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Get on your teacher's good side

'Tis the season for parent-teacher conferences. Get a glowing report in a snap!
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Here's the thing my la teacher is Racist i'm awosome in Reading but not in his class because every time i walk into his class he says There go the oreo cookies i just what to smack him because that is disrespectful. So the other day i went to his class and almost chocked him(i know viloent)because i went in all poliely and on time and he marks me late, then i asked to got to the bathroom and he had the nerve to say black people are disgusting and should not be using my schools bathrooms.So almost all of the kids in the class are black so we all got up and went off on him.At the end of all that i said to my friends i still need to pee be funny.So he said name get you butt(he really didn'ty say butt)up and go to the office.So i got up flipped my desk over dropped his books on the ground and slammed the door.At the end of the day i got suspeded buttt i stood up for my selfthat all that matters.(I am not trying to affend anyone i'm just sayin what happened at my dumd school)rite me advice!

by PinkDiva935 on 4/3/2012 7:14:46 PM


My name is Hermione Smile

by Hermionegirl12 on 3/27/2012 4:20:07 PM


My name is Hermione Smile

by Hermionegirl12 on 3/27/2012 4:19:18 PM


well I have been having problems with teachers at school and they have nearly all been sorted so far. Well a month ago I got introuble through no fault of my own, teacher hates me ( the deputy head agrees with me) and I decided to prove her wrong and I got a note from pe where I had just been to clear up the stitch. I asked a teacher I know (our classes have been joined 2 teachers, 60 pupils) I asked him where the head of the department would be. He said where and stopped and asked why etc. I told him and things and he seemed interested and helped and I went and got changed I asked if I could go get the teacher I wanted but he had come to our class so I asked and the teacher who helped still was there win me trying to help. Well could I talk to him again? How do I? He started it, it's so hard to talk to teachers but he is the only one who acts human enough without accusing me or anything just listens and gives advice and makes sure everything is ok. Thanks MOD

Hey girl,

If you trust the teacher and think he could help you sort though your problems (with another teacher, with the stuff you're learning, with a classmate, with life), it's totally ok to chat with him about it! It's good to be comfortable around teachers because they're there to teach you and support you through school. <3 
Lauren C.

by InsideOutKid on 3/15/2012 7:51:34 PM


Well i do everything but participate because im not sure if i get the answers right..should i only participate if i really do know the answer or as much as i can? I REALLY want to be a good student and have good grades.Oh 1 more question..How do you improve your math grade because i got a C+ but i want to get it up to a B how?

by dancer0014 on 2/20/2012 5:22:55 PM


Today in art class, we were doing a still life of few objects. Well, we weren't supposed to touch the objects and I did. I turned one of them to get a better view of the writing of one of them. My art teacher noticed that it was moved and started yelling that the person who did it come out. No one came out. I was scared. So 1 minute later, where everybody was getting the art supplies, i go and tell my art teacher that i moved it. i told him i didn't mean and honestly i didn't. i started crying. But, everyone in my grade was doing a that same exact still life but now it is in the same place. I am just scared everyone in my art class and grade will hate me for moving it. my art teacher knew i didn't mean to do it because i am not one of the kids who do bad things. My classmates were putting the blame on the bad kid. I was late to my next class with that kid. So when I walked in the room, he gave me a dirty look. What do i do so no one in my grade will hate me?


Hey girl!

People aren't perfect machines, and they make mistakes like that all the time. You should learn from mistakes and move on, and not be too hard on yourself for little things like this. It is unlikely they all dislike you for that, but you could talk to your friends and let them know you didn't mean to move the object, so they know, if they haven't already forgotten about it. <3

Krupali D.

by bookworm807 on 2/7/2012 3:53:24 PM


I have a teacher, named Ms. Rogge. She is awesome, pretty, and also knows what to say. I like her. She is very nice to me. I also try to be nice to her. I am on her good side for christmas, i know it. She even told me thank you for saying stuff like good stuff, adn i always make her laugh. I am a blonde, and i dont get a lot of stuff, like jokes so she always gets a kick out of tht. lol. Somehow, i know this may be bad, but i envy her. She is like so awesome and pretty and she is getting married Christmas Day. Congrats to her!

by missClarkson on 12/22/2011 5:17:45 PM



by flower62 on 11/14/2011 12:23:06 AM



by flower62 on 11/14/2011 12:16:12 AM


Good advice!! Thanks!!

Join my club- Orchestra Nerds and Band Geeks!! It's just a loose and fun club where you can talk about anything- but especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!!

by svds on 11/12/2011 11:09:11 AM

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