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so i broke up with my BF over fb. i dont reget my choice, its just facing him that im gonna have a prob w/. I dont know wat 2 do when i see him. i broke up w/ him bcause i didnt have the same feeling that i used 2, we werent that "cute couple" that i wanted. we were that one that made fun of each other, and i think that it hurt me more then it hurt him. and so basiclly wat i want 2 know is how to be aroung him and wat 2 say when he asks me i did wat i did.


Hey girly,


The best thing that you can do is try to move on and not to think about him. Try to keep your distance from him and not to call attention to yourself around him. If he talks to you, just be nice and be honest about why you broke up with him. If you don't regret what you did, then stand your ground. It's up to him now to get over you.

Catie C.

by cul_4_you on 1/10/2012 2:53:02 PM


There is no better time to try and change our image than when the new year starts, and thats now! We all can help our image and be nicer, more responsible or whatever else we want to be better at. I talked with my my mom and she asked what some of my goals were for the new year and I told her I was going to try and be more responsible and be a better daughter. She liked that.

I told my bf I wanted our relationship to grow but I have my concerns since we just seem to be at different levels at times. Its a maturity thing and it just seems like he isnt ready for certain things.

by luckykel on 1/8/2012 9:57:17 PM


♥Need advice? well look no further! I have a degree in advice giving and caring ;) ♥

here's what i'll help you with:

post on my profile. ill get back to you as SOON as possible!
keep a lookout on my page because some people's profiles arn't publicly visible, therefor i'll post their answers on my page.

by xThisGirl13x on 1/7/2012 8:58:02 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have many best friends. Everytime I try to hang out with 2 or more of them at once I feel like the 3rd or 4th wheel. It really sucks. Then when it is just me and them they never seem to do anything with me so i barley even get to hang out with them. Please help I don't want to live live lonely with no friends to help me out in life.

Hey girl,

If you have a lot of pals, you shouldn't feel like you're going to be lonely! It can be awkward with too many people if they don't know each other, but you can try to organize some icebreakers so they get to know each other and you can all get along! Why not do something like an outdoor activity or trivia game so you can all get to know each other? And if it's awkward when it's just the two of you, why not do something like go to the movies, or play a sport? If you have a movie or something else to talk about, conversations should flow naturally. And you're young, so you have plenty more friends to make as you grow.

Meghan D.

by ArtFreak:) on 1/7/2012 3:07:02 AM


MoD MoD MoD!
I really like this guy named Loki and I really want to know if he likes me back. We're good friends though. He kind of teases me a lot, texts me occasionally, and is really sweet to me instead of teasing me at times. soooooooo?? And thanks I appreciate all of your help. Smile)

Hey girlie,

The teasing/compliment mix, him reaching out and enjoying a convo with you, etc. - these are good signs! Keep talking to him and try flirting/teasing him back. Give little hints that you like him so he feels comfy giving you the same hints. You'll get a better idea of his feelings when you actually get to know him even better! Smile
Lauren C.

by phoebeloren00 on 1/5/2012 11:56:12 PM


i have a friend who wants me to change alot and i don't know what to do because i've tried my hardest to change and i don't want to lose her as a friend. it's like she want all my attention to focus on her and if it doesn't she says that i'm not being a very good friend

by loca400 on 1/5/2012 10:53:52 PM


I have a confession to make.....I look at life in a negative way. I am so emotional. I don't let go at all, and when i do, it's almost rarely. I have a problem with depression, and I'm never really that happy at school partly because I was so unpopular and I don't have much friends. In fact, I lost some friends because of my depression and because I was so emotional. They...well...they were boys. I hung out with them for almost a year and a half even though I know they didn't treat them right. They were so special to me though, and when they told me I couldn't hang out with them anymore(a couple months ago), I was devastated. Before that, I thought my depression problem was ending, but no, it wasn't. There was this one boy I couldn't let go of, whom I liked...he doesn't even care though, and he definitely won't be my friend.Now he is controlling my life, and I'm depressed more than ever. Got any advice?

