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Your craftiest DIY Halloween ideas EVER!

Why empty your piggy bank at the costume shop when you can DIY your way to the best Halloween ever? Share your ideas now!
24 Comments | Add Yours

I was Katniss<3

by Myswim001 on 2/4/2012 11:35:09 AM


im being pair of pants. i got white pants and i added a panel in one leg so i fit in it and the other leg is stuffed w/ newspaper they're like size 40 but im 11 and super small 4 my age so i fit!

by THawesome! on 10/20/2011 5:15:18 PM


A LAUNDRY BASKET! I was a laundry basket last year. I cuta whole in the botton od a cheap old laundry basket,and then got in the whole. and put straps on it (I took duct tape and put the two sticky sides together) and then I put some old clothes, towels, and socks in the basket. it was amazing! like every house i went to someone laughed

by jazziesgirl on 10/20/2011 11:24:53 AM


Obviously, I'm like everyone else and like crazy Lady Gaga costumes and I had to be her for a dance competition so my aunt made me a dress that bounces and twirls because it had wire in the bottom like a hoop. Search hoop dress and you'll find it in a little kid version. It's so cool.

by SaraJ on 10/18/2011 10:01:45 AM


About 3 years ago, I went as a credit card. Literally, I was like put between 2 pieces of black cardboard with the mastercard logo on it!!! Pretty funny

by LCV554 on 10/16/2011 5:30:49 PM


1. What’s your favorite way to carve or decorate a pumpkin? Give us a step-by-step!
Take paint brushhes and splatter glowing paint on the pumpkin for a glowing pumpkin.

2. Best way to bedeck a homemade haunted house?
black curtains
fake coffins

3. Craziest celeb costume inspiration?
Lady Gaga

4. Hands-down best DIY costume you’ve seen?
Nemo (Orange & Black striped dress with a broken fin strapped on the back)

5. Best DIY costume you’ve worn?

6. Funniest Halloween trick?
Put a fake snake in my brothers lunch kit and i made him pee his pants.

7. Tastiest homemade Halloween treat?
Pumpkin shaped cookies

by me6363 on 10/16/2011 5:19:23 PM


1. What’s your favorite way to carve or decorate a pumpkin? Give us a step-by-step!
*** Carve a face and put a HUGE candle in it so it lasts all night long, then stick it out on the terrace Smile

2. Best way to bedeck a homemade haunted house?
*** Black curtains, fake spiderwebs, tons of candles, lights in the hallways.
3. Craziest celeb costume inspiration?
*** Katy Perry
4. Hands-down best DIY costume you’ve seen?
***A parrot!
5. Best DIY costume you’ve worn?
***A pumpkin.
6. Funniest Halloween trick?
*** Anything having to do with fire!
7. Tastiest homemade Halloween treat?
*** Homemade pumpkin pie! (it's a lot of work but it's amazing!)

by revolutionary_chick on 10/15/2011 9:30:23 PM


1.Carve it the way you would normally but finish it off with paint, sparkles, etc. for a unigue look!

2.This isnt really a haunted house thing but, if there is snow on the ground, take a bunch of fake blood on your hands and maake bloody handprints and messages in the snow.

3.Lady GAga

4.My brother was a washer machine one year! It took a lot of work but it was so cool in the end!

5.I always handmake my costumes, and one year, I was a bride and my mom completely hand made it.

6.Rake up a big pile of leaves and before the trick or treating starts (also make sure it is light enough for people to see) have about 2 or 3 people put on scary masks and lay in the leaves so that only the mask is exposed. Then, when people walk by, jump out of the leaves and scare them! It is hilarious to see their reactions!

7. "Blood and Bones" make salty breadsticks in the shape of bone and serve it with marinara sauce.

by Pinklife on 10/15/2011 12:23:37 AM


1. What’s your favorite way to carve or decorate a pumpkin? Give us a step-by-step!
- Carve a face, stick a lit candle in it, and put it outside!

