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December / January 2012

Score an exclusive sneak peek inside our holiday issue!
82 Comments | Add Yours

is there a march issue coming up?

Hey girlie,

Our current issue (with Bella Thorne and Zendaya on the cover) is the February/March issue. So we won't have a new one until April/May Smile 
Lauren C.

by smileygirl555 on 3/3/2012 4:22:14 PM


mod mod mod
ok so on my magazine it says above my name EXPAUG13... im confused on wat that means

Hey girlie,

That's your expiration date! That means your subscription to GL will end on August 13th, unless you decide to renew with us Smile We hope ya do! 
Lauren C.

by cutiepie14231 on 2/23/2012 8:22:39 PM


Hey jmtkwalshgirl, sooo sorry about that. I think the mags have been getting out to you girls really late. Thanx for being patient with us. Hope you enjoy the issue. Xoxo

I just got my December/January issue and it's Febuary 1st! Frown WATS UP??????? Lynae P.

by jmtkwalshgirl on 2/1/2012 5:49:32 PM


hey, so i haent recieved an issue sice oct/nov 2011. can anyone help me?

by k8luvscake on 1/26/2012 4:34:13 PM


I live in Utah and its January and my December/January issue hasnt came is there a problem Smile

Hey babe,

YES that's a problem! You should've gotten your Dec/Jan issue by November 30. Get your subscription info ready and click here to find out how to contact us - report that missing issue! 
Lauren C.

by Candyprincess97 on 1/21/2012 12:50:10 AM


I live in California, and I still haven't gotten my Dec/Jan
issue. Do u know when I'll get it?

by christi11 on 1/11/2012 7:17:59 PM


Hey girls! This is Kayla9, and I wanted to let you know that I give advice on:
-Making money
-Books and writing
-Feeling good
-Baking and cooking
And anything you can possibly think of!!! Just comment on my profile and I will get back to you ASAP.
XOXO, Kayla

by kayla9 on 1/5/2012 11:50:37 PM


Where is the link mentioned on page 76 to the medicine ball workout?

Hey babe,

Unfortunately I don't have the mag in front of me, but definitely stay tuned to our Workouts section for all our latest exercise routines! <3
Lauren C.

by -gogreengal- on 1/5/2012 8:58:42 PM


Where is the link mentioned on page 76 to the medicine ball workout?

by -gogreengal- on 1/3/2012 6:08:16 PM


hey, so my boyfriend of almost 4 months told me about a month ago that he was bi which is totally ok with me as i fully support GLBT people. the other day though, he told me that he was kinda upset because i was being really insensitive about it. i have about 10 total LGBT friends, most of them open about it, and they never say anything about me being that way.
i told him that i didnt realize that i was being like that and apologized and he kinda brushed it off but still looked really hurt
the next day i told him that i really did feel bad about it and try to stop being insensitive. he said that he regretted telling me (he isnt open about it and only told me and a mutual friend (and doesnt plan on telling anybody else)) because of the way i had been. he said not to worry about it but the look he had was just so sad and i still feel bad.
what can i do to make up for it/let him know im truly sorry? (im 14, he's 15)

Just tell him youre truly sorry and didnt mean to make him feel uncomfortable. As long as you make it clear you fully support him 100% things will be fine Smile good luck! xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by XD003AMO on 1/1/2012 5:55:23 PM


When will I get my Feburary issue of GL?

by SophAlexan on 12/31/2011 6:02:32 PM


Hey girlies!<3 Please come join my club Singer/Songwriters Sista's. It's a cool club where we can talk about ANYTHING. (Especially MUSIC)Go to my profile to join

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 12/30/2011 9:03:49 PM


Hey chicasSmile please come join my club A dancers dream...<3. It's a chill, fun club where we all chat about anything and everything! (Especially dance!) It's for ANY types of dancers. Go to my profile to join! LUVS, Ann

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 12/30/2011 8:49:36 PM



Could you delete my account I need to start over.....

by Cait850 on 12/28/2011 9:09:31 AM


Help I think I'm developing a crush on my Best Friends Brother! I don't want to date him but I keep thinking about him. What do I do?

by libby22 on 12/27/2011 10:25:59 PM


Well!?? Is Miranda Cosgrove done with iCarly? She didn't say in the video! Tell me please? I am a BIG fan of iCarly and need to know.;D Tong

by katgrace11 on 12/27/2011 7:50:59 PM


MODMODMOD I had renewed my magazine subscription in October over my little brother's magazine sale, as I always had. The problem is, its December 23 and I haven't received the December/January 2012 issue yet. I was wondering why it hasn't come yet? I did send my order in and paid for the subscription. Is the mailing being delayed? I was just wondering why it hasn't come yet is all. Please respond. Thank you!


