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Perfect party dresses for pear shapes

We have your go-to dresses for all the season’s parties!
30 Comments | Add Yours

All these dresses are cute!

by MarvelousM on 1/1/2012 10:16:57 PM


I'm 12 years old in January (so close!), about 4'9, I wear a 32A, have a majorly curved back, I'm pretty skinny and light (....lbs, but consider my height), and have medium sized hips about 2 inches down from waist. I'm a petite body type, right? Thx! Smile

Hey chickie,

Yep, since you're 4'9" and pretty small all around, you'll definitely do best following the clothing guidelines for a petite girlie! 
Lauren C.

by sweetpea185 on 12/18/2011 12:52:58 PM


mod mod mod!
have y'all done an article for dresses for girls who have an hourglass shape?? thanks! ;) 
Lauren C.

by Kalulah on 12/8/2011 6:55:17 PM


Could you do an article on dresses for girls with athletic gams? I hate wearing dresses that are super short or super tight around the leg area without looking like I got a dress out of my grandma's closet!! Smile Thanks XOXO


Lynae P.

by LizE on 12/7/2011 7:45:01 PM


Oh hye, I'm getting that silver Delia's dress for my co-op's winter ball. what a coincidence Smile

by rockinlishy on 12/7/2011 3:23:22 PM


I have a hard time talking to boys. I mean, I can't go up to them and start a conversation. When we do talk it's only a few sentences - or just a question, then answer, then we stop talking. I fear sometimes that they will think I am weird, or I'll say something dumb. I just want to be their friend!


You gotta' build up your confidence, chica! Convince yourself that you have nothing to worry about, that you're a delightful person to have around, and that you can make any friend that you want and everything will become much, much easier.

Jordan S.

by thesandlotfan on 12/6/2011 4:04:48 PM


I'm more tall than pear shaped but i like these dresses alot more than the ones picked for tall girls...I've had my eye on the sequined one from Delia's for like 2 months...lovesit!

by kasmac67 on 12/5/2011 7:33:09 PM


These dresses are so much better then the tall ones. I would wear these instead.

by topchef88 on 12/5/2011 6:00:32 PM


These are all adorable! however it's hard to convince parents to buy you things on the internet.

Join my club, 'Orchestra Nerds and Band Geeks.' It's a loose and fun club where we talk about anything and everything- But especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!! svds

by svds on 12/5/2011 5:15:55 PM


Nice dresses.If you do something on pear shapes,maybe you should have pear shaped models.But that is just me.Any comments about this.Please share girls.
Sorry if this offends anyone!

hugs & tickles

by cheekymonkey1 on 12/5/2011 4:01:00 PM


Not pear shaped but luv the dress 1,2 and 4!! So pretty!

by Deedles1621 on 12/5/2011 11:37:55 AM


i only like the one on page 5

by LaCroix on 12/5/2011 11:25:25 AM


these are so cute!!!

by girlslifeluver on 12/5/2011 8:33:35 AM


<3 the gray sparkly dress

by DivaChica on 12/5/2011 2:56:49 AM


I checked the Forever 21 website, and that black strapless dress isn't there anymore...

by Snoopy-Woodstock4ever on 12/4/2011 7:50:32 PM


this is soooo pretty!

by j4zm09 on 12/4/2011 6:50:34 PM


OMG, I Think that the silver dress is GORGEUS!! I want it!

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 12/4/2011 5:13:31 PM


Pretty! Smile

by kaylarocks2000 on 12/4/2011 5:01:43 PM


OMG! i love all the dresses!! P.S Silver is so cute!! Love it!

by Emma2112 on 12/4/2011 4:25:27 PM


I LOVE THAT SILVER DRESS! I saw it in the Delia's catalog! Smile And now I sooooo want it cuz it sounds like it'll work for me! Laughing

by hannahbanana31 on 12/4/2011 3:42:07 PM


i like the silver one and the blue one with the sleeves.

by the_last_ninja on 12/4/2011 2:55:16 PM


i <3 all of em except the last 2

by legallyginger12345 on 12/4/2011 1:45:46 PM


I saw the silver sparkly dress in the Delia's catalog! I thought about ordering it, but wasn't sure how it would look on a pear shape. However, I am very glad to see that it DOES look good on pear shapes! I am excited... I think I will wear it to Graduation Party this year (8th Grade). Laughing

by thumperella14 on 12/4/2011 12:10:49 PM


mod mod mod
so im really confused with body shapes and stuff, so i asked my friends what my body shape looks like and she my body looks like a smaller version of victoria justice's...what kind of body shape does she had?

Hey girlie,

I think Victoria Justice is a cross between hourglass and ruler. She's skinny, but has some curves! 
Lauren C.

by sassykinz on 12/4/2011 11:26:21 AM


I saw the F21 dress, the Delia's dress and the AE dress!
Can you do one for petites?

Thanks for the idea, babe! We'll def consider it!!! 
Lauren C.

by orangey98 on 12/4/2011 11:22:32 AM


I saw that dress in the Delila's catalog.

by Ekgurl on 12/4/2011 10:37:48 AM


so i am feeling really bad today, i think i am getting sick.
i have a sore throat and a stomach ache.
what are some ways to feel beter?
what can i do when i am sick, so i am not bored?
thanks so much,
xoxo sail

Hey girlie,

Ugh, the first day of a cold - the worst! Frown So sorry you aren't feeling your best. First, try scoring some crackers and ginger ale. These are key for any cold where your stomach is aching. They're super light and help you snack on something throughout the day, which can help you feel more like yourself! Then, it's orange juice time. Orange juice has tons of vitamins in it, so it can help kill a cold before it starts! Next, see if you have any "cold and flu" medicines to take (Tylenol, Advil, etc.). They can help soothe your sore throat, settle your stomach, and prevent a fever. While you're sick, make sure you get LOTS of rest - nap, watch TV from the couch wrapped in blankets, read magazines, nap again, play video games, nap some get the idea. Don't push yourself to do too much! Just try to rest and relax til you get back to normal Smile
Lauren C.

by sailaway11 on 12/4/2011 10:37:14 AM


i designed 3 dressed that are green,purple,and blue.They look really MOD MOD
my friend doesen't know this but i like her crush.i really like him but i never talked to him.I feel shy and nervous around him.Whenever i see them together,it makes me so angry.
i want my crush to like me instead so i get used to him.

Hey girlie,

Ooh, this is always such a tough sitch - friend vs. crush. Which do you choose? You can't make everyone happy, but there are some friendship rules to keep. You knew about her crush before - she's been honest and open about the fact that she likes him. So it really wouldn't be right for you to ignore that and swoop in to steal him, right? You know what they say - boys come and go, but friends are forever. Try to honor that! Can you get to know him as friends without flirting or coming on too strong? That way, you're still respecting her feelings but also getting closer to him. It might make you jealous to see him with other girls, but at least you'd be talking/hanging out, so you wouldn't be missing out on his company! Maybe you could wait it out - give it some time, see if she moves on to a different crush, and then you can have permission to flirt it up Smile
Lauren C.

by smileygirl555 on 12/4/2011 2:15:58 AM


hahaha! I JUST BOUGHT THAT SAME DRESS FOR WINTER FORMAL!!! what reassurance! Smile

by zwinky on 12/4/2011 1:13:58 AM



by peacelovejesus on 12/4/2011 12:45:07 AM

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