Hey girlie,

I know it's really hard to think about things this way, but the only way you can be happy around friends is to be happy with yourself first. Find hobbies that make you feel alive and passionate. This could be anything: volunteering, writing, working out, painting, learning about a certain topic, decorating your room, etc. Anything that puts a smile on your face! The next step is to get involved at school - but in activities you've never tried before. That way, you broaden your social circle and help yourself meet people who share your interests. Get to know them and try your hardest to be your light-hearted, friendly self. Hang out outside of school, work on homework together, talk about boys and movies, etc. It's not good to hold in your bad feelings, but it's also not right to overload a new friend with all of your troubles. (It's something that might push them away because they don't know how to help you, you know?) Try to find a balance of being honest about yourself and being respectful of their feelings, too. Next, talk to someone qualified and stable enough to help you with your negative feelings/thoughts/emotions. You DON'T have to deal with this yourself! The counselor at your school (or even a trusted teacher) can help you find someone who will listen without judging, help you work through your feelings (and why you're feeling them), and help you come up with ways to feel better. You don't have to live feeling so negative all the time - I promise you, it can and will get better. Just put yourself out there and don't be afraid to talk about it! <3 Lots of love!!
Lauren C.

by shannv82 on 1/5/2012 10:46:14 PM


MOd Mod MOd
Lauren C. Thanks, it means a lot coming from another writer. Thank you for the great advice! You probably are right. Thanks, I'm glad that I'm not alone on that one Smile!
So thanks!

You're so welcome Smile Good luck writing and especially with reading! It's super important to be proud of your work and get it out there for other people to experience it, so this is a challenge it'll be good to overcome. I know you can do it <333
Lauren C.

by LLL328 on 1/5/2012 10:39:08 PM


My BFF, Lizzie, is becoming VERY different. She likes this guy named Luis, and they video chat ALL THE TIME, and, A LOT of guys like Lizzie. Lizzie's starting to become very arrogant and snobby and bossy. She's arrogant because she keeps saying everyone likes her, and she's snobby and bossy because she's ALWAYS bossing people around! She'd starting to be REALLY sarcastic, and she gets mad over the DUMBEST THINGS! She's been ignoring my texts and calls almost ALL WEEK, and I see that she posts thing on Facebook from her phone, and she was talking to my neighbor, James, on Facebook a few nights ago! She says she's been "busy", but that's not true! She's been on Facebook all of these days! What should i do? I'm afraid of talking to her about it because she gets mad REALLY easily. What should I do? My friend Gianna says if I want things to get better, I HAVE TO talk to her about it! Please help!

Hey Jordan,

Personally, I wouldn't stress myself out by having a convo with her about this. It sounds like she's so blinded by this stuff that she won't listen. Instead, I'd stop texting/calling and giving her something to ignore. I'd spend time with my other friends and leave her alone. She clearly wants to be alone to Facebook/talk to whoever she wants, so let her. The point of this? She'll notice she isn't getting attention from you anymore...and she'll wonder where you've gone/why you don't need her anymore. Just keep having fun without her, staying confident, and loving yourself. She's bringing tons of drama into your life when things should be easy and happy! See if she reaches out and contacts YOU. If not, you don't need the nonsense in your life. If she does and wonders where you've been, try to explain why you've been acting distant. That could be the wake-up she needs <3
Lauren C.

by cheerrox1111 on 1/5/2012 8:43:53 PM


I'm on a basketball team not to be stuck up or anything, but my twin sister and I are like the best ones on the team. All of a sudden, my coach starts yelling at me and his daughter is always echoing what he says. It gets really embarrassing and affects my self confidence even though I know he just wants to make me better. Everyone is always yelling at me. I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do. I love basketball but should I just quit and try to focus on other sports. I don't wanna give up though. Please help! Smile

Hey babe,

Part of being on a team is being able to take criticism. Sometimes, you have to apply some of it and make your skills stronger...and sometimes you have to accept that it was said in the heat of the moment and move on. Think about it: when practice gets intense or a game gets into those crucial last seconds, your coach probably gets stressed/excited and will yell commands even if you're already playing well. Try not to let it get you. Learn from it and stay confident - use it to motivate you to be better!! As long as you're playing your hardest and doing your best, you have nothing to worry about! <3
Lauren C.

by Danielle:)3 on 1/5/2012 8:43:21 PM

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