Hey girl, I'm not exactly sure what happened, but my guess is that the mailing is probably delayed. So sorry about that. It should arrive soon. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by luvrmusic on 12/23/2011 12:48:01 PM


What's a good way to let a guy know that you've noticed him and you like him too without coming on too strong and freakin' him out?

Hey babe,

Subtle hints will go a long way! Give him a small smile in the hallways, ask him a quick question in class about one of his hobbies (when the next game will be for the sport he plays, for example), add him as a friend on Facebook, etc. These little things give you a chance to be flirty without overwhelming him Smile Then, as time passes and you get to know him better, you can step it up!
Lauren C.

by luvs2dance on 12/22/2011 5:44:57 PM


I haven't gotten my october/november issue or my december/january issue and I'm really missing them! I am definetly still suscribed because i checked my subscription info so i am not sure what is going on. And the last two issues before that came a month late. I don't know what to do. please help! thanks!

Hey girl,

You need to report these missing issues and tell us about the problems you've been having! You should get your issue by the end of the month before that issue (so for the Dec/Jan issue, you should get it by the end of November). If it's any later, something is going wrong. Click here for the info on how to contact us! 
Lauren C.

by luvs2dance on 12/22/2011 5:43:12 PM


I love all of the craft ideas so awesome

by Izzybrigham on 12/21/2011 12:42:19 PM


hey everyone join my club lolSmile, im looking for a person to take over the last costom position! also its a great club where anyone can join and were partying!! have fun! lol is where anyone can comment we love outragous questions, and we give great advice! ~Nora

by gingeriscute22 on 12/17/2011 6:47:05 PM


Where do I go to find if I won anything for the giveaways?? It's Friday so it should be showing today. . . shouldn't it?? Well thnx!!

by hryptrfreak on 12/16/2011 7:07:31 PM


HELP ME! so im in grade 9 and i like this guy in grade 11 how can i talk to him? I know his brother but we dont get along well. plus hes not in any clubs. help what can i do to talk to him?

Hey girlie,

You gotta figure out something you have in common! You both love the same band, you both take the same bus, etc. Or maybe he was amazing at a certain subject and you could use some homework help. Do some investigating, then take a deep breath and walk up to him at his locker. Be yourself (not too flirty/giggly) and try to relax as you start the convo. It's worth a try! 
Lauren C.

by lululemon31 on 12/15/2011 7:20:18 PM


mod mod mod
What is the dress that Lilly Collins is wearing on pg. 20? Would someone please tell me?


Lynae P.

by christineah111 on 12/14/2011 4:38:46 PM


I love this issue!

by kiannahgal on 12/13/2011 6:09:08 PM


Hey, I have been waiting for a while for my December/January issue of GL since about the end of November. I usually get mine around the 25th-31st of the month before the month it would come out (example: I would get my May/June one sometime around the end of April.) Could you please tell me when I should be getting them? THANKS!

Hey Jenna,

Since you waited a while and it's already December, it's totally time to report your issue as missing. Click here and follow the instructions to do so! 
Lauren C.

by yumasauras on 12/8/2011 4:54:06 PM


mod mod mod mod mod hey, so i've been going out with my boyfriend for almost 3 months now, but i havent met his parents. he doesnt want me to because they think im like almost all of the other girls at my school (stupid and....easy) but im really not like that at all. when i asked if he could just introduce me/have me over and prove them wrong, he said that theyre really stubborn and he wont even make an effort to introduce me. because of all of this, i cant see him much and if he just talked to his parents, it'd be so much easier thanks


Hey girl, I would continue to ask him to talk to his parents. If you keep bringing it up, he'll eventually break down and ask them. You could even write a note to his parents asking if they would mind meeting you, and get him to give it to them. Hope this helps!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by XD003AMO on 12/3/2011 6:47:55 PM


I wish GL had an app for the iPod touch...a lot of magazines do and wouldn't that be awesome?!

by maggie183 on 12/3/2011 10:57:46 AM


I Haven't gotten my Dec/Jan issue yet? and it's already december!

