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Swap out sneakily bad-for-you condiments

The table staples that pack a shocking number of calories.
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I barely use ketchup, hate dressing on salads - If I HAVE to have dressing on my salad well then I'll have, like, three drops of Italian dressing on my salad. I HATE Mayonaise, Ranch Dressing, BBQ Sauce, ect. I AM A TOTALLY HEALTHY GIRL

by Sarah510 on 4/14/2012 5:30:34 PM


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by clem10 on 10/31/2011 2:43:16 PM


*** MOD MOD MOD MOD*****
I pack lunch everyday so I don't have to eat disgusting school foods. Any ideas of heathy, and quick "entrees" that still taste good?

Sandwiches with mustard and on any bread that's not white (rye, wheat, etc.), veggies, fruits and 100% fruit juices Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by sydneyanne99 on 10/29/2011 12:44:22 PM


I only use a little but of Italian dressing on my salads, I can't stand ranch. I never dip my fries in ketchup and we don't often have BBQ sauce on anything. When we have hotdogs, which is almost never, I do put a dab of ketchup and mustard. I HATE mayo, unless it's mixed up with lots of other things.

by cuteychica on 10/29/2011 9:48:55 AM


My school only serves one choice for lunch. It's really unhealthy. It's always fried or processed and there is no (tasty) veggies or fruit on the side. They started to give out ham & cheese subs but now they slather a whole jar of mayo on every sandwich. I want to eat healthy but my mom makes me but lunch. Help!!!

Hey babe! 

Explain to your moms your concerns about lunch and tell her you'd be willing to make your own lunch if she doesn't want to. Also, why don't you ask your school principal or school council representative about talking to the company that provides your school with lunch? I'm sure your school would be happy to start offering healthier options if they knew students would buy them. xoxox
Devin A.

by 12coco on 10/28/2011 4:27:51 PM


im happy i dont like ketchup or any of that stuff! and i dont like pizza i know shocker but i bet im saving myself from lots of cals!

by fearless;) on 10/26/2011 6:42:36 PM


Wow, who knew?! For more pointers and advice, then come to my profile and I'll help out with anything!!! Smile

by xxMissBehavedxx on 10/26/2011 3:49:14 PM


I knew there was a reason i didn't like ketchup. Or any of that junk. Blah!

by flyaway99 on 10/26/2011 12:52:03 PM


are you kidding me?! these are like the 4 most common condiments! eating healthy is soo always so busy so i just grab whatever ugh!
hit up my profile gals! <3

by swim_chick101 on 10/25/2011 10:44:12 PM


I don't like any of these, except ketchup. I only eat it like once every other month.

by kelaboo on 10/25/2011 6:56:10 PM

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