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My friends are using me!

They only want to hang out with me because I have cool things.
92 Comments | Add Yours

My friends like my brother and only want to come over when he is there! What do I do? Help please

by Glittery Zebra on 7/1/2012 3:21:27 AM


I really like this guy and i know he likes me. How do i hint to him that i like him to and want to go out?? Please help me! Felicity S.

Hey girl, try to give him every opportunity to ask you out. Talk to him whenever you can, and if you can get time alone with him, that's even better. Smile, laugh at his jokes, and touch his arm while you're chatting. If he's takin' too long still, there's nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out, ya know. Smile 
Carrie R.

by Felicity S. on 6/20/2012 3:22:17 PM


Hey Girl,
Going to new places with new people is always a challenge. To take your mind off of your worries, try setting a goal each day. Trust me, you'll be surprised by how many friends and new talents you'll meet. Understand that you can stick up for yourself and change how people are treating you. Express you and your talents and ignore people who are picking on you. They're immature and jealous, and if it really gets out of hand, say,"Guys, handle your own situations. It is completely immature to pick on me,especially since you're older." Good Luck.
P.S. You'll do great!Smile

by Felicity S. on 6/20/2012 3:18:53 PM


So I have a friend that lives on my street named Maddy, and she's a year younger than me. Her dad got this promotion. I thought it was great... until I realized she's moving to California and we live in Texas! I got this idea that she lived with us for a year, since then she could finish her Elementary school year and stay with her friends for a bit longer. She said she thought it was awesome and wants to do it, and we planned everything out and all. I was wondering how to present this idea to my mom and get a yes, since I would DIE without Maddy here. If you have any ways to get a yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAASSE TELL ME! Thanks!


Hey girlie,

I think you need to get your parents and Maddy's parents together on this one. This is a huge decision - and one that, to be honest, both sets of parents probably won't take seriously. It's not like Maddy has one year left to finish high school and then will move away to college - it's elementary school, so she will easily be able to catch up/settle in somewhere else. Also, imagine being away from your parents for an entire year - her parents will probably not be game. But if you really want to ask them, get them together and be mature about it. Tell them you know it sounds a little crazy but it would make a lot of sense for her to stay in the same school where she knows everyone, is comfortable and confident, is doing well, etc. Be genuine. There's no guarantee they'll be on board - but you never know if you don't try <3 (And don't forget about ways to stay in touch if she does move - phones, texts, emails, Skype, and real mail will all help to make sure you don't stop being friends!)

Lauren C.

by Kenzay on 6/7/2012 6:04:51 PM


I have a crush on this guy at school and he says i'm his best friend, we always have a good time together too. Problem is, he already has a crush on this one girl, one of the 'Popular girls'. Why is it that guys seem to always like the 'popular girls' better than anyone else? I'm confused by this.

Hey babe, that's a classic question. And a lot of times, the guy doesn't necessarily like the girl - just her popularity. You just have to hope that he grows up and realizes that there are more definitions of "cool" than just the number of people who know your name.  
Carrie R.

by agentcheese on 6/6/2012 3:12:00 PM


umm.... this is awkward.... but my period leaked a few weeks ago in school. and everyone saw. between classes i went to the nurse to see if she had pants but the only ones she had were like 10 sizes to big, so i went into the bathroom with a friend and she let me tie her jacket around my waist.( which was against dress code ). when we walked into class we were 20 minutes late!! my teacher asked why and i explained it to her after class. people told me everyone was talking about it when i was gone.. and now everyone still makes fun of me for it like 3 weeks later.. HELP!!!!


Hey Girl!

Aw no, I'm sorry that sounds horrible!! I would tell people how embarrassed this makes you feel and ask if they could stop talking about it. And eventually people will forget, but don't worry about it too much because every girl has issues with her period at some time or another.


by maymay <3 on 6/1/2012 4:01:02 PM


My close friend (and singing buddy) is like my sister. I love her so much, but she's really irritating me. She flirts with MY crush that she's known about allll year, and hugs him and puts her arm around him and everything. My BFF said that he already knows i like him and that he likes me. but he doesn't talk to me much on fb or anything. i tried telling him on the last day, but im too scared. what do i do about my friend that keeps flirting with him, and how do i find out if he likes me without asking him flat out????

Hey girl,

Have you tried just talking to your close friend and telling her how you feel? If she's that great of a friend, she will understand that you're uncomfortable with how close she is to your crush. She might not even realize she's flirting with him, so she might just need you to help her realize. However, he isn't your boyfriend, so you can't demand that he be off limits. Wanna find out if he likes you? Check out this link: How to Tell if He's Really Into You. If all the signs are there, and you've hung out with him and want to take your friendship further, flirt back or ask HIM out! 
Kelly G.

by lindseym3r5 on 6/1/2012 12:41:20 AM


Hi, I just got out on the 24th and I officially graduated middle school!(: So next year, i'll be going to the highschool as a freshmen...... the hs here is huge, and im afraid of everyone being so much bigger than i am.... what do i do? also, our lunch periods are mixed up with people in all four grades, and i won't be able to sit with my friends because we may not have lunch the same periods Frown, also, the older kids will pick on me!thats what scares me! i'm terrified of highschool, because i'm always being bullied, and picked on, and bad stuff always happens to me!
Whats your advice on these situations?

Hey girlie,

Woohoo, congrats!!! High school only seems scary because it's unfamiliar - but really, it's not bad at all! First off, check out this article for tips on how to make the best of it:


You'll make lots of friends if you're out-going, get involved, and remember that EVERYONE is nervous, so there's nothing wrong with going up to a classmate and introducing yourself. As for the older kids, they won't pick on you if you carry yourself with confidence. High school is all about growing up, changing, and becoming the person you are - everyone is in the same boat, so stay strong, work hard, don't be afraid to talk to people and you will be fine!!! Smile
Lauren C.

by lindseym3r5 on 6/1/2012 12:30:28 AM


Mod Mod!
I have this friend who was really awesome when I met her, but now she hangs out with the popular girl group. Obviously, I'm not in that group. She did this a lot before, and the group kinda "broke her heart". Whenever this happens she come running back to me. Should I forgive or ditch? Help!

Hey PandaLover!

I'm sorry your friend has been so wishy-washy. You definitely want to talk to her about her behavior. Tell her it's not cool that you're her "back-up" friend. Say, "If you're friends with other girls that's fine, but it hurts my feelings when you ditch me for them". Hopefully she understands what you're saying and tries to change. If not, she isn't a good friend. In the meantime, make some more friends of your own-you can never have too many. 

Marisa D.

by pandalover458 on 5/29/2012 4:39:59 PM


I have this friend and she is constantly bringing me down. I know i shouldnt be friends with her but she really likes being my friend. See, she confuses me alot. She says all these mean names to me, brings me down, sometimes even slaps me, and flirts with all these guys i like. But sometimes i like her, other times i dont like her at all. HELPP?!?

Hey girl,

If she's slapping you, that's definitely not okay, but if you like her some of the time, maybe you should sit down and talk with her -- she might not realize how rude she's being! Explain that her actions hurt you but that you still wants to be friends. If she apologizes, that's a good sign, but if she acts like it isn't a big deal, you might want to find some new pals!

Meghan D.

by KatieBieber on 5/11/2012 10:40:20 PM

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