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12 reasons winter rocks

On the first day of winter, my true love said to me...
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Yay! Thanks for reminding me of some of the many reasons to love winter. Plus, my birthday's in it!

by sweetooth on 12/22/2011 3:18:14 PM


Hi what are some good pop songs to sing for an X-Factor audition?? Not like Britney Spears or Kesha pop, but like pretty pop like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and Adele. I need songs that a girl sings and that are a little more uncommon (like not in the iTunes top 10!) Could you please list like 10 songs or something that fit what I just said? I am thinking like: Thinking of You by Katy Perry, Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5, How to Save a Life by The Fray, etc. but preferably one that a girl sings! <3 THANKS SO MUCH, you guys are a lifesaver!


Hey girl,


It sounds like you've already got some great ideas rolling around in your head! Most singing competitions have specific rules of what you can and can't sing, so see if you can find a list of acceptable songs before you start picking out of the blue. Good luck!

Meghan D.

by fireworks1071 on 12/22/2011 2:23:51 PM


these are great- like we needed 12 MORE reason why winter is awesome Smile

Join my club, 'Orchestra Nerd and Band Geeks.' It's a loose and fun club where we talk about anything and everything- But especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!!

by svds on 12/22/2011 1:16:03 PM


my birthdays on martin luther king day so i dont have to go to school on my birthday yay!!!!!

by fearless;) on 12/22/2011 1:11:43 PM


@EgirlH.97 omg so true! I hate having to do that during the summer i'm just like "oh ya i uh....pulled a muscle!" during the winter you can just say you have a cold and don't feel good.

by basketballcutie11 on 12/22/2011 12:51:16 PM


Yay my b day is on Jan 1st so my b day is on winter break to! except then I go back to school on the 2nd bahhh humbaggg to school bleh

by thepinkyyyyyyyyy on 12/22/2011 12:21:56 PM


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got back from early dismissal for winter break 2 weeks of nooo school ellll zippo toi school winter break here I come! I can't wait till it snows! Merry Christmas GL

by thepinkyyyyyyyyy on 12/22/2011 12:20:45 PM



Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? If you are then join The Walking Dead Fan Club!!!!!!!!!! Where we talk about the show and even the books Laughing

by Princess Keziyah on 12/22/2011 11:59:30 AM


You forgot to mention: "No having to make up excuses on why you can't swim when your period starts!"

by EgirlH.97 on 12/22/2011 8:53:24 AM


My reasons:

NO SCHOOL!!!, plenty of reading time, drinking homemade hot cocoa, making s'mores [i have a mini fire set in my house that i use Smile], and going skiing with friends

by basketballcutie11 on 12/22/2011 7:48:37 AM

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