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Fading - An original short story

Hey chicas! We love how honest this original short story written by a GL reader about drifting apart from your best friend is. Check it out and...
52 Comments | Add Yours

that is so sweet. sad. but sweet.

by hol_dar on 8/6/2012 1:14:13 AM


I feel for you! Luckily I didn't go through that. Good luck!!

by soccer.bear1 on 4/9/2012 8:48:53 PM


i totally feel you writer.i moved away from my best friends ever and i havent seen them in like 3 months and barely had any contact. i try to meet up with them but i never suceed. the past 3 years of my life have been like theres a big hole in my life where they used to be.when i first told one of them i was moving they started to cry.the first year in my new house i would cry at least 2 times a week. i miss them sooo much.

by katieoct30 on 1/28/2012 6:58:49 PM


Hey potterandthedoctor, I think you should submit your artwork to our "Crafts" section. Good luck! Xoxo

What would the subject be for submitting art to your website? Would it be "you wrote it"? Lynae P.

by potterandthedoctor on 1/27/2012 5:31:59 PM


this is EXACTLY how i'm feeling right now. She moved recently just a few cities down, but when we text its exactly like that.

by briana13 on 1/25/2012 11:15:14 PM



by 526love on 1/23/2012 11:33:05 AM


When do you post the new You Wrote It submissions usually, or does it not follow a usual schedule? Thanks!

Hey girlie,

Sometimes we like to post things on a schedule (like weekly, or every few days) but most of the time, it's random Smile Stay tuned for new articles and we promise they'll be updated at least every week. Most likely sooner!!
Lauren C.

by cheerleadrgurl123 on 1/20/2012 9:39:27 PM


Hey indibrown10, well thanx for submitting. Keep searching the site for posts that say we've uploaded poems and stories by GL users. If it was accepted it should be on there. Hope this helps! Xoxo

about a week ago i sent in a poem. I was wondering if there is any way to know if it was excepted or not, and if (hopefully) it will be on the site. Thanxs! Lynae P.

by indibrown10 on 1/20/2012 7:27:46 PM


That happened to me and my BFF. Frown

But we gotten over it and let our difference a side!!!! Smile

by My_Girl_Life_835 on 1/16/2012 11:36:23 AM


That happened to me, exept it wasn't gradual at all. we were BFFs then the next week she hated me. Frown

by favcolorgreen on 1/15/2012 6:29:44 PM


This is a very, very amazing piece!

by Grace_Louise_Mabel on 1/15/2012 6:01:37 PM


Dont hate on people "madam gir"!!!! 12 year olds can totally write as good as anyone! If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. Seriously, hasnt anyone told you that?

by pnuuts on 1/15/2012 5:28:09 PM


Ohhhh... I get it now! I thought it was a guy at first. I was wrong. This was a good story.

by katgrace11 on 1/14/2012 8:53:27 PM


I just moved away from a bunch of friends during the summer so I kind of get what you mean. I try to stay in contact with my BFF and we tell each other everything still... but I wonder... I guess moving is more than just leaving for a long time. I guess it's means goodbye too. But... My texts take a while to be returned and so do hers. It's hard to think about. So yeah, this makes a lot of sence.

by kisanichan on 1/11/2012 8:46:38 PM


that is exactly what is happening to me and my best friend right now she went to another school and now when she is online i say a simple "hi" and we chat but not like before is small chat and there is always an excuse to leave the same with my crush Frown my life is a total mess >Frown

by ariadna on 1/10/2012 5:58:27 PM


Omg that was soooo good!!! My mouth was hanging open the whole time!!! Great job!!!

by Punky99 on 1/8/2012 8:16:00 AM


CUTE! At first I thought it was about a guy but nope.. Lol! Loved it!

by katv2114 on 1/4/2012 6:39:26 PM


Ohmigosh. mouth hanging open. canot typ propr sentences

by MaxRide15 on 12/30/2011 7:28:51 PM


That was a wounderful story because it really showed how she felt and its sad but things like that does happen.

by zania on 12/25/2011 6:36:44 PM


this story is so true and is explaining my life right now. its beautifully written

by taylorswift98 on 12/24/2011 1:27:28 AM


Thank you so much for all the compliments.

