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25 things we're asking Santa for this year

Hey, a girl can dream, right?
56 Comments | Add Yours

lol i only truely want 2 things... wonderstruck perfume and #3Smile

by leah2113 on 12/24/2011 11:28:42 AM


22 is top of my list. My brother died a few years before I was born. He was only 12 years old. He had cancer since he was 9. I also lost my Grandpa to his uncurable lung, groin, and various other cancers. Too many people in the world get cancer that we need in our lives. These include family, teachers, and friends. Please support cancer research so that one day we will find a cure.

by cittycat1998 on 12/24/2011 11:07:35 AM


Def going with 10 [I've had stomach/intestine problems for over a year now], 18 [best. books. ever.] and 21 [I seriously think whistling is physically impossible for me, lol]

by bandgeek97 on 12/24/2011 11:01:04 AM


see that is my ideal christmas list because most of the stuff i want deeply in my heart is on there. I would also like to add to not have to worry about weight problems and watching what i eat and stay skinny and also not to have to worry about periods espeically bleeding out of my pad and onto my pants. and that is what i would add

by star53 on 12/24/2011 10:54:08 AM


I like those things on the list! Smile Especially #22 since my grandpa has cancer that keeps coming back. I asked Santa for an iPod Touch ;)

by sweetooth on 12/24/2011 10:51:31 AM


14 is my pick. shes not a good role model when she's not smiling, plus shes really pretty when she smilesSmile

by Knerdalicious on 12/24/2011 10:44:10 AM



by peaceluvmusic on 12/24/2011 10:41:33 AM


My Great Uncle has brain cancer and my Grandma had urinary cancer... Frown 22 all the way!!! oh, and instead of an Adele concert.. id like Taylor Swift!!!

by peaceluvmusic on 12/24/2011 10:39:50 AM


I would love for #22 to be true. My brother-in-laws mom died yesterday unexpectedly from cancer. She was only 53, and I knew her pretty well. Now my sister isn't coming for christmas and I have to stay with my aunt while my dad goes to the funeral.

by jackieluvz on 12/24/2011 10:32:44 AM


Number 18 ALL THE WAY!

by Girlygirl22werock on 12/24/2011 10:01:41 AM

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