrying a purse, get one to match that. Or, get one to match her eyes. Smile

by webkin6766 on 10/13/2011 3:49:11 PM


If you want to go simple yet classy,buy her a red rose. If you want to surprise her a little more,go for something that pops with the color black,like bright pink.

by kaitlinautumnx3 on 10/13/2011 10:01:58 AM


I would go with red.

by fireworks1071 on 10/13/2011 9:11:17 AM


I tend to like red silver. I think you will do great.

by polkadotruby7 on 10/13/2011 8:34:20 AM



by maddieboo786 on 10/13/2011 5:15:19 AM


A red, purple, or blue would look cute with the black dress Smile

by kaylarocks2000 on 10/13/2011 1:36:05 AM


That guy looks so hot. I think guys look so sexy when they wear tuxedos. Yumm!

by luckykel on 10/12/2011 11:22:42 PM


Hmmm.... I don't know what her favorite color or flower is but if it was me I would want something bright to contrast from my dress. Maybe a fuschia orchid or even go traditional and get a red rose! Smile Have a great time!

by theatreluver26 on 10/12/2011 11:06:08 PM


A red or white rose will definately stand out. If not that, lilac or ramona (a blue-red flower) will make her shine.

by bookwormgrrl14 on 10/12/2011 10:48:16 PM


Ooh! Try reds and pinks, also try matching your tie to the corsage so you look complete!

by sweetdreamer98 on 10/12/2011 9:38:05 PM


Go bright! Get something unique, like hot pink, purple, or even blue. It'll look awesome against her dress.

by Harry-Potter-Fan on 10/12/2011 9:36:55 PM


Something that matches her eyes. I loved it when my boyfriend got me a blue corsage that made my eye pop! Have fun at the dance!

by mmragan13 on 10/12/2011 9:36:41 PM


Find out her favorite color and favorite kind of flower and do what you can to get her her favorite flower in her favorite color Smile i suggest a bright colored flower so it stands out against her black dress. Good luck!!!

by ParamoreRox13 on 10/12/2011 9:03:36 PM


If you know her favorite color then get her a flower in that color.
But an Orchid mean delicate beauty.
If all else fail... every girl likes red roses Smile

by TheCuteNerd on 10/12/2011 8:58:33 PM


A simple white or cream-colored flower would look stunning with the dress! Try a light pink, or maybe a lilac too. Smile Have fun!!

by gumcard on 10/12/2011 8:44:12 PM


MOD MOD This guy I kind of like asked me to go see a movie! The problem is that I've never been to see a movie with a guy before! Can you give me some pointers so it won't be awkward?


Hey girly, it won't be akward, you'll have lots of fun. Just think of it as hanging out with a friend. Just relax, keep the convo going, and you'll be fine. Aww HAve fun! Look cute girl! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by rellim on 10/12/2011 8:43:23 PM


MOD MOD MOD calling any and all MODS okayyy so theres this guy that i sorta like at my school. hes super cute funny and just adorable. but whenever me n my bestie go up to him to tlk to him, i never know what to say!! lol please help me b4 i c him tomorrow!!! thanks in advance



Hey girly, ask him questions about things he's into. See if he plays any sports? Ask who is fave teams are. Get to know about his interests. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by mypuggl3 on 10/12/2011 8:23:06 PM


av color with white? i know peach and purple go extremly well with white!

by greeknspooky on 10/12/2011 8:12:52 PM


What color tie are you wearing? Match it so that you look like a couple. If her dress is black, anything will work--black goes with everything. It IS cheesy, but it's cute!

by Doodle600 on 10/12/2011 8:10:42 PM


You should get a white, and purple one, to match her dress. You could get a matching one to pin to your tux. Good luck!

by Fmwhitt on 10/12/2011 8:02:27 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD Okay, so I need urgent help! I'm texting my best friend, T. T is 12, and her boyfriend, J, is 15. Anyway, her mom told J that he could stay over at T's house a little later than usual tonight. She just told me that J was trying to get in the shower with her, but she didn't want to go that far, and she asked me what to do! I have no clue what to tell her! Please help me!


