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My relatives disapprove of my BF's religion

I'm not going to break up with him, but I don't want it to be awkward during the holidays. Help!
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I'm Christian and I am very serious about my faith. It's not "Optional." But we do have free will, and we don't have to do it, but neither do muslims. It's bad for us not to.
I respect your faith, can you please respect mine?

by beththebrave on 12/9/2011 4:13:08 PM


@lemontwist213... you're comments about Christianity hurt my feelings. Please research before you make assumptions like that.

by sunnyd1 on 12/8/2011 10:03:59 PM


I "adopted" a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. I'm not permitted to type where he/she is or where they are stationed but i worry about him/her because i wonder what could happen. i write him/her letters every week and send care packages monthly. is there anything that you suggest that can help me feel less worried and stressed about my soldier???

Hey Renae,

That is amazing! This is a really great thing you're doing for your soldier - getting letters, items from his/her home country, and a reminder that people support him/her from far away means a LOT. You should feel good about that! It's natural to feel scared for our soldiers overseas - they face a lot of danger each and every day. And it's true that they can never predict what will happen. But try to remind yourself that they are trained for this. They work in loyal teams and are led by even more experienced military men who know what they're doing. They're in good hands, working hard for a cause they believe in, and love what they do. You can't do anything to make sure they're always safe, but you CAN keep writing/showing them we care to boost their confidence and their mood! <3
Lauren C.

by ImJustMe96 on 12/8/2011 8:26:52 PM


I am Muslim and Muslims can't have boyfriends and girlfriends and we're totally fine with that, because dating is not because you truly love that person anyways, it's just because they are good-looking or pretty, it's not love it's attraction. The only case is when we get married. If you think about it's actually a really beautiful thing, having one person that you love your entire life and not having to through that boyfriend/girlfriend drama in high school.

And it doesn't matter how many values you share, it's not the same whatsoever, because Muslims are really strict and serious about their religion and its nice because you have a limit to everything and you're never lost. Christians, they have values and a religion too, but they're not serious about it, doing what the bible says and going to church is optional.

Hope I gave you a new perspective on Muslim religion!

by lemontwist213 on 12/8/2011 3:29:29 PM


Wow Cheerox!
That's dramatic. They'll find out eventually, just tell them the truth about "Sarah."

by beththebrave on 12/7/2011 11:48:54 PM


Don't fret about it. My grandma is exactly the same way. She slanders every one of us including her own daughter, my mom, and the town we live in and the people who live there. These people will always be negative and complainers, so don't try to change her, it's OK. You guys like eachother. That's all that matters.

by christineah111 on 12/7/2011 8:15:45 PM


2 years ago, my ex friend McKinley and I made a fake Facebook page of a Girl named Sarah. We added these Kid's from our school and soon, they found out. McKinley stopped going on it, and she got her own Facebook page, I can't have Facebook yet. So, I found this boy name Liam from my 1st grade class, and I added him. We have A BUNCH of fake pictures on the Facebook account, so AFTER Liam accepted the friend request, his friends saw and they added "Sarah". Soon, one of Liam's friends named Kellan asked "Sarah" out. My friend Lindsay told me to say yes (She knows about "Sarah") And then to break up with him. But, after he went out with "Sarah" the REAL me started to like him, and I thought "Sarah" was the only way to keep us close. Their whole school pretty much added me, and this one Girl named Vanity got into a fight with "Sarah" and says everything thinks she's a pedophile. But really, she's not. It's really me, but I can't say that! Please help!


Lynae P.

by cheerrox1111 on 12/7/2011 5:40:07 PM


Mod, Mod, Mod...
I'm going through puberty, and I'm not good at it. I argue with my parents, judge everyone, I even kinda dislike my friends, although they're great. It's my problem. I'm also starting to have romantic feelings, I have a crush on one guy, although I'll never date until I'm in college, I know my parents won't let me. But I love to read books involving love, and watch similar movies. And the stories I've made up in my head since I was little, now are romantic. And I'm embarrassed about all that. Please help me! Thank you!


Lynae P.

by beththebrave on 12/7/2011 4:22:52 PM


MOD MOD MOD Okay, I'm not sure if I'm just weird or what, but ever since I was 4 I have had imaginary friends. I mean, I don't tell anyone really, but I still have them. I have a bf and a bff, and I seem so immature. I have never had a bf though, and I love writing so I act out what I write and it never really ends. My mom told me I was too old for them years ago, and I'm thirteen and I don't know if she's right. They don't affect my social life at all, but I dont know if I'm crazy...


Lynae P.

by romanticbookworm13 on 12/7/2011 4:13:27 PM


im alot of religions and it does not seem to bother the people i hang with. i mean this i what i think, as long as your PARENTS like him that is all that matters

by j4zm09 on 12/7/2011 2:57:24 PM

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