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Your best DIY Halloween costume ideas ever!

Still not sure what ya wanna be this Oct. 31? Read on for some craft-spiration…
52 Comments | Add Yours

Last year I was Medusa. I hotglued plastic snakes onto a headband and on hair barrettes. I also wore sunglasses.

by shiloh98 on 10/30/2011 10:36:18 AM


I was Kono from Hawaii Five-O.

by taylorswiftfan1236 on 10/30/2011 9:48:52 AM


Hey, I know this is the wrong section for this question, but I need to know! Hahaha sorry. Ok, well I like this guy named Noah, and all my friends know it. They all liked a guy named Cooper, so they were all like, "Don't worry about us, you can have him." I know that they didn't ever like him. Until now. I was at a party tonight and my friend told me two girls like Noah, but she couldn't say who. So I texted my friend, who I thought liked Cooper, and said,"Leila told me two girls like Noah, do you know who they are?" She texted back and said "Umm ya, me and Evie." I know she's not mad, but idk know what to text back, what do I say?! Help me!

Hey girlie,

I know you might feel threatened or even a little annoyed, but I wouldn't say anything to let them know you're feeling uncomfortable about this news. If you need to text back, just say something like, "oh ok, cool Smile" It's pretty neutral and won't cause any drama. But use this as motivation to get to know Noah better - put yourself out there, get to know him, flirt, and make sure you don't let them swoop in and ruin things for ya! 
Lauren C.

by razzberriezgrl on 10/29/2011 11:58:55 PM


i live in a cold place, and we sometimes trick or treat in the snow! so if its really cold out, i bundle up in a nice coat and boots and i dress up my dog (she loves to dress up, so its not forced upon her) and say i'm a dog walker!

by becca_boo12 on 10/29/2011 2:58:16 PM


This year i'm going as Belatrix Lestrange. I got pretty much the whole costume from goodwill. I found a bodice there and dyed it black. it's probably the coolest costume i've ever worn. I even made a wand out of and stick from my backyard!

by iheartfrance22 on 10/29/2011 12:18:58 PM


Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger games- tan pants, neon orange backpack, green t-shirt, knee length black jacket, mud makeup, flame painted nails, bow and arrows and quiver, dagger, etc

by soccerlover99 on 10/29/2011 11:44:58 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD im going trick or treating tonight and its going to be 31 degrees and snowing and i dont know what im going to be yet HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something warm! Maybe an arctic explorer? That way the coat and such won't interfere but rather be a part of your costume Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by artgaldh on 10/29/2011 9:40:39 AM


I was a globe once, and i really love the progressive idea

by kewauneegal on 10/29/2011 9:38:41 AM


This Year I made my costume , i am gonna be a girl from outer space. i got this weird mini dress thats kinda futuristic and i got some long leather boots. and cool sunshades and i am gonna spray my hair lots of colors i think it'll look good Laughing

by rolapa on 10/29/2011 5:28:38 AM


So m gona be a agent from men in black the movie and im gonna wear black dress pants, white button up shirt with black pumps, black tie, a black blaiser. Im also gonnna wear sunglasses and slick my hair back into a ponytail. For mmakeup i was thinking red lipstick...? Anything to add? And exessories?

Red lipstick means minimal eye makeup, so keep it natural Smile As far as accessories, don't forget your shades!

Brittany G.
Brittany G.

by lijbsinger on 10/29/2011 2:55:22 AM

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