Hey chicky, tell your friend to have a talk with her boyfriend. She needs to let him know that she's too young, actually they're both too young, to be taking things that far. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by babygirl1999 on 10/12/2011 7:54:02 PM


You could think about a color you think about when you think about Katie. Or her favorite flower. Or you could match with the colors your wearing. Good Luck!

by Queen Genius on 10/12/2011 7:46:26 PM


Pink and white!! your lucky, we dont have homecoming at my school, im a freshman too. all we have is a lousy football game. no dance. This girl must be really lucky to have a guy that cares so much about her! <3

by lilriver123xD on 10/12/2011 7:46:12 PM


Dear Billy,

I'd suggest a multi-color. Since she's wearing black, it would be cool to add some color. Or a meaningful color, like her favorite or something personal. If you remember what color you first starting dating or something would be ah-mazing. Good luck!!!!!

by alwaysdreamer on 10/12/2011 7:32:13 PM


Hey Billy!
Get one that's the color of her eyes, and tell her it was your favorite for that reason. Sounds cheesy, I know, but c'mon, it would be SSSSOOOOOO sweet! She would love it!

by christi11 on 10/12/2011 7:30:33 PM


thnx lynae pSmileSmile


Ya welcome curlygirl9!!!!! Smile

Lynae P.

by curlygirl9 on 10/12/2011 7:27:12 PM


Mod Thnx so much Lynae P. for answering my question!! I really appreciate itSmileBut i also have one more question... What should i wear? i dont really have that much i was thinking my fave jeans, but i dont know what shirt i should wear. My clothes arent really that dressy, so idk. I have some v neck shirts and shirts that arent really dresy but they are flowy. No one really dresses up a lot for the dance so.... yea thnx so much!Smile


Hey chicky, a nice pair of skinny jeans would look great with one of your flowy tops. Put a side braid in your hair and add some accessories. Boots would look cute or you can rock some sandals. Hope this helps ya!!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by curlygirl9 on 10/12/2011 7:12:55 PM


I would ask about her favorite color- since ANYTHING goes with black!
White with a touch of color is always nice though!

by RaceTiger7 on 10/12/2011 6:58:51 PM


pick one that matches her eyes or her favorite color or a red rose/carnation good luck!

by sparrowchavez on 10/12/2011 6:54:51 PM


White looks really nice with black! or get her her fave color (remember that black looks good with anything Smile)! good luck Billy!

by Emilicious on 10/12/2011 6:54:08 PM


Dear Billy,

Since black goes with almost every color that you can possibly think of, try getting her a corsage in her favorite color. Or, if black is one of your school colors, you could get her your second school color! (My school's colors are black and gold.) It all depends on whether or not your Homecoming has a specific theme to it. If it does, your school's colors may not look so well. For example, if the theme is going to be Under the Stars, you could get her a light blue or purple corsage. Hope I helped! Good luck, and I hope you two have fun!

by babygirl1999 on 10/12/2011 6:46:14 PM


pick her favorite color Smile

by horselover408 on 10/12/2011 6:42:34 PM


red. or purple.. or turquoise

by CeceG98 on 10/12/2011 6:26:02 PM


I think red would look really nice.

by supersingershannon on 10/12/2011 6:23:44 PM


MODMODMODMODMOD MOD MOD MOD MOD Hey, My school is having a dance this friday, and i realy want to slow dance with a guy. I have before, but it was at my summer camp.It is our second dance of the school year.is the guy supposed too ask the girl or can it be the other way around? I kinda like this guy,lets call him J but i dont think that the really likes me back. There is also another guy,lets call him S, and i sorta like him,, but not really. The guy i really like,Lets cal him A, always flirts with me but he has a girlfriend and obviously i cant dance with him if he already has a girlfriend.Who should i dance with? anyone? o and btw i dance with my friencd during all the other songs.


