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4 HOURS AGO #QUIZ! What Netflix show should you binge watch this weekend?

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11 thoughtful gifts for your mama

From now ‘til Christmas, we’re featuring the best prezzies for everyone on your list.
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I got my mom the candle and i know she will love it! Smile thanks GL

by basketballcutie11 on 12/22/2011 12:58:00 PM


My moms into cooking and fashion designing, HELP!

by Eilz001 on 12/18/2011 9:23:00 PM


I have no idea what to get my Mom and Grandma. My budget is like $5-10 each, haha (I don't get an allowance or anything, so...). I ask my mom what she wants and she just says "A good kid" or "peace and quiet", but I really wanna get her something. And my grandma says she doesn't know what she wants. I am totally lost on what to get them.

Hey girl, since you don't have much money to spend you could buy them something cheap but still useful. Nicely scented candles, are a great gift, nail polish and soap/body wash is good too. Hope this helps!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by pepsi262 on 12/10/2011 6:31:42 PM


This year for Christmas, I'm planning on baking for my friends' gifts. But I have so much recipes to choose from? How do I know which one is the right one to make? I know that my friends aren't allergic to any of the recipes already.

Hey girly! Rather than pick just one make 3 or 4 different kinds and give your friends bags with all different kinds that they will love.  
Ana D.

by Emilicious on 12/6/2011 2:10:42 AM


ok so if we want something how do we order it?

by yvettec2 on 12/3/2011 4:07:13 PM


My mom has almost everything, my dad got her a kindle already. She like chocolate and things having to do with working out. I am planning on getting her new running shoes and maybe a movie and a few books.

by luckykel on 12/3/2011 12:01:55 AM


when is this contest over and how come i can enter it

Hey girl,

This is an article, not a contest. These are ideas of gifts to give your mom if you're having a tough time thinking of things! Smile 
Lauren C.

by yvettec2 on 12/2/2011 10:40:44 PM


Please help! Well, about a month or two ago I shaved "down there." I got razor bumps but they didn't hurt or anything. I just noticed today that one of them is HUGE, has what looks like a tiny scab on it and has white. I don't want to get it checked out, so what should I do? PLEASE.HELP.

Hey girlie,

It's probably just a cut, pimple, or an ingrown hair. Try to moisturize the area to soften the skin and keep an eye on it. If it gets irritated or starts to hurt, you might need to get it looked at to make sure it isn't anything more serious (or, if it is ingrown, to get it out so it stops hurting). Give it some time and see if it goes away! Don't be worried about getting it checked out though - the doctors have seen EVERYTHING and you really need to trust them as you get older! It's always better to feel comfy with them so you go to them when you need it Smile 
Lauren C.

by EgirlH.97 on 12/2/2011 10:32:51 PM


In the giveaways it says winners will be chosen randomly, but everytime I enter A LOT I never win. And if winners are chosen randomly then why don't people who have one something a while ago ever win again? at least I haven't won again. I get the fact that people who haven't won should get chances but still I try very hard to get stuff but I never win. Help?


Lynae P.

by Shannon.Smiles on 12/2/2011 7:59:48 PM


So,I have this guy problem.At my school, the "popular group" are certain people in the 7th and 8th grade,and I'm one of them in 7th. There's this guy at school who's a grade and year older than me.We all hang out in our little "group" And we all joke around.Him and I started this joke about how we're "best friends" (I think he actually means it..) and we joke a little bit more than everyone else. Lately he's been doing little cute stuff.Today he tickled me,poked me, and said he was proud of me (joking around,lol).We talked almost all day,fake arguing.We always laugh at each other,even if it's not funny. I'm pretty sure he likes making me laugh. Do you think he likes me?? What should I do? I really didn't want to like him,but now I think I do, but I reallly don't know what to do. Help! Thank you! Smile Smile


Lynae P.

by cougargirl on 12/2/2011 7:46:07 PM

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