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14 HOURS AGO Will you read the new gender-flipped #Twilight? Still can't get over it:


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i smelled the wonderstruck OMG OMG OMG IT SMELLS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD RECOMMEND IT SOO BAD

by legallyginger12345 on 12/3/2011 4:11:28 PM


i already asked my aunt to get wonderstruck from tay cuz i want it so bad and it looks so pretty they also come in smaller bottles to and is still a good enough amount inside

by coly33 on 12/3/2011 3:38:01 PM


Hey rocketqueenxo: I bet someone hacked into your account! Maybe you should change your password just in case! Smile

The Wonderstruck fragrance is pretty good, although my favorites are: For night- Lola by Marc Jacobs and Flora eau de parfum by Gucci; for day- Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs. I've only had samples of Flora and Oh Lola! but they smell SO. GOOD. And I have a rollerball of Lola that is perfect for cozy nights out with the family in the winter.

by OceanWavez on 12/3/2011 3:19:35 PM


MOD! I've been trying for MONTHS to get someone on here to delete these clubs I have. I wasn't on GL for a few months and when I got back I found these clubs. There's 3 of them and they all say I'm the president but I've never created them. I'm also the only member of them. I e-mailed the address on your FAQ page at least 3 times, but so far nothing's happened, and it's been at least a month since the first one. Can you do something about this plase? :s


Hey girl,


I'll contact my supervisor and see what we can do!

Meghan D.

by rocketqueenxo on 12/3/2011 12:38:12 PM


So I was dating a guy who seemed perfectly sweet and cute but then about a month in he told me that hr thought he might like another girl too. Which I mean it's understandable we all have feelings we can't control sometimes but so we went on a break so we could both think but then he decided to go out with her just to see if his feelings were even real. And me not wanting to be his second choice broke up with him. But now I am torn cux he broke up with the other girl and wants me back, and I know my friends might be mad for taking someone back who hurt me. But I do miss him and when he called me to tell me how he felt I just kind of melted...
So please what would you suggest I do? Help please!!


Hey girl,


We can't tell you whether or not to date someone, but if you want to give him a chance, why not hang out casually and see what happens? Don't be afraid to let him know he hurt your feelings. If he apologizes, maybe he's worth a second chance!

Meghan D.

by Volleychick879 on 12/3/2011 12:36:18 PM


I love the wonderstruck perfume!It smells soooo good!

by rainbowsparkle98 on 12/3/2011 11:56:24 AM


I love the scent of Taylor Swift's perfume but it's kind of expensive. I'll just find something at Bath & Body Works.

by sweetooth on 12/3/2011 11:44:45 AM


The Taylor Swift fragrance sounds awesome, but I usually get all my perfumes at Bath and Body Works, cuz it's much cheaper!

by fallsb-ball on 12/3/2011 11:13:46 AM


Ooh I want the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck! Love her! I betcha its amazingSmile.

by GirlyGirl4455 on 12/3/2011 10:51:49 AM


How can I stop liking someone? I like two people right now but they both like other people and I know they will never like me. I feel all depressed every time I think about it so how can I stop?!


Hey girl,


Don't be so harsh on yourself -- you don't need a guy to like you to be an awesome girl, so focus on your own good qualities and not their approval! If you want to move on from guys who might not be interested, try talking to a new guy, or spending more time with your friends. You'll eventually forget all about those two guys and move on to new crushes!

Meghan D.

by rellim on 12/3/2011 10:38:38 AM

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