Hey missy, aww slow dancing is so cute. It can defintely work the other way around. There's nothing wrong with a girl taking charge. You should ask J and S to dance. You can dance with your friends too. Hope you have fun! Be sure you look really cute too! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by curlygirl9 on 10/12/2011 5:59:36 PM


Get her one in her favorite color or get something totally unique that none her friends will have.

by roseeawesome on 10/12/2011 5:56:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD so we dont have a homecoming dance but we do have semi on January 27th and for us that means girl-ask-guys semi formal. i really wanna go with a guy but im not rlly sure who to ask or when to ask (some people have alrdy but only a few and i dont wanna seem desperately early, but i dont wanna ask too late either). so first of all whens a good time to ask?? second, theres two guys im thinkig abt, one is a new kid this yr who is rlly nice but hes really cute and athletic but i dont know him too well yet like i dont have his number and we dont hang out. also a lot of girls wanna ask him. the 2nd guy is one of my guy friends and hes nice and reallyyy polite and cute and smart and we talk and have hung out in person once or twice before and kissed on the cheek and said wed do it on the lips but never have and theres not as much competition for him. the only problem is.... hes reallyyyy short, like he only comes up to my shoulders and im like 5'3".... it wouldnt too bad. helpp!!


Hey girly, I would ask him out in January. Now is way too early, you've got a lot of time chica. Aww I like the second guy. No worries about being a little taller than him. I'm sure other girls will be taller than dates with their heels on. If it really bothers you, you can wear low heels or flats. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by mkroberts96 on 10/12/2011 5:54:26 PM


Definately a mix of light and dark purples, OR peacock feathers actually look really cool too. However, if he knows her favorite color, he could also get her one with her favorite color in it.

Black goes with anything.

I'm going to Homecoming two weeks from now, and I think that's really sweet and I wish him and his girlfriend a wonderful time.

by ladybuglover28 on 10/12/2011 5:50:02 PM


get her a red and white one!!

by mthurman on 10/12/2011 5:37:44 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD ok so i like a guy named luke. and he knows like everybody knows. and my friend valerie likes him now too, and she is popular and pretty. and i feel like i will never be good enough, and im pretty but idk y i feel intimidated. also luke keeps talking about me cuz we have split classes and hes in the other class and one of my friends in that class said he keeps talking about how my eyes r pretty or something else. do you guys have any advice on anything? thanks


Hey girlfriend, sounds like he kinda likes you. You should try talking to him some more. Get the friend that's in the class with him to introduce you two. Don't feel intimidated girl, he obviously likes something about you since he's talking about you. Ao no worries. Hope this helps!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by volley_ball2341 on 10/12/2011 5:35:12 PM


get a white one it will look soo cute with her derss Smile

by lgraciarod on 10/12/2011 5:29:36 PM


Aqau blue

by Bananas81 on 10/12/2011 5:27:00 PM


Maybe white to look classy or maybe pink, or red.

by foodiejr99 on 10/12/2011 5:26:07 PM


MOD! Okay, so I am freaking out! I like this boy, lets call him Justin, anyways I flirt with Justin sometimes, (I only started liking him a week ago) and now I can't get him out of my head! I am crushing big time, but whats even worse than that is that I am competeing with my sister for him my sister is a year younger than me and he is the same age as me AND she has boyfriend! This is ruining me right nowFrown also their is this girl that likes him aswell! She just got out of a relationship TWO DAYS AGO and I think its just not fair...she is prettier than me too. How can I make myself stand out, and not just fade into the crowd? I really want him to ask me to homecoming. Please reply ThanksSmile


Hey girly, first I think you should talk to your sis. You don't want your relationship to be akward with her because you guys started fighting over some guy. Ask her to let you go after him. She already has a boyfriend, and you  guys are the same age. So just talk it out with her. You just have to be confident and friendly. Wave when you see him and maybe compliment him on something the next time you guys talk. Be sure not to overdo it though. If you send out subtle hints the right way, he'll catch on to the fact that you like him and he may begin to feel the same way. Hope this helps ya! Get ya man girlfriend! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by erinn521 on 10/12/2011 5:10:22 PM


