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8 presents for sporty sistahs

Handpicked gifts for every athlete on your list
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I really need the inCase thing for cross country- my ipod usually ends up in the waistband of my shorts! lolz Smile

by basketballcutie11 on 12/22/2011 1:01:09 PM


MOD What about soccer? It's America's favorite sport.


 Hey girl,


We love soccer, too -- we've got tons of posts about the World Cup, and we even had a chance to interview soccer star Amy Rodriguez! This post is about things that are great gifts for girls who love sports in general, and not any specific one.

Meghan D.

by soccerlover99 on 12/19/2011 1:27:33 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD doctor says i need to lose about 20 pounds ...well i do dance now, and i need to lose 15 pounds now...its getting to get cold where i live which means no outdoor physical play.What wookout are great inside, simple and you can do in 30 min

Hey girl, try jumping jacks, push ups, leg lunges, and sit ups. Doing small things like walking up and down the steps for a couple minutes or helping your parents with the groceries will take weight off too. Be sure to add music to your workout to keep your energy up. Good luck!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by saxaphonesrock99 on 12/10/2011 6:20:35 PM


They should have an article for band geeks..

by jennal923 on 12/8/2011 7:23:40 AM


cute! now all i need is money to actually get the

by carinaamina on 12/7/2011 8:12:27 PM


I'm a huge football fan. I love to watch and play the sport! Not girly powderpuff, full on tackle. I'm a tomboy but not "truely". I still worry about how I look and if guys like me or not. I have played many sports for softball to dance or swimming, so I'm in really good shape. I have lots of guy friends and BFFs too. I've always loved to work out and stuff like that. Next season (for football) I really want to try out. My dad was a football freak when he was growing up but would it be weird if I played? I'm buff, tall and really sturdy. I really want to do it but do you think people would make fun of me cause I'm a girl? And how should I tell my parents that I want to? Like I really want to be a physical trainer when I grow up. Thanks for your advice!


Lynae P.

by danceforever58 on 12/7/2011 6:16:51 PM


Love gymnastics? want some tips? wanna share what you are doin'? Go to my profile and join my gymnastics4ever club. I can not wait to see more people join Smile

by swimmerchic96 on 12/7/2011 6:01:43 PM


What about soccer playing sistahs?


Lynae P.

by clem10 on 12/7/2011 5:58:38 PM


MDO MOD MOD MOD MOD (please hide my question and just show your answer!)
This has nothing to do with the article, but I need advice! My boyfriend is shorter then me by maybe 5 inches!! that sucks!! so i guess my question is what will happen if he wants to kiss me do i have to bend down or something because that is horribly embarrassing! help!


Lynae P.

by fireworks1071 on 12/7/2011 5:24:03 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD(: My friends and I are doing a secret Santa exchange this year. I drew my friend's name who is hardest to shop for. She is not very girly, but she is in sports and band. I have no idea what to get her. I want the present to be unique and creative. I have thought each gift on this list, but none seem to suit her. Please give me some ideas! Thanks soooooo much in advance.


Lynae P.

by thumperella14 on 12/7/2011 5:17:44 PM

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