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Bike to a better you

Hop on your 10-speed to burn cals fast.
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Is it okay if I eat dinner a half an hour after I work out?


Yes! If your workout takes more effort than walking, then wait at least a half hour before eating. Unless you're absolutely starving, because you should never deprive yourself! Make sure to stock up on lean protein and veggies to really get the best results from a workout.


Katie L.

by pandapillowpet on 9/19/2012 4:39:46 PM


I live 3 km (about 2 miles) from my school and i don'tget bussed so i bike home every day.

by littlemissfashion on 2/18/2012 8:06:58 PM


i walk each week with my friends.... we bring our dogs too! it's fun and i get a mile walk!!!! i get stronger and healthier each week!!!!! try it!!!

by amileofroses on 12/3/2011 10:35:45 PM


MOD MOD MOD!! I'm .... pounds at age 10 is this right? Im so sad i think i am fat!!i look at my self and think of all the other skinny girls in my class! Frown !

Don't feel fat! You can't compare yourself to other girls in your class - you're all going through puberty and growing up, so your bods are all going to be changing a LOT over the next few years. All you need to worry about right now is eating a balanced diet and staying active! <3 Be healthy girl - the actual number doesn't matter!! 
Lauren C.

by Emma2112 on 11/17/2011 8:36:32 PM


So lately whenever I'm in gym and I start working out a lot my stomach gets really cold! One of my friends told me that it means that I'm loosing alot of calories, is this true?

Hey Girl, I looked up your question online and found this link that seems to answer your question pretty well, so check it out! http://www.livestrong.com/article/461846-my-stomach-is-cold-when-running/ basically it happens because of changes in your blood flow, but it's very normal, so don't stress about it! 
Rachel N.

by I_love_my_friends on 11/16/2011 1:18:29 AM


mod mod mod
i'm only 9 but i'm fat but not really fat
i wanna swim at the YMCA but when i wear a swim suit, i look fat and i will feel embarrassed
how do i get skinnier? and i'm worried of what i'll look like when i'm a teenager.

Hey girlie,

Try not to be so critical of yourself right now! Make sure you're eating a balanced diet and getting active a little each day - playing sports with friends, walking home from school, riding your bike around the neighborhood, etc. Just focus on being healthy - you have to be good to yourself so you grow into your teens with a healthy bod! And remember that puberty is a weird time for everyone. My bod felt weird going through puberty because it felt foreign - it kept changing so often that I couldn't keep up! But your weight moves around as you grow up, you get taller, and you learn even better how to stay healthy/get active. So just remember that - take care of yourself, embrace the changes as they come, and love the bod you've got!!! <3
Lauren C.

by smileygirl555 on 11/12/2011 9:46:52 PM


Thanks for the reminder, I haven't been biking as much as I should. Thanks!

Join my club- Orchestra Nerds and Band Geeks!! It's just a loose and fun club where you can talk about anything- but especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!!

by svds on 11/12/2011 11:35:03 AM


I LOVE biking, but I haven't gotten around to going for a ride lately. I'm going to go for a ride as soon as possible! The only problem is I can't bike anywhere because my neighborhood is on a busy street. I wish I could though!

by abm25 on 11/11/2011 5:10:42 PM


i ride my bike like 50 times a week , Smile well you know not really , but i ride it ALOT .

by volleyball4lifee on 11/10/2011 10:09:28 PM


Omg biking is like my favorite thing to do Smile

by filaluvva on 11/9/2011 5:17:38 PM

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