This i ssuuper wierd.... i went to homecoming with a guy named billy who lives in michigan who is a freshman football player and my dress is black.... this is really weird....

by liddywitty on 10/12/2011 5:09:40 PM


Good luck! Have funnnn Smile

by millina*girl on 10/12/2011 5:09:25 PM


I've gotta say that matching her eyes is an incredible idea, and her favorite color is another great one. I just wanna say that if you can find one with a bunch of different bright colors (like a sunburst or rainbow theme) would also be cool.

by millina*girl on 10/12/2011 5:09:12 PM


well if its only a balck dress than u can get any corsage it could be white to look really cool or pink to be girly
so firts find out whts her favorite color and im pretty sure itll go w/ her dress and shell love it

by coly33 on 10/12/2011 4:49:13 PM


Something to match her eyes. Girls luh-v when the corsage matches their eyes!

by TeamAlice33 on 10/12/2011 4:44:37 PM


Black goes with everything, soo... get a rose of her favorite color OR another color that might mean something to her. Did her grandmother die of breastcancer so she's a big "Go Pink" supporter? buy her a baby pink rose or carnation.

by deathwolf13 on 10/12/2011 4:44:34 PM


i would say either something in her fav color OR a red rose or carnation. ooh, I would LOVE to get one of those...lol

by dramaqueen122 on 10/12/2011 4:36:38 PM


definitely purple and white thats all im sayin

by sidneyricerules18 on 10/12/2011 4:34:34 PM


I say pick a simple flower, possibly one that matches her eyes if it goes well with black.

by peaceluvandhockey on 10/12/2011 4:21:32 PM


get her favorite color. black really goes with anything, so the best bet would be to get her fave color.

by Kalulah on 10/12/2011 4:20:37 PM


When in doubt, black goes with everything so pick her favorite color and run with it. Also, ask the flourists, it IS thier job and they know what looks good.

by ArtGirl13 on 10/12/2011 4:05:28 PM


i say yellow Smile that'll look nice with the black.

by lipglossluver2 on 10/12/2011 4:04:21 PM


pick whichever one reflects her personality. i think brighter colors for a more upbeat and outgoing girl, and lighter colors if she's shy and soft.

by fallsb-ball on 10/12/2011 4:02:46 PM


I was thinking, more like a cream or white flower corsage (yellow works too!) with gold/yellow detailing.

by biskii on 10/12/2011 4:02:07 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! ive liked this guy since the beginning of freshman year(were sophmomres now) we lke rarely talk (last time was lke 7 words all together adn 3 weeks ago) i sometimes see him looking at me..and he seems kinda differnt around me he talks to every other girl pretty much so easily but whenever we talk for lke 2 seconds he seems so shy.. r entire skool had this feild trip last week adn when i was doing something my friend was watchin him adn she said he was looking at me with his eyes smiling adn his friend was talking to him but wasnt paying any attention to his friend..sometimes i see him all around..lke during cheerleading practice he was sitting near with some of his friends..but it doesnt seem lke he told any of his friends if he did lke me..im very shy btw and i get so nervous if i talk to him..soo do u think he mite like me?

by dance22lover on 10/12/2011 3:59:27 PM


I love the idea of a white one with gold detail(if possible) to go with a black dress! That would be absolutly gorgeous.If you can't do tat, then get one in her favorite color.

by MadiBoo:) on 10/12/2011 3:58:03 PM


It really depends on if you want it to be super matchy matchy or if you want it to pop. I would never do a plain black one, but black and gray or black and silver would be gorgeous (but you might have to use fake flowers to do that which could be a good thing, it will last forever, but nothing beats the real deal). The alternative, and the direction I would take would be to have a red one. what girl wouldn't love a red rose?

