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Are my boobs shrinking?!

I’ve noticed lately that some of my bras aren’t fitting the way they used to.
29 Comments | Add Yours

ok. so i dont think my boobs are growing very much.. i am a size 36 A (weird size i know). i have been since i was 10. i am now twelve. i dont have my period yet but i have everything else. will they get bigger or what? help lol

Not a weird size at all! It's hard to predict whether or not they'll get bigger because everyone is different and it depends on your unique bod, but you're only 12 - and most girls don't totally stop growing until their late teens. So don't get discouraged yet - but in the meantime, love the bod you've got, girl! 
Lauren C.

by keykat on 10/20/2011 6:49:49 PM


I need advice. Some guy in my class was buging me well about being flat. He said that u can tell who has there period and not so i asked him how? He then told me cause of your boob size. I know im smaller then regular girls my age (13) but can u rlly tell by this
P.S. Is there a way to not feel so self consious about your boob size?

Not at all Smile Focus on your body as a whole and enjoy it that way, instead of picking and choosing which parts to like Smile

Brittany G.
Brittany G.

by love-dance1234 on 10/18/2011 10:49:25 PM


Thanks Lauren C. Smile
Also ...
Some people think I'm an aggressive tomboy. I just want to be a tomboy with flair. I try to change, but too many people upset me & I blow up on them. I tried meditation, diaries & we don't have guidance couselors (my school is catholic ... in the city ...) and I don't know what to do! Please help me!

Hey girlie,

Being aggressive, determined, or even a lil rough around the edges is totally fine. Those are your personality quirks - and that's not something to change! But if you borderline on angry or act out physically/by yelling when you get upset, that's something you can definitely work on. Next time you get worked up, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and think of something calm, like a river or the beach. Then open your eyes and assess the situation. What are you really upset about? Ask yourself straight out: are you over-reacting? Is this really going to matter in an hour or tomorrow? Is it easier and does it require less negative energy to just walk away? (Hint: the answer to that last question is almost always yes.) You need to talk yourself down from feeling aggressive and angry. It's not always easy, but it'll get easier with time. Don't let yourself say things out of impulse - be thoughtful and think about what you say before you say it!
Lauren C.

by Kikikim8 on 10/14/2011 10:38:03 PM


My sister is 11 and she already got her period, and wears a size 34B. I'm 14 in a month, and I haven't gotten my period, and my boobs have been the same size since I was about 11. 32 A. I'm not so worried about my period because I know that will come, but I'm worried my boobs might not grow any bigger. They've been the same size for so long! Do you think they will ? thanks Smile

Hey babe,

It's hard to say! You can't base it off your sister though, that's for sure. Your bod is totally unique and it'll mature at a different pace than everyone else's. Lots of girls notice a change in their boobs after their period starts, or when they reach their later teens, and even in their 20's. It's possible they'll grow - but it's also important that you love 'em whatever size they are Smile
Lauren C.

by athelas on 10/14/2011 10:16:32 PM


1) The bras for the picture above are cute; do you know where they sell them at? If so, in what sizes? Do they have underwire & supportive pads?
2) I want to go up a cup, but my mom is really positive I'm a B. The bra doesn't even stay flat on my chest! I've measure & I know I'm right. Any tips?
3) One time, around June, I was sitting on the toliet just urinating. Then, when I stood up, some blood came out of my vagina onto the white tile floor. I told my mom but she said if I really have it she needs more proof. DO you think this is a real period. It's the only time that happened. I have all the period symptoms (except spotting) and I currently (as of today) 4'9 & ... lbs & I'm 12. DO you think it could be comming.
4) Withthe info above, do you think I'm overweigh? Is it an average weightfor my age?
5) I just recently seen the U by Kotex Tweens combo pack.
a) Do you know if they are good?
b) DO they make tween tampons?
Sorry is this is too long!

Hey girlie,

1. I'm not sure exactly where these are from, but try VS Pink and Aerie. They have similar bra styles and super cute prints/colors for us younger girls!

2. Try going with mom to a department store or lingerie-specific store, like Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, or Victoria's Secret. Have a professional measure you! That way, there's no arguing exactly what your size is. (And also, the size shouldn't matter - grab a couple options and always always try on the bra before you buy!)

3. Your period could definitely be on the way! That type of blood that you experienced before sounds more like a cut/irritated spot that started to bleed though, since it seemed to catch you off guard and came without much warning/light spotting beforehand. But since you're 12 and going through puberty now, it's just a matter of time til your period arrives!

4. I'm really not qualified to tell you whether you're overweight, average, underweight, whatever! The most important thing is that you eat healthy and get active every day. If you're concerned, ask your doc at your next check up!

5. A few of my friends use U by Kotex and they love them! They're packaged in super cool designs and colors too, I love that it makes periods fun. They don't make tween tampons yet (that I know of), but the only difference would probably be in packaging. If you made a tampon any smaller for a younger girl, it wouldn't work as well! Smile
Lauren C.

by Kikikim8 on 10/14/2011 9:36:45 PM


Heyy girls, need advice? Check out the club, Ask Naomi, where no question is 2 weird. Get the advice u need, and just hang out. Hope 2 c ya there!!<3

P.S. Are you great at giving out advice?? The you could become the VP of the club, Ask Naomi. Just comment at the club that you would like to be VP.

by naomi<3 on 10/14/2011 7:20:22 PM


I have wanted a BGF forever and i think i found the guy to be great friends with. how can i keep this friendly relationship up without having any other "feelings" involved. I just think i really need to have a guy friend to talk to and have a Blast together and talk about fun things. How can i start? THanks so much GL!

Hey babe! 

I think this article sums up how to befriend guys pretty well Smile 
Devin A.

by hypershrimp on 10/14/2011 4:15:10 PM


I measured myself according to this book (1 in past your strap size= A, 2=B 3=C 4=D ect) and I found out i'm a 32 C. I think my bras must've stretched out in the washing machine bc now they're too big! How often should you buy new bras? Should I buy one the same size or smaller so it won't stretch as much?

Hey girl! 

Bra experts say you should buy a bra every 3 to 6 months, since certain things (such as if you've gained or lost weight) can change the way your bras fit. Try on some bras in a 32C next time you go to the store to see how they fit you - make sure it looks and feels right before you buy anything! Good luck! xoxox 
Devin A.

by XxLittleMonsterxX on 10/14/2011 2:23:12 PM


So the past couple of days I have had itchy, dry, red spots on my scalp that itch really bad. I scratched one spot so much that it bled. I have absolutely no idea why this is happening. I don't have, and have never had dandruff. I haven't changed my hair routine in the last week either, so I know it isn't a new product.

Hey babe! 

Have you showed one of your parents yet?  I'm not sure what this could be either! Mom, Dad, or a doctor would be great people to talk to about this. Try not to itch those red spots! xoxox
Devin A.

by jayhawk94 on 10/14/2011 2:13:24 PM

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