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Go ahead, feast with the fam!

Sure, the turkey is terrif. But did you know that noshing with the fam can improve your well-being?
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First of all, happy Thanksgiving! Second, is skiing a good fat burning activity? I've heard it is a real leg torcher but what about the rest of the body?

Hey girlie,

Skiing requires lots of control, both in the legs and in the "core," aka your abs/torso. It's cardio too, which is an added bonus. It's a great calorie burner - and super fun! Smile 
Lauren C.

by Jetdoggy24 on 11/24/2011 10:44:48 PM


modmod why is the guys section not updated yet today happy gobble gobble day (a.k.a. happy turkey day) (a.k.a. again happy thanksgiving)

Hey girl,

As you said, today is Thanksgiving! It's a big holiday so, naturally, our editors aren't at the office. Please be patient and wait some time for everything to be updated. Enjoy your holiday and try not to worry about it!
Lauren C.

by millia7 on 11/24/2011 9:54:34 PM


tomorrow I might go Black Friday shopping for the first time! I'm prob going with just my mom, and I'm 12.I was just wondering what to expect, and how everything works? Like is it crazy big crowds, and fights? Last year I heard someone was killed in a stampede sort of thing Frown How do all the sales work? Do stores like Aeropostale have sales, and how big of sales? 1 more thing, how could I convince me mom to go a little earlier to get the best deals?

Hey girlie,

It's definitely a crazy day. At some stores, people have been camped out since YESTERDAY AFTERNOON just to get these deals! Stampedes and trampling is really rare, but you should be prepared for large crowds, pushy people, and some aggression. It's really greedy and kinda horrible, but that's the way it is because the deals are pretty good. And each store has different deals, so I can't really explain all of them - you just have to scope it out (check their websites or look in the newspaper ads). Try waking up early, making mom breakfast, and getting ready to leave. The earlier you get ready, the earlier she'll probably take you! 
Lauren C.

by jo7jo on 11/24/2011 7:18:46 PM


My fam went to my grandparents this year Smile

by nerdisthewurd26 on 11/24/2011 5:55:19 PM


we just got done eating and i'm so full! we had turkey and stuffing (covered in gravy), greenbean cassarole, sweet potato cassarole and some rolls on the side. later on we're gonna have pumpkin pie :q

by filaluvva on 11/24/2011 4:41:59 PM


my family eats together at least 6 nights out of 7

by unicornninja on 11/24/2011 4:19:46 PM


my family normally goes to my cousins , but this year were at home ... with pie !!!! Smile

by xxsmilexx on 11/24/2011 3:37:10 PM


My fam and I don't really Do the Thanksgiving thing. But we eat with eachother ALOT!

by Dee_Has_Cookiez on 11/24/2011 2:14:11 PM


Mod mod mod! So I recently had a minor surgery, but I can't exercise for a week or so. How can I work out without stressing my leg too much? Thanks Smile I am afraid of gaining too much weight on thanksgiving today!

Girlie, no worries.  Even one day of indulgence can't give you much extra weight at all.  It's most likely best for you to not put any strain on your leg and just rest it. 
Jordan S.

by eco_chica on 11/24/2011 1:28:32 PM

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