by sarahjanehaha on 10/12/2011 3:56:56 PM


It depends on her personality, if shes out going Id get her a bright color like yellow or if shes shy get her a nice rosy pink, idk if This would help but it's all I got!

by Toostie82 on 10/12/2011 3:47:44 PM


get one in her favorite color, since most everything goes in black

by lpstride on 10/12/2011 3:44:56 PM


If there's is one like this, I'd suggest a white rose. White and black are so cute together!

by EgirlH.97 on 10/12/2011 3:42:10 PM


Do like pink and cream roses and stuff! that would look great! red would look good too, but maybe a little dramatically serious ya know?

by josoccer5 on 10/12/2011 3:40:21 PM


Give her a white corsage with gold details. It woyld look beautiful with black dress. And its also very classy

by lourdezz on 10/12/2011 3:31:56 PM


He should get her something simple, that won't take away from the dress. A white rose would be pretty ,or if she is wearing colorful jewelry, he could get her a corsage to match her jewelry...
Good Luck! (:

by *dance_love_live* on 10/12/2011 3:19:51 PM


I work in a florist shop as my afterschool job right now, and i have to help make wrist corseges for so many girls' homecomings right now. my advice? anything will work w/ a black, so u have a HUGE selection to choose from! ask her waht her favorite color is if u dont already know, and work with tht. if u can, get the corsagee on a pretty braclet she can keep, even after the dance (thats what we do. guys who order them love it, cuz its like they're givng them a present too!) personally i like either roses or lillies, cuz they look so pretty and theyre so versitile! jst have fun w/ it and shell LOVE wat ever u get her. Smile

by erynn14 on 10/12/2011 3:12:51 PM


u can never go wrong with a simple white flower or red rose!

by piedude on 10/12/2011 3:00:07 PM


i would say something like a rose (romantic) or something girly (pink/purple) to add a pop of color to the outfit. or even a pink rose corsage! good luck and have fun at homecoming!! Smile

by sweetooth on 10/12/2011 2:59:42 PM


or you just do her fave color

by sparkle and shop on 10/12/2011 2:56:09 PM


if i was wearing a black dress i would want something that poped like pink

by sparkle and shop on 10/12/2011 2:55:43 PM


Do you have people who make jewelry around? They could make you one to match her dress! My mom made on for my cousin's girlfriend and it is absolutely beautiful!

by nerdisthewurd26 on 10/12/2011 2:53:04 PM


Since black goes with anything you could pick a classic pink carnation or red rose which would eliminate any tough decision making but if you want to be more original get her corsage made of different color leaves shaped as a flower. I know I would like that.It goes with the season and its unique. You could also choose an exotic flower like an orchid. Just whatever you do don't pick a flower that is yellow. Yellow flowers stand for friendship.Your girlfriend might not know that but you always want to be on the safe side. In fact you could get on of those blue and purplish roses. Those are soooo pretty. I think Katie would like that too. I hope this was of help.

by realchk on 10/12/2011 2:17:32 PM


BIlly should go to the florist or wherever he plans on getting her corsage, and ask which of them are the most popular, and ask the florist's oppinion on what goes best with a black dress. I would stay stick with something fun and light colored, to really stand out from the dress. Stick with a simple rose and some fun small flowers to decorate the outside. Also, don't shy away from leaves! Depending on which kind they can really make the corsage one of a kind and beautiful!

by littlemissdrama on 10/12/2011 2:07:10 PM


red or/and white or/and purple

by Swimgirl96 on 10/12/2011 1:54:52 PM


My brother got his girlfriend a blue corsage because it was her favorite color and she loved it!! Laughing So get it in her favorite color but if its like orange or something i would not pick that color try light blue or pink, but you could also use red or white.
i would choose white and go kind of classic, black clothes and a white corsage. white or red would stand out the most. Oh maybe if you got a white one and put some red ribbons in it! that'd be cute
Hope I helped! Smile

by NeverSayNeverGirl on 10/12/2011 1:49:48 PM

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