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My relatives disapprove of my BF's religion

I'm not going to break up with him, but I don't want it to be awkward during the holidays. Help!
36 Comments | Add Yours

Oh really? I'm a Muslim and I date. Infact, everyone around here dates and I'm from a 100% muslim country! Islam isn't such a hard and strict religion as you all make it to be >.>

by Shnookus03 on 12/7/2011 3:30:03 AM


I know you both are crazy for each other, but Muslims cannot date...

by Awesomeness888 on 12/6/2011 10:51:30 PM


no offense but your aunt seems stupid. u can't hate someone because of religion

by Dancing Queen 14 on 12/6/2011 10:51:03 PM


@Mirah98, She said that his parents like her. I highly doubt her boyfriend would introduce her to his parents if they were dating behind their backs. It wouldn;t make sense. Besides, it really just depends on how conservative they are. Just like some christians don't believe in dating, some Muslims do. It's a person-by-person case, because no one person will worship any given religion the same way as another.

by rockinlishy on 12/6/2011 8:45:26 PM


One of my reeeaaalyy close friends is moving away. Out of state and everything. This is our first year in high school and I moved out of the city into a small town. So I already barely see her and it depresses me. She wants to have a going away party and I'm definitely going to go since I may never see her again but she doesn't know where to have it. Her house is completely empty and locked and she asked me to help her come up with a place to have the party. I wish I could have the party at my house but I live in a small apartment and we're trying to fit almost everyone in our grade from our old school into a room. Do you have any suggestions? We live in Wisconsin by the way. Thanks so much for the advice! Smile <3

Maybe try a public area like a room you can rent at a restaurant or something. Ask around town, im sure youll find somewhere to have it. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by jayjai19 on 12/6/2011 7:17:58 PM


Well that is not good but don't worry you'll get through it!!!!!!!!

by snoopgirl on 12/6/2011 6:56:03 PM


Hey Mod Mod Mod,
I'm 12 and am in 7th grade and Im dating a 6th grader who's a year younger than me and is a guy in my grade's little brother and when I told my friends they said that that's weird and I should break up with him but I don't want to because I like him way to much and age dosen't matter right??? And 8th graders date 6th graders at my school so I don't see anyhting different. I really don't know what to do because I don't want to leave him he's a really good guy!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!!

If you like him you should date him! its your relationship not your friends. So ignore what they say and do what you want. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by snoopgirl on 12/6/2011 6:37:49 PM


i'm not a christian so i hope that doesn't ruin anything in my life think it will

by Princess Keziyah on 12/6/2011 5:53:49 PM


It's kind of depressing, over the last 3 years- The years where I started middle school and becoming a teenager- me and my 10 year older brother's relationship has crumbled. We can only say mean things to each other, we hate every action the other one does. I mean, even the little stuff gets me. The fact that all of this is true makes me sad. And I don't want him to go to culinary school with our relationship destroyed. Help! How do I strengthen our familial bond so it can be like it was before I had to grow up? Thanks.

Well me and my brother were the same way. Eventually things got better and we're good now. It's gonna take some time due to the fact both of you are teenagers and maturity levels are low. It will definitely get better with time. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by svds on 12/6/2011 5:44:37 PM


Hey, I REALLY need some advice ASAP! So, my best friend and her boyfriend are seriously, like, in love. They've been dating for about a year and a half. Well, she's my ABSOLUTE BEST FRIEND EVER. I really, really don't like her boyfriend and I want to tell her. We've told each other everything, but I'm just not sure she'd take it so well. She probably wouldn't be mad, she'd just be very, very upset. What should I do? Should I tell her or not?

It depends on why you dont like him. If there's a huge issue with this guy then she should probably know, but if it's just for little reasons then it doesnt matter. She's happy and you dont want to ruin it for no reason. xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by EgirlH.97 on 12/6/2011 5:16:48 PM

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