Lauren C.

by purpletoenails on 12/1/2011 4:48:32 PM


realllllyyyy madd!!! i didnt get the new issue yet and i just cant wait to read it!!!!!!

by lazygirl04 on 11/28/2011 3:54:55 PM


mod mod mod mod mod!!
so i'm really into hairstyles and such, and i'd love to try for the GL beauty vlogger... but i have 2 questions first. (1) does it have to do with makeup? though i am good at it, i'm not very creative with it. however, i'm very creative with my hair and am much better at it than makeup. (2) if you think i qualify, how do i enter???

Hey girlie,

Check back on December 1 for all the details about becoming our next beauty vlogger. Because our readers (well, viewers!) care about both hair and makeup advice, I think you'll have to be a master at both! Practice now and try to look at makeup as art: play with colors, textures, layering, etc. There will be a lot of girls trying out, so you should definitely try to be good at all aspects of "beauty" Smile
Lauren C.

by kmt419 on 11/27/2011 9:56:43 AM


i usually get my magizine between the 15 and the 25 and i've waited but it's not here. did it get lost?

Hey girlie,

Remember that we don't get mail on holidays like Thanksgiving, so I'd probably wait til the end of November. If you don't get it by then, follow the instructions here to notify us about your missing issue <3
Lauren C.

by happygoluckycharms on 11/25/2011 7:06:05 PM


i cant wait 2 receive this new issue

by lissielovebug on 11/24/2011 11:18:55 AM


I didn't get the december/ january issue yet im soooooo sad and upset because i <3 this magizine!!!!!!!!!!

by BrittanyJordan on 11/22/2011 7:47:04 PM


Calling all boy crazy girls!!! Do you find yourself daydreaming about your crush (or multiple crushes) nearly 24/7? Do you find boys the best and most entertaining topic in the world? If you answered yes to either of those questions you should totally join my club BOY FEVER Smile Just come to my page and join!! It's a super fun club where we talk about crushes, dating, embarrassing moments with guys, celeb we give each other great advice Smile


by maggie183 on 11/22/2011 6:14:15 PM


I just now got the September/October issue. It's November 22nd. And I have not yet recieved the November/December issue even though it was supposed to come 7 days ago. this has been happening ever sinse i subscribed. I never get the issues on time. Help! I love the magazine though.

by ptelthorst on 11/22/2011 6:01:10 PM


modmodmodmod On the party like a rockstar section, There was a part that said rock steady. I think the fringed dress was soooooooo cute! Does anyone know where to find one just like it?

Ana D.

by westiekid13 on 11/22/2011 9:35:37 AM


yeah Cody Simpson would be amazing, he was recently on a cover of an Australian magazine and they made him look fake. if you get him on here please make him look like himself, simpsonizers like the way he looks so why change it?

by Jewels415 on 11/20/2011 5:06:45 PM


I always love your December/ January issues! Smile

by kikidee12 on 11/20/2011 11:07:57 AM


oh, also....i asked out one of my bgf's and he said i was a really cool person but he was not ready to date right now because he has gotten so many broken hearts...PLUS, he still flirts with me, what kind of message am i receiving?

by girl1580 on 11/19/2011 5:48:43 PM


i didn't like this issue at all....the hairstyles were perfect for me but there were no good eating right tips- i want a diet plan...i also would love to see CODY SIMPSON on the cover of the magazine sometime....i mean justin bieber was on, i don't really like miranda cosgrove...i'd also like to see another Selena Gomez thing or Demi Lovato...

by girl1580 on 11/19/2011 5:46:53 PM


Your issue was great this time! I really enjoyed it! But I just want to say. Your hair styles were mainly only for girls with long locks. I have mid length hair, more on the shorter side, and I was disappointed to see that I could't do much with my hair! Please keep in mind we all want some advice! No matter how long or short our hair is!

by jcab on 11/19/2011 8:19:55 AM


I have a subscition and it was going to expire in december of next year but i renewed it and i checked my status and it said that i wont get an issue until febuary why is that and all i did was renew it?\

Hey girl! 