by crowellgirl2 on 12/23/2011 9:55:50 PM


WoW! you are such a good writer!

by thinkpink1 on 12/23/2011 4:34:05 PM


I know how u feel girl. Same thing happened 2 me and
My bff Liz for about five months. Now we are back 2gether and stronger than evah!!

by Orangesherbert434 on 12/23/2011 4:12:47 PM


T-dog, me and my friend went to diff schools 4 years ago, we go to each others birthday parties, and hang out....well its been since labor day. We text...once a month. So keep trying don't end up like me!

by LLL328 on 12/22/2011 2:03:01 PM


Story made me cry, thats what is happening to me and my old best friend. We don't even text, and when we do it is only simple answers and lol. Sighs, I try to tell myself to let her go, but I can't. I practically lived at her house in third and fourth grade, but then I switched schools and we were still close. And now we hardly talk.
Hang in there girlies who're going through the same thing.
I miss you...

by LLL328 on 12/22/2011 1:59:44 PM


OMG!!!! this is TOTALLY my situation!! my friend and i both went to different schools 2 years ago and we got together on birthdays and stuff and we texted a little but we definately drifting! reading this gives me hope that maybe we could be bffs again. i think im gonna send this to my friend and maybe she'll feel the same way! if any one thinks this story is appy, they are completely wrong, they must not have ogne through anything like this. all u chicas with the sameproblem, im with ya! and i have a club for this, its called bff trouble. have a nioce day!!

by t-dog123 on 12/22/2011 12:07:35 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD Ok thx but does she wipe it off rite after applying the toothpaste or do u have to let it stay on the bump for a while?


Yeah sorry I meant to mention that lol. She puts it on right before she goes to sleep and wipes it off in the morning. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Princess Keziyah on 12/21/2011 8:59:04 PM


Great job! I really liked your piece!(:

by PurpLeorchid on 12/21/2011 8:54:30 PM


That's really good! And anyone who has ever experienced this knows how true it really is.

by supersingershannon on 12/21/2011 8:42:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD Hi,How are you? Ok so I have a bump (possibly zit i don't know)on the side of my mouth.Its not huge but its noticeable.I have no money and we don't have any special creams. I have 2 of these bumps or zits on my face is there a trick that I could use to at least make it smaller? Please help me.Thank you for your time and I hope you have a nice evening. Keziyah Laughing


Hey girl, my friend applies toothpaste to her acne to dry the bumps out. You should try that, it always works for her. Hope this helps! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Princess Keziyah on 12/21/2011 8:32:54 PM


Wow, this is really good! It felt like u were talking to a diary, im looking forward to reading something else soon Smile

by LioChan. on 12/21/2011 7:58:17 PM


omg! this made me tear up. its so true! i actually went through this with my first friend. we were 5 when we met. it was so sad.

anyway, u are an amazing writer!!!!!!!! Smile u should get a book published!

by smg135 on 12/21/2011 6:44:56 PM


This is SUCH a great piece! You're a very talented writer; I would love to see more of your stuff on here! Smile

by futureauthor19 on 12/21/2011 6:14:21 PM


@Lynae P: thank you!!!


No prob glad I could help!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by dramaqueen122 on 12/21/2011 5:59:29 PM


It sucks when that happens :/

by kaylarocks2000 on 12/21/2011 5:42:13 PM


MODMODMOD so i used to have a super close group of 4 friends. they were always ONLY friends with each other though and i had different friends. however my bff and i grew apart and just stopped talking and then i grew apart from another 1 of my friends too. the other friend and i talk a lot but when she's with the other friends she says bad things about me but we are super good friends and have a great time...when we aren't with them. i don't know whether i should just forget them or try to be friends again b/c i wish i was. what to do?!


Hey girly, maybe you could organize a girls night out for you all. Have them spend the night over your house, watch some good movies and have food and drinks. While you guys are together talk about your friendship. Ask why you guys split up and if they still want to be friends. Talking everything out will work everything out. Hope this helps!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by dramaqueen122 on 12/21/2011 5:20:25 PM


MOD MOD MOD I may be being sensitive, but my friends got me really thoughtless gifts this year. I get that not everyone has lots of money-but that's not what I'm getting at. I got all spirit-y gift-serious this year. So maybe I shouldn't be this disappointed that my friends didn't really care about this holiday as much as I do?? Thanks!