2. Best way to bedeck a homemade haunted house?
-Black sheets, skeletons, and people dressed in really gruesome zombie costumes

3. Craziest celeb costume inspiration?
-Lady. GaGa.

4. Hands-down best DIY costume you’ve seen?
-A box of Nerds....The person seriously had a wagon, a cardboard box, and people dressed as nerds sitting in the box...

5. Best DIY costume you’ve worn?
-A witch

6. Funniest Halloween trick?
-Scaring your friends until they pee

7. Tastiest homemade Halloween treat?

by metrostation3xx on 10/13/2011 10:28:44 AM


2 years ago i took a cardboard box and cut off the top and bottom. then i painted it red and drew little squares all over it. then i attached some bungee chords and used them as suspenders. i printed off some "target" logos and became a target shopping cart!! haha Smile i wore the type of clothes that a target employee would wear, and carried around a plastic target bag (yay recycling!) and the costume was complete!!
try it out its hilarious!! <3

by dancerjj13 on 10/13/2011 7:05:50 AM


1. What’s your favorite way to carve or decorate a pumpkin? Give us a step-by-step!
Cut the top, take all the seeds and gush out, get a bundle of daisies and stick em in there and tie a ribbon around the pumpkin.

2. Best way to bedeck a homemade haunted house?
get people with chainsaws haha

3. Craziest celeb costume inspiration?
well now miley cyrus (like her stage costumes) people wouldnt like it very much if you went trick or treating in that.

4. Hands-down best DIY costume you’ve seen?
Decked out fairy

5. Best DIY costume you’ve worn?
pink cowgirl(3rd grade)

6. Funniest Halloween trick?
replacing little kids candy with rocks(MEAN I KNOW IVE NEVER DONE IT!)

7. Tastiest homemade Halloween treat?
Yummy popcorn with random shizz in it

by bff61 on 10/12/2011 10:25:07 PM


i'm gonna be a dark angel! i'm getting dark angel wings and wearing a black dress and i'm going to straighten my dark brown (almost black) hair and do like black make up!

eep! so excited!

by halfbloodprincess on 10/12/2011 10:16:41 PM


I'm being Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's! I looove Audrey Hepburn <3

by thecupcakequeen on 10/12/2011 8:48:54 PM


I'm going to be Marie Attonette (yes I'm a history nerd) with a line of fake blood (or ketchup) around my neck to make it spooky!

by Lannen98 on 10/12/2011 8:16:17 PM


couldn't i just be my Mii on the Wii? haha!

by fallsb-ball on 10/12/2011 8:13:28 PM


MOD MOD MOD PLEASE!!!! this is COMPLETELY unfair!! we have to raise 900$ to go on a trip, and my family is almost completely out of money. the band said they do this thing discretely where they can pay half the trip if its too much money. we cant even afford 450$. this is wouldnt normally be a big deal, but i think i deserve this trip!! i work really hard in EVERYTHING i do. i think i should talk to the band director again and show that i really have tried, but it just isnt working. maybe he has an idea?


Hey chica, yeah talk to the band direcotr again. Let them know you family is financially unable to provide 450$, but you really really want to go. Ask him if there's anything you can do. Aww girl I hope everything works out! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by karategirl78 on 10/12/2011 7:55:13 PM


This year I'm going to be Miss Piggy, a red hat lady, and Medusa! (I have lots of events to go to so....)

by alwaysdreamer on 10/12/2011 7:34:36 PM


I emailed it! I am so excited to see if I'm on the site!

by Ekgurl on 10/12/2011 7:31:36 PM


mod modmod pleease help! i rly like this guy and well he said he likes me back but im a freshmen and hes a senior. Anyway he kissed me friday and it was a slow make out kinda kiss and he held my neck. I wanted to know ifi can tell how much he likes me based on that. also well hes been a jerk to me and well its upsetting cause hes nice to me when hes not with his friends ;( and i dont understand that. Like he was making fun of me then wud b like jk and hed hug me. but his best friends going out with my friends sister and he told her that he hates me thou i never talk to him so it dont make since! i rly like him and hes my first kiss but im guessing if his friends dont like me then hes been talking junk about me ;( i just dont know wut to do! he keeps breaking my heart and pls dont say move on cause i wont! hes way to special


