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Celebrating Hanukkah with a friend? Here's what to know before you go...

The 411 on understanding and enjoying this seasonal celebration...
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Kerra S.

Thank you! i going to remove the white background so it looks for natural. Thanks for your input! i hope maybe i get the job!!

by Lianna on 12/20/2011 6:47:24 PM


I love Hanukkah!!! This r good tips. Here r a few more:
Blue, white, and silver r good colors
If u like french fries you will like latkes
If u hav a question, ask
Happy Hanukkah. Lemme know if ur Jewish too

by ZeusSister on 12/20/2011 6:38:57 PM


okay, so i'm extremley intrested in modeling for GL. I'm going to send in the form but i'm not sure if my picture is good enough. Are you guys looking for casual or profesional? and i edited the background and made it white and i think it looks too edited. If you want i can send you the link of the pic. I'm just nervous. I really want to be a model!

Im not too knowledgeable on our policies for models but GL is all about normal girls like all of you. So im sure something more casual would be better. Good luck hon!! Smile xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by Lianna on 12/20/2011 6:34:24 PM


thank you !!! my new besti is jewish and i needed some pointers to what to do tonight at dinner !

by prettyprincess55555 on 12/20/2011 6:02:53 PM


Hey girlies! Join this club DIY queens. It's for all of those creative gals out there.

by da:DaeSHINES on 12/20/2011 6:00:53 PM


Thank you! I applaud GL for talking about other holidays besides Christmas, it would be nice to get general though. Also You will want to have your shoulders covered, although it is traditionally done only to services it is considered respectful. Don't be afraid to ask questions! It shows your not zoned out and care. Hanukkah isn't just an exclusive Jewish holiday, it's actually very relatable. Have fun!
Jew out romfl

by bobnanny24 on 12/20/2011 5:54:38 PM


This is so interesting Smile I love learning about new cultures and religions.

by fungirl123 on 12/20/2011 5:14:18 PM


I'm Jewish... And Christian! I love both Christmas and Chanukah the same. Gelt is sooo delish, and I LOVE latkes! <3

by peaceluvandhockey on 12/20/2011 5:06:07 PM



Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? If you are then join The Walking Dead Fan Club!!!!!!!!!! Where we talk about the show and even the books Laughing

by Princess Keziyah on 12/20/2011 4:54:21 PM


Hey I would like to add somethings to this article. Don't be afraid to ask your friends questions if they're inviting you for Hanukkah they want you to learn about their faith. Secondly, some of the food sounds strange but just because it's kosher don't knock it till you try it. Thirdly, dress accordingly to your friends denomination,if your friend is Hesedic, or a conservative orthodox you should dress very conservatively. No chest showing (Button up or t-shirt), no skinny jeans, skirts and dresses should have a longer hem line hitting below or under your knees. If you are attending temple wear what you would wear to church. Finally For the Jewish people Hanukah celebrates miracles something we can all relate to.

by arg5890 on 12/20/2011 4:50:59 PM

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