It takes 4-6 weeks for us to process subscriptions - new or renewals. Do you mean for December of this year? That would make sense. If not, be sure to have mom or dad call our subscriptions department so we can iron everything out.  
Devin A.

by princess3156 on 11/18/2011 1:51:10 PM


I realllllllly liked one of my bgf(s) for a long time. I kept my feelings inside (i know, not smart!) and didn't tell him. He is soo cute and funny!! The thing is, I want to get over him but i noticed that everything and everyone says that you have to tell the person you like that you like them, then it'll be easier to get over that person. But now we're like aquiantances, not BFFs anymore Frown I want to maintain my friendship [if i still have one with him]. Idk what to do?!?

Hey girlie,

Well, the good thing about this is - you're acquaintances now anyway. You're not besties, so you can be a LITTLE less afraid of ruining the friendship you have since it's kinda weaker right now anyway. Before you just blurt out your crush though, take some time to chat with him again. Get comfy around each other again, then start flirting a little more than you normally would. This will happen gradually. And then, when you feel like the time is right (online or in person), laugh and say something about liking him back when you were best friends. You'll probably be able to have a convo about that...and work in that those feelings haven't gone away Smile It's worth a shot so you don't have to ask yourself, "What if...?"
Lauren C.

by islandgirl23 on 11/18/2011 12:03:26 AM


So GL is giving away 10 pairs Skechers Tone-Ups Run? I just bought a pair of black ones a couple of days ago O_o lol, what a coincidence!

by SquishyKitty on 11/17/2011 10:55:42 PM


So I called your place and they said that i wouldn't get my october/november issue till the 15th. I just got it. How come it didn't come sooner?? And why will I have to wait for the next one to be sometime in December?? I'm just wondering because I feel like i'm missing out on all the great prizes and holiday stuff. Frown Thanks though!! I really love the magazine!!

If you've just subscribed to us, you'll have to be patient while we process all your information. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen right away! There's a bit of paperwork and stuff to do in order to process your subscription. But after a few months, everything will be regular and you'll be getting your issues like normal Smile 
Lauren C.

by hryptrfreak on 11/17/2011 9:13:55 PM


Mod mod mod
It says 'on stands and in mailboxes by November 15' and it's the 17th and I still haven't received it in the mail. I saw it at the store though, and that's the main reason I subscribe: to get it BEFORE the stores! I usually get it on time, so should I call, cuz maybe it got lost. Thanks!

Hey girlie,

Give it til the end of the month, just in case our office/the mail is running a lil behind. Then if you don't get it by then, let us know by following the instructions here <3 
Lauren C.

by jaws11 on 11/17/2011 6:19:54 PM



by zumba on 11/17/2011 5:42:48 PM


My December/ January magazine hasn't come yet. Is that a problem or is it okay?

Hey girl,

Give it til the end of November! If you still don't have the mag in your mailbox, let us know by following the directions here.
Lauren C.

by zumba on 11/17/2011 5:41:06 PM


LOVE <3 Annie <3 XoxOxo

by AcutieBookworm on 11/17/2011 5:39:06 PM


mod mod mod
so i havent received the new issue yet and my mom's not sure if we renewed it because the issue before was my last of my first subscritpion. i think we renewed, but i'm not sure. how i can check? thanks

Hey chica,

For all subscription questions, please click here and find the Frequently Asked Question that is closest to yours! We have all our contact info right there <3
Lauren C.

by musicalmaya12 on 11/17/2011 4:20:51 PM


I think Dakota Fanning should be featured on one of the issues!

by PalmettoChic404 on 11/16/2011 9:12:33 PM


FINALLY A NEW ISSUE!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! but anyway....Just sayin.....Why does Miranda have to be on the cover? If you asked me, my suggestions are:

Taylor Swift (Again)
Katy Perry

by izzywolf1417 on 11/16/2011 6:11:16 PM


Hey girlfunhrf!
I had a similar problem last Friday. My friend and I went to the Dakota Dome to cheer on our football team. Her other friend, whom I do not get along with, was there too. She (my friend) ditched me for her! Rude, right? Anyway, you're sitch is more serious than mine. Yea, I got mad, but my mom was furious! I would talk to your friend and tell her how you feel. You should also include that missing info! Hope this helps!

by crush2010 on 11/16/2011 5:36:29 PM


I can't wait to get my issue(:
~Check out my profile !

by cutieonpatrol on 11/16/2011 3:28:27 PM


Can't wait!

by LolliPop:-) on 11/16/2011 12:32:53 PM


It says that it would be in mailboxes by November 15th, but I haven't gotten it yet. I always get it on time or even before, so do you think I should get it in the next few days then?

