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5 date ideas for fall

Spend some time with your sweetie with all of autumn's splendor.
29 Comments | Add Yours

My boyfriend and i haven't been together too long but a couple months and i really want to have unique dates to suggest. It hasn't snowed yet this year so i can't do anything with that and i also don't like ice skating, but are there cute winter dates that we could go on?

You could find a neighborhood with cute christmas lights and go for a walk to look at them. Maybe you could also go caroling together! Movies are also good during the cold weather. xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by ILUVMETROSTATION!!! on 12/6/2011 3:40:33 PM


I like this boy...A LOT. He told me he didn't like me but that was maybe a month ago. Today, I caught him staring at me maybe 3 or 4 times. We always talk and have a nice conversation. I haven't asked him about his feelings for me in a awhile. How do I get him to spill out his feelings? How do I let him know I want to take things to the next level? (I'm going to ask him by text so and please no big ideas...I'm kinda nervous.)
Thank you!

Hey girlie,

You asked him before - and he said no. Whether that was true or he just got nervous, either way he decided that "no" would be the best answer. So personally, I wouldn't ask him again so soon. He'll probably only freak out and say "no" again! Instead, I'd let time pass and keep flirting, talking, hanging out if possible, etc. Grow to be even stronger friends and, when you flirt, you'll be able to see if he's into it or not. That's the best way to get a hint about whether he really likes you or not! Smile 
Lauren C.

by birdgirly11 on 12/2/2011 9:11:43 PM


I like this boy...A LOT. He told me he didn't like me but that was maybe a month ago. Today, I caught him staring at me maybe 3 or 4 times. We always talk and have a nice conversation. I haven't asked him about his feelings for me in a awhile. How do I get him to spill out his feelings? How do I let him know I want to take things to the next level? (I'm going to ask him by text so and please no big ideas...I'm kinda nervous.)
Thank you!


Lynae P.

by birdgirly11 on 12/2/2011 5:45:39 PM


Please Answer!
Okay, so this weekend I am seeing my boyfriend!(We are long-distance by like 15 minutes, but I haven't seen him in a while.) It will be at district band auditions. Both he and I play the tuba, so that rules out dresses and skirts. What should I wear?!? I am really pale, have icy blue eyes, short-medium length thick brown hair, and its supposed to be 32-55! Please Help!!
<3<3 Rebecca

Hey girl, I'd follow your band's dress code and not sweat whether or not you look date ready. Dress according to standards and save the cute dress and tights for the next time you meet!

Alyssa B.

by ripleykinz on 11/28/2011 8:52:48 PM


I really like this boy. But he barely notices me. He is my best friend's BGF and I think she has a crush on him, but she hasn't told me. I haven't told her I like him either. When he used to talk to me, I was always nervous, so my replies must have came out dorky or a little harsh. In writing class my class was discussing a topic that I was gonna talk about to him about. But when I tried to talk to him, my best friend wouldn't stop talking to him so I didn't get to! When he was playing a game with his friends, he used ME to hide behind. This made me want to die. So what do you think, should I just forget about him or keep trying?

Hey girl, I think it's premature to say forget about him when you've barely talked to him. So don't assume he's crushing on you right now, but don't give up on him before you even make an attempt to be friends/be noticed by him. Go up, talk to him and just be yourself. It's that person you'd want him to date anyway. No need to be anyone different!

Alyssa B.

by LovePeaceHope on 11/28/2011 5:05:57 PM


mod mod moddd ive never had a bf, and there is a guy i really like. im really confused cuz all the guys i know go for girls that are really mean, and not to brag or anything,...but im really hot!!! lol... but im annoyed that they pay more attention to brainless girls than to me, when im funny and stuff like that. all my guy friends say that id be the perfect girlfriend, but then they go out with someone else. so, i think it might be because i dont act interested in i was thinking you could help me show guys that i like them... lol..please hellpp

Hey girl, guys are crazy. Because you're so perfect, they're just scared they will fall in love with you. The girls who are kind of ditsy and don't really care are the kind of girls guys go for before they hit high school and college. As they get older, they start to realize...that's not the kind of girl they want to be with. So I think you should just continue being who you are, and wait until you find a great guy! Just start flirting with the guys in your class and being super friendly, just don't change who you are, trust me! Good luck girl, you can do it!!!
lauren r.

by munchkin112096 on 11/26/2011 12:39:01 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD ok so me and my bf made plans to see breaking dawn on Friday .Tuesday he said he can go.Yesterday,Thursday he announced he cant go cuz his mom wont let him.This is the 4th time this has happend.How can i stop it and gain his trust back.more importasntly how can i convince him to go?

Hey Girl,

As bad as you want your BF to go to Breaking Dawn with you, some guys just don't want to see movies about vampires in love. Have an honest conversation with him and ask him what the real issue is, and let him know that he doesn't have to lie to you if he doesn't want to go. If you really want him to go, try a compromise like going to see one of his favorite movies that you dislike if he goes and sees this one with you. But when it comes to Twilight movies, you might have better luck bringing your besties. That way, you can discuss Edward and Jacob all you want! 
Rachel N.

by lolandpeace987 on 11/25/2011 10:35:13 AM


so i was texting this guy i kind of like, then i told him i wasn't feeling good and he said "aww i hope you feel better" then i replied asking him if he was being sarcastic or not then he said "no(: " everyone thinks he likes me, but a TON of people have asked him and he has said no. he flirts w/ me a lot. i dont know if i would date him or not. i have texted him 4 times, and he hasnt responded, but he's busy with thankgiving and i know he will text me when he sees the message, two of them were about thankgiving, saying thanks, then telling him happy thankgiving, then the other two were a continuation of our other convo. He is totally leading me on, but I don't know if it's for real or not.
What did that one text mean and what is he trying to do?! thanks <3

Hey girlie,

He totally sounds like he's being flirty - and usually at this age, guys won't flirt unless they like you at least a little bit. He might not be ready to act on that or date anyone yet, but it does sound like he could like ya. Just keep up the talking, texting, and most importantly the flirting! That way, you'll keep giving the hint that you're crushin' on him too. Stick with it and see where it goes!
Lauren C.

by lovergirl99 on 11/25/2011 12:46:50 AM


My BF gave me a Thanksgiving present and a card. He signed the card "Love, Cameron." I'm still SO HAPPY!!! I just want to know if it does truly mean anything and if it does, now that he wrote it, should I say it to him,or call him "babe" or "baby"?

Hey girlie,

It might not mean that he "loves you" like that (because that's a pretty serious thing to say), but it does mean that he's affectionate, cares about you, and wants to express it. Don't feel like you have to call him "babe" or "baby" now just because he did this...but if it feels right for you to call him that, try it! <3 It's your relationship, so do what you think is right. 
Lauren C.

by squizzcute on 11/24/2011 11:04:09 PM


I like this guy in my grade. he is tall, cute funny and nice. but here's the thing...he's my best friend's twin! I don't have any classes with him, so what are some ways to flirt and possibly date with out it being akward between my friend and me!

Hey girl, I'd try to put together bigger group gatherings so you have more of a chance to flirt with him without your friend's eyes being on you. From there, get a feel whether he's interested in you like that too. If he is, quietly trying hanging out one on one sometime (maybe when your friend isn't home?) If you two make it official, break it to her together and emphasize it will do nothing to change your friendship with her.

Alyssa B.

by erbowden on 11/19/2011 1:25:17 AM

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