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6 HOURS AGO RT @russettvirtue: @sierra_furtado i just found you in my magazine what a time to be alive

6 HOURS AGO Decorating the office with fresh blooms and #GLsabrina 💐

6 HOURS AGO Thinking about Christmas cookies like...


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Now that's a Christmas angel

Last week my dad was wrongfully fired and it has been so stressful for me and my family. I didn't feel like going into details with...
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by pandasrock292 on 10/26/2012 7:48:09 PM


Thats ok i mean no offense but thats not like he got your dad a job but its the thought that counts i guess

by zania on 2/1/2012 7:44:16 PM



by amileofroses on 1/20/2012 10:26:59 PM


awww thats so sweet...ur so lucky i hate u!!!!jkjk lol but yeah that was really nice of him to do Smile

by jennifer0709 on 1/5/2012 6:50:53 PM


Awwww That's the sweetest thing ever!! =) Lucky you!

by MeredithBiebsxo on 12/30/2011 3:04:23 PM


So i like this guy & hes 1 year older than me. Hes funny, fun to be around, cute, and we txt all the time. he flirts when were txting and at school too (we've been friends a while but not so that its awkward to like eachother). well my problem is i like him but dont really want to date him. can i tell him that or should i just keep it to myself? thankss mods your awesomeSmile

I think just keep it to yourself. If he asks him out tell him you like him and think hes awesome but dont wanna date. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by baileybluu on 12/18/2011 8:58:22 PM


VERY lucky. Very very very very very lucky. He's a keeper!

by maggie183 on 12/17/2011 5:20:20 PM


MOD MOD MOD I'm a freshman in high school, I'm 14, and my crush is a senior, he's 17. He's amazing, he's super sweet, funny, and romantic in a cute, nerdy way. He really likes me, and I like him, but I found out one of my Junior friends has a crush on him too. Lately she's been being really mean to me, and sometimes not talking to me at all. He isn't into her in "that way", but is trying to be her friend. Is there any way to start seeing him without her ending up furious at both of us? (sorry if this was too long) Please and thank you very much!


Hey girl, unfortunately she might be mad at both you guys. Wouldn't you feel a little angry if they started dating, so just think about where she's coming from. Maybe talk to her about it, if she really starts treating you mean. Hope this helps!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by kj2015 on 12/17/2011 4:42:46 PM


My friend wrote to me on facebook and asked if I liked anyone because someone likes me. She wont tell me who the guy is because she promised him she wouldnt. All she will tell me is that hes in 10th grade and the 5th letter of his name is "H". The only 10th grader that I talk to is named matthew so i think its him. The problem is he isnt saying anything to me about it. and hes my dance partner for the play so im scared to say anything to him, because if its not him it will get really awkward..what should i do?

Hey girl, try and flirt with him and see what he does; definitely try and flirt with him when you dance with him! See if he smiles at you lots and looks at you a bunch. Try and get your friend to admit to who it is, so at least you can know who it is! Don't give up girl! 
lauren r.

by swazyelover2497 on 12/17/2011 1:38:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have a bf! I'm in 6th grade. I want to dump him because its uncomfortable. How can I!!!! help!!!! Thnx in futur! Josie


Hey girly, just be as nice and as honest as you can. Let him know you're uncomfortable in the relationship and think it would be best if you guys seperated. Just think about the way you'd want someone to break up with you. Hope this helps! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Josie Marie on 12/14/2011 7:57:55 PM

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