Hey chica, no I understand where you're coming from. Being that they're your friends, they should put some thought into what they're buying you. But money could've been a big factor for them, and maybe they did get you thoughtful gifts you just didn't like them. I have some friends who don't buy me anything, so at least they got you something. Hope this helps!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by svds on 12/21/2011 5:15:46 PM


That sounds like it was terrible for the girl who had to go through this. She doesn't deserve it. Nobody does. I am getting bullied by a girl in my class, and she won't give up. I don't listen, though. Actually, I completely ignore her. So do all the other girls. She used to be popular, but now she is like scum on a public toilet. Absolutely nobody cares about her anymore. She deserves it too. To that girl: I was nice enough to not tell everyone your name! Please JUST STOP. You are being a big jerk, and you will become a small bit of hatred to everyone.

by sissis1430 on 12/21/2011 4:44:35 PM


I just had a fallout with my bff. She told me we need to take a break and that we're not as close anymore. She won't tell me the reason. On Tuesday I gave her a Christmas gift and she gave it back saying she didn't deserve it. Now she's with a girl who hates me and is a two -face! A year ago we were inseparable. Now she won't tell me what happened. I don't know what to do about this!


Hey girl,


Sorry about you and your bff. If asking her in person why she doesn't want to hang anymore doesn't work, try sending her an email or written note explaining how you feel and that you miss her. (Mentioning that you don't like her new BFF won't help anything, so leave that out if you want to mend your relationship!). She may be dealing with some personal issues she has to work out. If she doesn't get back to you, give her some time and space to work things out and focus on finding some new friends.

Meghan D.

by yellowfluff on 12/21/2011 4:07:02 PM


Hey girlys, GL is happy you enjoy all the stories/news/advice We give you! Come to my profile & tell me why YOU like GL! You have anything you are just dieing to ask? Tell me & we will get back to you ASAP Girls Smile. Meghan.S

by Emma2112 on 12/21/2011 2:46:59 PM


MODMODMOD!!! I sent in $14 for the by one get one free year about two weeks ago and today I got a letter in the mail that said that I hadn't paid and that if I didn't respond that they wouldn't send me any more magazines. The $14 is marked as being taken out of my bank account, but the GL letter says that I haven't paid. What happened?


Hey girl,


You can check your account status at this link: to see if your payment's been received. It may not have been processed by our subscription office yet. Here's some info from our contact page:

If you have received a bill after you paid for your subscription, the bill and your payment probably crossed in the mail. You can check your account status online or by calling 1-410-426-9600 x132 (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm EST) to verify that we have received your payment or to provide additional information about a payment problem.

Meghan D.

by spazzygirI on 12/21/2011 2:38:05 PM


Wow. I think we can all relate to this. Great job!

Need quickie advice?! Come to me, I check my GL twice a day!
No question is too embarrassing!

by Malgal22 on 12/21/2011 2:03:31 PM


that sounds like wat me and my friend are heading to we keep drifting apart and i dnt no wat 2 do

by mrs.simpson1701 on 12/21/2011 1:57:01 PM


thats xactly me. my BFF ditched me for a two-faced jerk who hates me.

by soccerlover99 on 12/21/2011 12:42:48 PM


this is good- was this for the fiction contest?

by basketballcutie11 on 12/21/2011 11:55:28 AM


was this a ture story cuz if it was its sooooo sad.

by lynnsey13 on 12/21/2011 11:08:29 AM


i hope theres a sequel!!!! cuz gosh(tear) that was so depressing!!!!!

by fearless;) on 12/21/2011 10:46:48 AM


o jeez, i feel the same way.. its relitivly simmillar about my friend and i, im the one that does the plays and rarely opens the chat first... wow

by cammybellpoptart on 12/21/2011 10:30:01 AM


Pretty good!! I can relate to it :/

by fireworks1071 on 12/21/2011 10:28:24 AM


That's so sad

by Girlygirl0906 on 12/21/2011 9:22:56 AM



by toysruskid on 12/21/2011 1:44:58 AM


Hey Girls! Join my club, WRITING, My Love <3. This club is for those girls who have a deep passion for the art of Writing. <3

by krazykotabug on 12/21/2011 1:04:15 AM

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