Hey Girl,

The time it takes for your mag to get to your mailbox varies depending on how far away you are. You should definitely be getting it soon! 
Rachel N.

by jaws11 on 11/16/2011 9:51:03 AM


You guys should have Sasha Pieterse be the covergirl for GL!!! She'd be perfect for it and she's only 15 so she's not too old!

by girlsliferocksss98 on 11/15/2011 5:14:18 PM


Yay the new issue!! I hope it gets to my house really soon!
Miranda's been on the cover a lot tho...

by maggie183 on 11/15/2011 3:46:51 PM


So it says "On Stands and in mailboxes November 15" so does that mean i'll get it in the mail 2day? (since its november 15)

Hey girly! If it says in your mailbox than it should be there in time. Sometimes it may take an extra day or two depending on where you live and your postal office. But it should be there any day now.  
Ana D.

by bubblepower129 on 11/15/2011 9:52:51 AM


Do you know when you Dec/Jan issue comes out? Im so excited for the new issue! i usually get mine in the mail a week or two after it hits stores so this should give me a good idea of when its coming! thanks so much!

Hey girl, it should be in stores tomorrow!

Alyssa B.

by dancer1668 on 11/14/2011 8:20:01 PM


Okay, so I really hope you can talk to someone about this to make it happen, but I'd really appreciate it if you girls could get Sarah Hyland on GL. It would be so amazing if she were on the cover!! She is my favorite actress ever, and she is my idol!!! Thanks!

Hey girl, feel free to send an editor your suggestions here anytime. We love your ideas!

Alyssa B.

by randomBubbles on 11/14/2011 5:05:30 PM


I agree. I'm kind of sick of the same people on the front cover all the time. can you please feature new people on the mag? thanx.

by beachgirl324 on 11/14/2011 2:22:10 PM


Mod mod mod
Will the fiction writing contest results be in this mag? Yes or no?

Hey girl,

I think I would stay tuned ONLINE for the results of the contest. It might be published in the mag, but I'm sure it'd be announced here too Smile 
Lauren C.

by LLL328 on 11/13/2011 10:17:04 AM


i <3 this magazine

by aliciaaugust on 11/13/2011 1:02:56 AM


YAYYY, i can wait for this next issue.. i just got my oct-nov issue today xD, and i already cant wait for dec-jan's issue ! Laughing

by aliciaaugust on 11/13/2011 1:02:09 AM


I think you guys should put different faces on the covers instead of just lead roles and stuff. I mean, instead of Miranda Cosgrove put Jenette McCurdy, instead of Selena Gomez put Jeniffer Stone, instead of China Anne McClain put Sierra McCormick or instead of Victoria Justice put Ariana Grande, etc. It gets kind of old seeing the same faces plastered on the cover of every magazine, and I don't think it's fair that the supporting characters don't get as much attention. There's not a show without them either, right? And you should totally have new people on the cover (as in people who haven't been on the cover 4 times)! It would be cool to see one of the Shake It Up girls, Christina Grimmie (she went on tour with Selena Gomez this summer), or, as purpletoenails said, Kelly Clarkson.

Hey girl,

Thanks for the suggestions!!!!! We really, really appreciate our readers, so we love your ideas! Keep 'em coming - we'll def pass this one along to the editors Smile 
Lauren C.

by pepsi262 on 11/12/2011 11:43:50 PM


Will there be another contest with meeting a celebrity?
Also, how can I become popular at school?!