Hey girly, mhmm this is a tricky sitch. He is three years older than you and he's been a jerk. You don't need to be with someone who is going to treat you different in front of their friends. I know you think he's special, but does he feel the same way about you? Don't you think that he wouldn't be treating you the way he does, or letting his friends talk about you if he thought you were special. I'm not feeling this guy girl. I know you don't want me to say it. . . but I think you need to meet someone your own age, who is going to treat you the right way. Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by winniefer on 10/12/2011 7:27:49 PM


i will prob be a american tourist 4 a party

by millia7 on 10/12/2011 6:50:28 PM


Mod mod mod Hey! I really would like to go trick or treating with my friends. I want to figure out what theme we should do! I was going to be belatrix from hp but i think I'll save it for next year. I would like our theme to be fun, original, and easy. Last year some of my friends went as candy and some went as Kesha, Riana, lady gaga, and Katy perry. Do you have any ideas like that? And how to make or fix make up for it? Thanks, and please answer!


Hey girlfriend, you guys could go as a girl group like the Spice Girls or Destinys Child. There's also the Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies or Scooby-doo and the gang. I would stop at party city for some cool makeup. I would orint some pictures out of the characters or person I would go as, and take it into the costume shop so they can help you pick out the right stuff. Hope this helps, and have fun!!! Smile Smile


Lynae P.

by Lll328 on 10/12/2011 5:34:45 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! My brother is sooo mean and annoying to me!Im in 8th grade and hes in 5th so were some what close in age. He knows what things bother me and everyday was end up getting in a fight. I try to tell him that i don't want to fight but he never listens and when i tell my parents they yell at him but he doesn't listen. Sometimes he kicks me or punches me and he is really getting on my nerves. He always mocks me and makes fun of everything i do!Im really getting tired of it!! Help!!


Hey girly, sounds like you really need to get a lock for your door. That way he can never get in and bother you. Since he knows how to push your buttons, act like you aren't getting annoyed. For example, say if he were to always screams your name, and it really irked you, act like you don't even hear him. People only annoy other people because they know it gets under their skin, so if you show them that it's not, they'll eventually stop. Hope this helps!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by naomi<3 on 10/12/2011 5:32:37 PM


1. Buy a medium size pumpkin, paint it navy blue or black, coat it with glue, sprinkle navy/black and silver sparkles all over it, when dry poke holes everywhere. When it's lit it looks like the nighttime skySmile
2. I make life size zombies by stuffing towels in my dad's old clothesSmile
3. Snooki made a Pickle Queen costume! haha
4. My friend made herself an avatar with blue face paint and everything
5. i made myself a baby Smile
6. I have no idea
7. Jack-o-lantern cupcakesSmile

by BeachCoffee on 10/12/2011 5:30:34 PM


MOd MOd Mod Mod MOd MOd!! Ok so i was invited to one of my best friends bday parties on the 22 this month. she is friends with most popular girl in school and her friends, and she will most likely invite them, and im really nervous cause they are not very nice, and theyre probably gonna make fun of me!! also they are all so skinny and its a swimming party!! what should i do? also any tips for thigh/butt workouts! thanks a bunch!


Hey chicky, do you have a friend you can bring with you? Ask the bday girl if it's okay if you bring a gal pal to the party. That way you'll have someone there you know, yet you'll still have the opportunity to get to know other people at the party. I often bring one of my besties along when I'm going to a party where I don't know many people. Try doing leg lunges, jumping jacks, and squats. If you don't want to walk around in your bathing suit, you can always create an outfit around it. You could wear a cute off the shoulder top, denim ripped shorts, sandals and some jewelery. Hope this helps and have fun!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by jbneversaynever17 on 10/12/2011 5:06:00 PM

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