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Too old to trick-or-treat?

Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I’m worried that I’m getting too old for it.
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i heard that some towns have an "under 12" rule. i think that around 13 or 14 is when you should think about handing out candy instead of going out- which, btw, can be just as fun if you are in costume while doing so. what i really cant stand is the teenagers (and some creepy- and not in the good way- adults) that don't dress up but still go out (i hand out candy and save the old nasty stuff for those people). i get it if the older teen/ adult is with a little kid, but them going out for themselves? yah, um, no thank you.

by beingbek on 10/16/2011 12:59:08 PM


I'm 15 and I think I'm going to go this year, but I'm pretty tall so that kinda stinks for trick or treating.

by fallsb-ball on 10/16/2011 12:20:31 PM


I'm having a party the Saturday before Halloween, and going trick or treating on Halloween in a huge group.
For halloween I want to be something a little scary but really cute too. I was thinking things like a witch (which I've been before but could do again) or like Wednesday from The Addams Family. Do you have any better ideas? Thanks!

Hey girlie,

Ooo, I love the idea of being Wednesday! You could also be a cute vampire, a mummy (but don't cover up your face), or Little Red Riding Hood!
Lauren C.

by miaboo123 on 10/16/2011 9:18:56 AM


If you want to go trick-or-treating whose stopping you!?
So maybe you don't have to go around asking for candy, but you could always walk around with your buds!

by orangeache on 10/16/2011 8:29:46 AM


your never to old for trick-or-treating unless your over the age of 18

by ms.momiji on 10/16/2011 7:53:58 AM


I'm 13 and decided not to trick-or-treat this year, but I'm still going to walk around the neighborhood with my parents and little bro.

by allyson1124 on 10/16/2011 12:11:15 AM


junior high? are you kidding? my sister is 19 and she still goes trick or treating, and I am 14 and plan on going for a while. But we are a weird family, I suppose.

by beachgirl324 on 10/15/2011 10:55:21 PM


I don't think I'm dressing up this year...I had a halloween party last year but I can't have one this year, so I'm skipping this year and having an awesome one next year(:

by Rgirl12 on 10/15/2011 10:46:45 PM


Ok so i wanted to be Ke$ha for halloween, because i wanted to do fun make-up and clothes, but my mom doesn't think shes approprite. I wan to do a costume with really fun, wild clothes and make-up. Any ideas? (please no zombies) THANK YOU!

Hey girlie,

Instead of being Ke$ha, why not compromise and be a pop star? That way, you can go totally crazy - sequins, tutus, bright colors, torn sleeves, tights, heels, glitter, etc. without being a specific pop star that doesn't represent the best/healthiest of lifestyles! See how mom feels about that. You could also be a peacock or parrot (bright colors, lots of ruffles for feathers, cool makeup opportunities) or a fairy!
Lauren C.

by spicyllamachick2120 on 10/15/2011 9:40:15 PM


I'm almost 14 (in November) and I plan on going this year. Smile Maybe all the way through high school even. In this day and age, it isn't so uncommon for older teenagers to trick-or-treat. It's especially fine if you're going with a group of friends, I see it all the time in my neighborhood! Love love love Halloween. <3 Smile

by Athelas on 10/15/2011 9:39:50 PM

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