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My friends are using me!

They only want to hang out with me because I have cool things.
92 Comments | Add Yours

Okay so i am a competitive gymnast. But i am not stick thin like all the girls in the gym. i am definitely NOT fat. Just I have boobs and hips and the other girls don't. Outside of gym, I love my bod. I'm thin, but still have curves. But as soon as i put that leotard on... I hate it. My BMI is 20.2 (i am 12 and 5'1 and weigh 106 pounds) How can I stop being so insecure in the gym? Thanx!


Hey honey, you love your body outside of the gym, why not at all times? This is because you are comparing yourself to all of the other girls who you say are thinner than you. So what! You are very young and you're only going to keep growing. The other girls may not have started developing yet. Throw on that leotard and embrace your curves! 

Amalia E.

by emilee571 on 10/26/2011 7:43:15 AM


i have a bit of unwanted dark facial hair and its visible....... do you know of anything that could help get rid of it?? please help me!!!

You could tweeze it or use a depilatory that's safe for facial hair Smile

Brittany G.

Brittany G.

by gymnastky on 10/25/2011 11:22:46 PM


My BFF is starting hang with this girl I don't like very much. I know it sounds funny but I have a bad feeling about her. I've been trusting my instincts so far. I've trusted them when my two other friends turns evil. Any way this girl I think is stealing my bestie. This morning my BFF hung out with her. We hang out every morning and she asks where I am and I tell her but she didn't tell me she hung out with her. We tell each other ever thing. She told me, " Oh I thought you knew I was there but we never hang with that girl." I'm getting bothered by it. I'm worried. Please help!

Try talking to her about it and how you feel regarding losing her.

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by Smartpaws on 10/25/2011 10:44:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD! okay so we had tryouts for our dance team, and i made junior varsity, along with most of my friends. I feel like i did really good at tryouts, and i did everything great( i have all my splits, quad turn, toe touch, etc.) and i thought i would make varsity and i didnt, but one of my friends did. Now i feel like im not "good enough" what can i do?

Remember, out of all the girls that tried out, you made it , so that's got to count for something, right? Ask those in charge what you can do to improve and try for Varsity next year! Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by Abigaildancer13 on 10/25/2011 10:38:13 PM


Hey girl!
Oh my goodness, I have been there before, and I totally know how it feels! Could you try finding your friend a new friend? She probably doesn't have anyone else besides you, and if you find her a new friend, maybe she'll get off your back. Do you have any classes together? I know that when that happened to me, we got in a group for a project with a couple other girls and my friend started hanging out with one of the girls in the group when I went back to my old friends. If you don't have a group project coming up, maybe you guys could both become friends with a girl in your class and she'll drift over to her. If this doesn't work, maybe you could try introducing her to your other friend and all get together for a sleepover or something. She might feel left out, and that way you all three could be great friends, instead of drifting to one friend or another. Good luck; let me know how it turns out! Smile


by applea123 on 10/25/2011 10:19:14 PM


we have pj day friday and i cant decide what to wear i live in louisiana so it will be hot do u think i should wear grey sweatpants that r capris with a tye die shirt or burendy sweatpants with a navy and yellow jacket?

The gray outfit sounds like the plan Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by betagirl13 on 10/25/2011 10:14:51 PM


Hey girlies!
Are the mean girls bugging you? Friends got you down? Is the school bully at it again? Oh gosh, and the whole "popularity" thing! Visit my advice queen page, applea123, whether you need advice or just someone to talk to, I'm here for ya chicas! Smile

by applea123 on 10/25/2011 10:10:19 PM


I have a friend who I have had for 9 months but now I want to go back to my old friend, and whenever I hang out with my old friend my new friend always buts in rudely.

by impi on 10/25/2011 9:46:44 PM


MOD MOD MOD so i sit with a group of girls at school (let's call it Group#1) during lunch. they are nice people but don't acknowledge my presence a lot. then one day one of the girls from Group#1 were sitting with Group#2 at lunch, so I decided to too. They acknowledged my presence more and were nice, but the nicest girl from Group#1 doesn't like the people from Group#2. who should i sit with?

Which table are you more comfortable with? If you find that difficult to answer, maybe you could try switching off  (sitting at one table one day and another on another day)?

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by PuppyCT on 10/25/2011 9:19:41 PM


Hey girlies out there!!
i love giving adivce Smile i can give advice on:
fashion tips,
makeup tips,
hair tips,
and well mostly everything. i'll try to answer as soon as possible Smile
claraton0202 oxoxox

by claraton0202 on 10/25/2011 6:32:46 PM

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