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Is my crush too immature?

Should I look for a different guy or take a chance on him?
21 Comments | Add Yours

If your friends think he's immature, ignore them.If you think his immaturity is over the top, get over him and move on. If you think his goofy-ness is just plain adorkable, keep crushingand hoping that he'll like you someday, somehow.

by GlitterHearts on 5/5/2012 2:03:48 AM


Ok, so theres this guy i like in my class. I think he likes me. So my friend told him that i like him and shes trying to get him to ask me out, but she also likes him too... Then a lot of my other friends say "its soooo obvious he likes you..." and hes so sweet and funny and cute (which is a bonus ;)) but IDK what to do..... Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
<3, Mypeeps112

Hey girl,

I think I'd try to get someone to help you who DOESN'T also have a crush on the guy! That's a recipe for disaster Frown Keep trying to talk to him, joke around, compliment him, tease him a little...basically, flirt and give him the chance to flirt back. The closer you grow to him, the more likely it'll be that he asks you out Smile 
Lauren C.

by mypeeps112 on 1/27/2012 9:56:56 PM


Hey Ladies! Do you need advice? I would love to give you some! I will answer any questions, or just talk to you when you are sad. I can give you advice about friends, guys, family, food, sports, school,growing up, or even yourself! I would be absolutely happy to help! I will give you an honest answer ASAP, and hun, nothing is too personal so don't be afraid!Thank you(:

by gracieb123 on 1/13/2012 10:44:59 PM


Hey SnowBoarders88, yeah he defintely likes you. Just start a convo about anything, maybe about the dance or class you're in. Being friendly and calm will show him you don't freak out. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MOD MOD!! Theres a guy i lyk nd my friend said tht when they were n class they were talking abt 8th grade banquet last friday nd they askd him who he was gonna take nd he sed me! He thinks i freak out when hes around me or when he talks to me which i dont but idk maybe he thinks freaking is different then what i think?? But i mean if u say you want to take someone to banquet does tht mean u like them? Thts also the second time hes sed he wants to take me,one of his guy friends told me he sed that a few months ago. I have a rlly hard time tryin to tlk to him because im really shy nd quiet nd we got a new seating arrangement and in science i sit at his table nd i really want to talk to him to show him i dont freak out. Plus when we got moved to the new table he was smilin nd lookin at his friend nd then he sed hey to me nd i sed hey me nd i sed hey.So duz he like me? Wht shud i say to him n science and sho him i dont freak out? Help please!! Lynae P.

by SnowBoarder88 on 1/11/2012 8:11:13 PM


Hey madelinej8, start texting him. If you text him, he'll being texting you back. Hope this helps!! Xoxo

ok, so ive recently got to know a guy from another school. he and his friend broke my friends heart over the summer, and she still kinda likes him. hes a MAJOR flirt and a bit of a player, and he likes one of my friends. he frted with me and everything even though he has never eve met me when we text..... i dont have feelings for him and ive liked this guy at my school for over a year now, and i think he likes me too. but i cant get him to even text me. and i want to have a relationship.... what do i do? Lynae P.

by madelinej8 on 12/31/2011 6:33:36 PM


How do I get rid of my crush? The guy I like has a girlfriend, and I NEED to get rid of my crush, it's too big. And I think of not having a crush on him and it kind of breaks my heart. It's like accepting that I have no chance with him, which I don't... He makes me so happy just seeing and talking to him, I kind of think I'll get REALLY sad if I don't like him, he's completely perfect for me. No, he isn't, he has a girlfriend. I have had this crush for way too long and I need to forget about it. Please tell me how to, I really need help!
Thank you so much if you help.

Hey girlie,

Instead of trying to talk yourself out of crushing on him, work on branching out and having new life experiences. Join a new club or sport, take up a new hobby, hang out new places with your friends, talk to new people and even give old classmates another chance. Surround yourself with people you love who make you laugh. Exercise daily and make better choices with your food (healthy snacks, well-balanced meals, skip the junk food, etc.). Keep an open mind and take chances to broaden your horizons - you'll feel happier, more productive, and will even have the chance to find new guys (and new potential crushes). <3 You can do this!!
Lauren C.

by caseyf13 on 12/31/2011 12:47:28 AM


MODMODMOD i really like this guy that i have in three of my classes but i have to problems 1) i have no clue if he likes me and2)sometimes he can be really sexist. should i just forget about him?

Hey girlie,

You're going off assumptions and reputation right now, so personally I'd try to get to know him a little better before you give up totally! Try talking to him and see how he treats you. If there are major moral differences between you and him (basically, if you don't feel respected), it's probably not worth pursuing. But he could turn out to be a great guy that makes you feel really happy! He deserves at least one chance Smile 
Lauren C.

by oneoftheodd on 12/30/2011 9:49:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!! two of my close friends just started dating which is great because im really happy for them and they make a really cute couple. the problem is that well, one of them (lets call her M), never stops talking about him ever. when i hangout with them, i just feel like a third wheel and i feel like im losing two great friends. plus, when im hanging out with M without her boyfriend, all she does is text him. i was fine with it at first, but it has been almost two months and im kinda tired of talking about THEM, all the time. its just weird for me because im a third wheel and i can't talk to them because all they do is hug. -for hours. PLZ HELP!!! i don't know what to do!!!

Hey girlie,

Even though two months sounds like forever for you, their relationship is still in that "new" phase. They're still all lovey-dovey because everything feels new and exciting for them! Try to understand that and be happy for much as you can, anyway. Then, try to hang out with them one-on-one instead of always together. Or have a girls night out with M and your other gals - out to the movies and diner, NO boys allowed! This will give you time to reconnect with her without having him hanging all over her. Let her talk about him a little, then change the subject of the convo to other things, like sports, movies, celebs, your crush, etc. It's all about balance and reminding her that, sometimes, a little time away from him will be healthy! Smile 
Lauren C.

by gigglegirlcorky on 12/29/2011 9:43:33 PM


So recently, I just stopped liking a guy, cuz, well, he wasnt worth it. But EVERYBODY knew i liked him, and many people still do. But there was a guy before that...lets name him Tyler...who i had liked for a long time, then stopped. One of my newer close friends liked Tyler while i liked the other guy, and now that i dont like the other guy anymore (which got around school) Tyler figured out because he is one of my old crushes' best friends that i dont like him, and has been flirting with me, so i kinda like him again. But i cant tell my friend because honestly, she is OBSESSED with tyler and has her heart set on the fact that they are soulmates...Tyler has never even looked her way....I dont know what to do when she brings him up, and tries to get me to help her figure out who he likes....WHAT DO I DO?

I think the next time she asks you to help her find who he likes you should break it to her that tyler most likely likes you. See how she reacts. If shes super upset, then you shouldnt do anything with tyler. that will just break her heart. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by nerdsrock427 on 12/25/2011 7:20:32 PM


if you need guy help or have good advice for other girls join my new club boys and crushes found under guys/dating thanks!

by bubblegum270600 on 12/25/2011 12:05:35 AM

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