Hey babe,

A lot of GL girlies loved our Selena contest, so it's totally possible we could have another contest like that! Stay tuned - we can't give out any info just yet, but watch for our new contest announcements Smile As for becoming popular, try using the tips in this article - it's kind of a different sitch than yours, but still soooo helpful! Taking advantage of situations and trying to branch out are key in meeting people, making new friends, and feeling surrounded by people who care about you! 
Lauren C.

by jazal on 11/12/2011 11:10:31 PM


MOD: I'm not sure if you have any choice in this, but due to the growing number of GL clubs about Glee, I think it is necessary to do a big interview. Kevin Mchale maybe? Thanks!

Thanks girl! Awesome idea. We love all suggestions we get from our GL readers and will def keep them in mind!!!! <3 
Lauren C.

by zwinky on 11/12/2011 10:32:55 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD When will the December/January issue arrive?? Thanks Smile


Hey girl, I'm guessing towards the end of this month. Be on the lookout! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by bubblegum girl on 11/12/2011 7:14:26 PM


someone really special to me broke my heart into a million pieces and i just dont know what to do now. ive never felt this horrible before, im normally happy and confident! what are some things to get me back to my normal self? PLEASE HELP

Hey girl, I'm really sorry to hear that! Believe me I am. I've been through it before, and I know how hard it can be. Just make sure you surround yourself with friends and family. They can always make you smile and cheer up. The hard thing is, it will take time. But you WILL feel better, trust me. Keep doing the things you love to do, and working out is always a plus. It takes your mind off of everything. Good luck girl, you'll feel better soon! 
lauren r.

by leah2113 on 11/12/2011 5:52:42 PM


MOD MOD MOD! For your next issue you guys should pick someone new for the cover like, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, The girls from Kicking Daisies, Chinna Ann McClain(that would be a really good one!), or Debby Ryan. Smile


Hey chicky, thanx for the suggestion!!! I love China Ann. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by purpletoenails on 11/12/2011 4:52:00 PM


When did Miranda Cosgrove get bangs?

by frenchblondie on 11/12/2011 2:08:24 PM


Just got my first boyfriend!!!!! So excited!!! Can someone help me though???

by 29steinke on 11/12/2011 9:15:29 AM


I'm so excited for the new issue! Miranda Cosgrove's not my idol but I still like her. The magazine overall souncs very cool! Can't wait!

by sweetooth on 11/11/2011 9:02:14 PM


SO looking forward to the next issue!!

Join my club- Orchestra Nerds and Band Geeks!! It's just a loose and fun club where you can talk about anything- but especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!!

by svds on 11/11/2011 7:08:34 PM


i just have found one time a Girls Life magazine and it was at Walmart, i havent seen other one after that.

by kraCy 4 TaylorLautner xD on 11/11/2011 6:42:31 PM


my friend just got her first boyfriend and im happy for her but i think she is missing some info on him. also, she leaves me for him. like last weekend we were supposed to go to the mall but then like 10 minutes before i was going to leave my house she called me and said sorry i cant go to the mall im gonna go hang out with my boyfriend. Can u help me? THX!!!

Hey babe! 

I think you need to have a conversation with your friend and tell her that it makes you feel bad when she ditched you to hang out with her boyfriend. I'm not sure what you mean when you say she's missing some info on him, but if you know something about him she doesn't, you might want to share that with her! Good luck chica, you can do this! xoxox 
Devin A.

by girlfunhrf on 11/11/2011 4:17:15 PM


omg Miranda Cosgrove has bangs! She doesn't look bad but I like her without them.

by chloe<3 on 11/11/2011 12:54:25 PM


When will the Janruary/December magazine come out? im suuper exited! Smile

Hey girl, it will be hitting newsstands next week. If you have a subscription, look out for it in the mail soon! 
Rachel N.

by angie333 on 11/11/2011 12:29:16 PM


Will the winners to the fiction contest be in here?

Look out for them in the next two or three weeks, girlie! 
Rachel N.

by floweroni on 11/11/2011 8:05:32 AM


My GL magazine doesn't come in the mail until like a week before the new one comes out. I haven't gotten the October/November one yet, and all my friends have. Do you know how I can fix this?

Hey Girl,

Check out our subscription FAQ page to find the answer to your question. Sometimes it takes a while for your GL subscription to get on track, we apologize for the wait! Here's the link: 
Rachel N.

by squigglegiggle13 on 11/11/2011 1:43:16 AM

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