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In the news: Go ahead, hit the snooze button!

Ever wonder why you're always about to fall asleep at school, even on those nights where you got extra hours of zzz's?
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Mod Mod Mod . I going to my GrandMothers House tomorrow and im Due for my period any day Now . Have can I stay procted . Were leaving at 4:30 a.m. and not Getting back till 7:00 pm and i can't Bring a purse . i HAVE TAMPAX pearl compact should i put those in my pocet !? Any ideas ?????????????????? P.s I have really heave firsts days


Hey dray7999, yup throw your tampons in their. If you're bringing a bag with you, you can store them in there too. Have fun at your grandmas. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by dray7999 on 2/18/2012 5:15:35 PM


I'm so tiers in de morning;@ yawnz

by merrymerry22 on 2/16/2012 8:08:23 PM


MOD MOD MOD I am about to cry. i have a d and a d+!!! all the teacher updated the new quarter grades. and in one class (the class i have a d) it isnt my fault cuz i think he did the grade wrong or something. but in the class i have a d+ in, its cuz i did bad on a test. (i got a d on the test) and yeah.... even though i studied sooo much Frown((( i mean in know its the beginning of the quarter so i can make the d+ grade better, and i can talk to my teacher about the d grade but im sooo sad i have to go thru the weekend having these grades...


Hey bubblepower129, well it's just the weekend and the first quarter. These aren't your final grades and you have all semester to turn them around. Just talk to your teacher and see what you have to do to get better grades in the class. No worries girl. Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by bubblepower129 on 2/3/2012 7:43:40 PM


Any questions about how to feel or do better in your favorite sport or why something unexplained happens whenever you workout? Do you have alot going on and you stress over it too much? Do you put yourself down when life doesn't go the way you want it? Well I'm a varsity cross country, and track runner that is full of randomly helpful facts. Ask advice from me, and I'll point you in the right direction. Just join the club: ActiveTeen101

by da-runner on 1/3/2012 1:16:07 PM


i have to get up at 5:50 to get to school. u guys are all so lucky

by smg135 on 1/1/2012 12:29:46 PM


Hi chicas! Wanna join my club u can change the world in the school/ studying section? Well the only thing you need is to need advice and join! But what is it about? Apart from being a place inn which you can socialize by recieving and giving advice to others, is for those who need advvice in school, studying, health, friends, fitness, among other things as well listed in the webpage. So, what are you waiting for? Joind Ucan change the world NOW! Laughing

by maeugeniap on 1/1/2012 1:57:43 AM


i took 20+ pills of 500mg magnesium supplement along with a couple other pills (for anxiety and heartburn) and i checked around on the internet, and people are saying I'm going to die. it's almost 2 am where i live now, and i really don't want to wake up my parents. what should i do?


Hey girl,


I'm not a health expert, so you should talk to your parents or a doc right away. Taking more than the recommended dosage of pills is never a good idea, so you should check with a professional for what you should do. If you don't want to talk to your parents, have a friend or trusted adult take you to the doctor or an emergency care center or hospital.

Meghan D.

by karimcann on 12/31/2011 4:37:08 AM


Oh man, I miss the time I'd wake up during middle school. I'd get an extra forty-five minutes if I still woke up at that time. Nowadays, I leave for school at that time. Oh, high school...

by ILoveBigTimeRush1 on 12/29/2011 10:40:38 PM


Um, yeah, I wish i could sleep in an extra hour or so but then I'd miss the bus, lol

by clem10 on 12/28/2011 1:59:49 PM


She's not? ^ lolol

by Malgal22 on 12/26/2011 7:03:57 PM

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